Thursday, April 30, 2009

After Bonus Received @ Quattro

yahoo~~ damn syok.. ya ya.. bonus receiving.. but sigh~~ i'm not included ar.. cos i rank neither 'OUTSTANDING' nor 'SUCCESSFUL'.. they say new staff that's not in the appraisal period got no bonus wor.. sadnya~~ but anyhow, we managed to get some1 which ranked 'BE' (BEYOND EXPECTATION) to treat us for dinner and entertainment. yea yea.. the JAWS of the gang.

went outing together wif my bunch of crazy collix. yup.. dinner at sri petaling. ok.. not going to blog abt the food cos 1st, the food not so good and 2nd, i forget to snap pics.. haha.. biasa la.. nowadays like granma d.. got short term memory lost.. teruknya~~

after dinner, went to Quattro @ Avenua K. The hottest and most happening place @ KL. located rite opposite of KLCC. luckily i nonit to drive wor.. cos i wanna play a fool ma..

hmm.. can i mentioned our mission here ar? i think better not la.. or else later some1 dowan to go out drink beer/liquor/any alcoholic stuff wif us anymore.. so better keep my BIG mouth shut. hehe...

6 of us.. yea.. ok.. this time got pic. cos June remember to do so. wahhaha.. lemme intro the leng luis and 'leng jais'..

M-Zhen, Liangmui & June..

Liangmui & June.. she asked me the reason i posed like tat wor.. i oso dunno :P.. COS I LIKE LA.. kenot meh?

Simon.. or Mee Mee.. er... June started it first but sounds good rite?

June & Chris (the joker).. yea.. the best thing he can do is.. JOKE ard.. wahha..

Liangmui.. er.. dunno wat's June doing?? busy sms-ing..

M-Zhen & June => Peace to all..

The gang.. Chris, Leee-Onnn, Mee Mee, M-Zhen & Liangmui.

hai~~ Leee-Onnn & Mee Mee are going to move out to Cyberjaya d.. er.. i think ard 10 weeks gua.. cos our stupid dept is going to hv a 'GREAT' renovation wor.. die la me this time.. no one for me to bug liao.. eeshh.. geram-nya~~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lee Min Ho & Kim Hyun Joong AGAIN!!

gosh!! got addicted by the stupid recommendation by Yan. KNS!! my first try. i was actuali challenging the stupid genie. thinking tat he can't get this rite? i think the hint tat was given was the CURLY HAIR and KOREAN.. aiks aiks aiks... :P

deng!! he got it rite again!! kns.. working time.. kenot play too much liao.. later onli continue...

reali got obsessed wif the 2 leng jais d..

SKY, now u believe me ler.. i told u i can even dream of them daily nowadays...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Just Like To Blog! So Wat?

again, ppl asked me the same question..

"y u alwis blog ar? y ar? so syok meh? i reali salute u la. can write so much de.. so many things to write meh? plus ppl wil read meh?"

can i jus reply back like this?

"y u ppl keep on asking y blogger likes to blog? y ar? syok tak syok i like la.. salute then better salute properly.. btw, i'm typing not writing :P btw, i blog jus bcos i like to blog not bcos i wanna attract ppl to read abt me ok?"

stupid!! some ppl.. jus dun understand.. y keep on asking me y y y?? there's no reason de ma.. jus like the ppl out there who likes scuba diving.. ask them y they like to dive lar... or else then jus ask other ppl out there who likes to sleep.. ask la... ask them y... NO REASON de ma.. it's jus a liking..

blog.. like liangzai said, a place for me to type out wateva i like.. a place for me to post wateva stuff i like.. a place for me to blast my anger at anytime i like.. so wat? who reali cares? so?? I STIL WILL BLOG.. just dun ask me y? no reason as i jus like to BLOG!

Monday, April 20, 2009

YEAH!! Told U Rite??

can see clearly or not?? wahhaha.. damn syok-nya.. i remembered Heaven gor gor/ jer jer asked me wic one of them i'm fancy of. and No DOUBT!! I answered Ella cos i'm more likely like her rite?? and this quiz proved so! yahoo~~ damn syok-nya~~

opps.. lupa some1 out there dun understand mandarin.. ok ok.. translator come to do her job now..


"Among SHE, Ella is the most passionate, extrovert and likes to act cute. Her short hair always give the impression of tom-boyish. Besides being hyper-active, she understands and cares about people. Therefore, You ** tat means ME, Liangmui ** that's have similar individuality like Ella, are energetic, active and knows how to look after other people."

wow.. so great.. the one bold in pink is just like me.. ok.. tengah syok sendiri sekarang.. :P

Big Mouth.. I mean 大嘴巴!DA Mouth..

friday.. time passed extremely slow. was waiting the time to fly faster so that i can meet up wif my ex-collix. ya ya.. happening stuff going on as the party was held to celebrate Joan's 'bachelor' nite.. ** hmm.. i tot we will call guy a bachelor and gal a apinster/bachelorette ** nvm nvm.. i understand tat their english level not as good as mine.. wahhaha :P..

大嘴巴 was coming for an interview tat day. er.. i'm not interested la.. so not kinda eager to see them oso... was emailing my 6 mangoes during working hours. and here comes part of it.

Happy “BOKKING” Big Mouth / The Mouth…
It’s good if able to capture some hotos especially “Huai Chiu” & “Ai Sha”

Jeh Gor Le, Jeh Gor Le, Jeh Gor Le, Jeh Gor Le

Have a Good Good Weekend ya... ^o^

i dun think i wanna bok them..:)

Y geh?? B C ar?? Or not interested??
Trust u 1st leh, coz who knows U R D most excited den??

b c and not interested
i got bring my camera la.. but now go shh shh oso no time.. aiyo.. my fatty teammate not ard then create lotsa shits for me to clear


so.. u guys can reali see how uninterested i am towards 大嘴巴 rite? ok.. then time for yam char. went out to cafe wif SS.

suddenly saw 2 guys wif funny funny clothing choosing for food in the cafe. so curious!! i kept my eyes on them. then i stood next to them. when i turned my head to right side, i was so so so surprised... guess wat!! it's 40 - 大嘴巴's rapper! omg!

my response ar?? i quickly grabbed 40's arm. and i chatted wif him

Liangmui: Hi, 40! 你好!
40:hey.. 你好!
Liangmui: 我可以和你拍张照片吗?

PA: 对不起。 可以让40吃饱先吗?
Liangmui: ok. 可以,可以。
40:对不起哦! 来我们握个手先。

Liangmui shook hands wif 40 then... stupid PA!! ruined my plan... but nvm.. manage to curi curi take some pics of them. but i kena tangkap by 爱沙. Phew~~ luckily responded quite cool. or else sure all the pics habis...

ok.. SHOW TIME!!

Canadian-Taiwanese MC 40..

Korean-Taiwanese-American Male Vocalist Harry 怀秋

Taiwan-born Japanese DJ Chung Hua.. -_-" doink ** i din know he's a Taiwanese.. **

Japanese female vocalist Aisa - sory... a bit blur.. i cant take a better one as she 'tangkap' me d..

ok.. wat's the moral of the story?? Staley said NEVER TRUST WATEVER LIANGMUI SAID BEFORE SHE DO STH WOR....

ya ya.. i said i dowan to see them de.. ended up i'm the craziest!! :P so wat.. who cares... as long as u guys can see the pics rite? faster say thank you to me :P

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

6 Mangoes @ Sakae Sushi, IOI Mall

went to Sakae last friday. yup yup!! meeting up wif the 6 mangoes. but this gathering left out 1 cos tat 1 exported out to Thai for temporary. wahaha...

ever since GCC n SKY moved to KL, we reali seldom meet up. but their news stil keep on updated thru the 'basket' emails. wahha..

well, not much changes happened to us. just tat GCC had a new hair style. not bad.. from straight turn to a-bit maggi mee.. wahaha.. i think she coloured her hair too.

and wat bt SKY?? phew~~ this lady ar.. alwis nv keep us updated one.. she managed to find her the other half.. wahaha.. the korean Oppa.. reali cant wait to see her Oppa la.. wanna see how hensem he is...

pics time...

SKY, SS & Staley

SS & Staley

see... exchange pics time... everyone of us is holding our HP.. wahha.. anyhow, mine's the best lar.. :P

Liangmui & GCC.. mischievous me..

Liangmui, GCC ** dun ask me y she act cute again..** & SKY

Us without SKY... ya.. u kno where she is rite? holding her HP la.. wahahha :P
recently watched too much on BOF d.. feel like wanna cut my hair to Jihoo's hair style.. GCC, can i cut my hair???

btw, jus another crazy pics i googled the other day.. sorry..i reali forgotten where i got this pic d.. it's from W Mag.. thanks ya..credits to them.

oi.. i'm not PERVERT ok?? just tat i'm crazy over Lee Min Ho now.. :) my Junpyo.. ok, Jiyan.. dun vomit ya.. :P ** just dun understand how come Jiyan pop out from my mind when i'm toking abt Junpyo and Jihoo.. **


-_-" i kno.. this is a very sensitive word. but then, somehow i keep calling SS this. and guess wat... she got mad recently. she blamed me as most of my collix in IT dept also calling her this. ok ok.. and who-so-ever call her this again, she will put the blame on me.. aiks~~

dun ask me since when i call her so.. i reali cant recall on this.. and guess wat? she learnt sth new. THREATENING me.. phew~~ i think i hv to keep my mouth shut! or else the whole world will kno abt it.. wahha.. ok lar.. trying veli hard not to call her AUNTIE.. wahahaha... and i kno some of my 38 collix are reading this. ** oi.. u better stop calling her AUNTIE ya.. or else u all wont be see-ing liangmui ard d.**

Sunday, April 12, 2009


i kno i kno.. nothing special to blog abt burgers rite? so soli.. no recipe for burgers too.. then wat am i going to tell abt burger?

u kno sometimes it's reali good time to spend wif ur own siblings. my sis came to kl this weekend. fun! shopped whole day and went to Karaoke. teruk~~ recently i seemed like wanna join singing contest la. keep on going to Neway to practise my singing skill. wahaha.. but too bad.. i'm over-age.. -_-" sad~~

she jus went back @ 930pm. we sent her off quite earli. reached pasarakyat ard 8pm. then accompanied her to wait for the coach. went somewhere nearby the station. liangzai, she n me.. chatted all nite long.

out of sudden, the 'burger' topic came out. it's just becos the fatty liangzai had it for his supper yest. he said he ordered burger ayam special b4 he saw BURGER KING. it's jus a few cents difference. tat's y he regretted for not reading at the menu b4 ordering. dun care lar..

then my sis asked him wat's so special abt BURGER KING? he said nuthin special. hmm... 38 me jus asked her.. ok.. BURGER KING?? ada BURGER QUEEN tak??.. she just laughed and said.. dun have.. she said next time if i got a burger stall, then create a recipe for it lo.. yea yea... she's smart rite? then she asked some more.. wat's the recipe going to be?? i just replied...

BURGER KING - extra 2 eggs and 1 sausage


BURGER QUEEN - extra 2 eggs.. :P

wahahha... all of us laughed sampai nearly fell off from our seats.. ya ya ya.. if u guys are as 38 as me, then u will kno wat i meant.. :P