Monday, June 6, 2011


wah.. dah tinggalkan blog i nih.. ok la.. simply blog a bit..

it was another 'special' day. yea.. special in terms of?? data kena deleted and now gotta ask the help from the whole village to do restoration. what happened? argh!! i dowan to tok about this.

any other stuff?? hmm.. ya.. damn sueh la.. i think reali gotta mandi bunga.. im overstress with my JOB. new to the environment. gotta catchup everything in fast pace. i dun even have a nice n proper KT session. and ppl expect me to know everything fast. macam they cakap blablablabla and i can catch the ball. no complain but it's kinda difficult. kawan kawan?? i missed my 38 gang.. i miss my astro gang. now i kno how united u guys are and working independantly is not a nice stuff. but like wat jim jim owis mentioned to me.. life must go on and i gotta be independant. well, after surviving wif ur gang for such a long time, it's pretty hard for u to adapt to a stranger environment right? it reali take me some time to do so..

new gang no good? nop.. they are good and expert on their matter. just somehow, i think they are jus lack of communication within the team o mayb sth jus missing. mayb the feel of togetherness. everyone seems like doing their own stuff. i dun bother u, u dun bother me. tat's all. toking to the gang it's all abt work. hmm.. i missed the gang that 38 in the office. oh.. the most?? breakfast and tea break during office hours.. well, that 15-30mins means a lot to me now. that's the bond we created. omg.. how much i missed them. although they owis teased me, i missed them so much. ops.. kawan kawan that read this, dun get angry ya :)

well, today onefm discussed abt this topic. it's the money that u earn or the environment that will make u stay in the company. hmm.. my opinion? when im a freshie, i want $$$ lo.. the older i grow, i opt for environment and benefits.. who doesnt? hahaa.. it's the ppl who make u motivated and boost the passion of work. do u agree? well, im jus tat kind of gal la.. haha..

ok.. stop the bullshit now.. :) 38 and Astro gang.. i miss u all so much..