Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Mouth.. I mean 大嘴巴!DA Mouth..

friday.. time passed extremely slow. was waiting the time to fly faster so that i can meet up wif my ex-collix. ya ya.. happening stuff going on as the party was held to celebrate Joan's 'bachelor' nite.. ** hmm.. i tot we will call guy a bachelor and gal a apinster/bachelorette ** nvm nvm.. i understand tat their english level not as good as mine.. wahhaha :P..

大嘴巴 was coming for an interview tat day. er.. i'm not interested la.. so not kinda eager to see them oso... was emailing my 6 mangoes during working hours. and here comes part of it.

Happy “BOKKING” Big Mouth / The Mouth…
It’s good if able to capture some hotos especially “Huai Chiu” & “Ai Sha”

Jeh Gor Le, Jeh Gor Le, Jeh Gor Le, Jeh Gor Le

Have a Good Good Weekend ya... ^o^

i dun think i wanna bok them..:)

Y geh?? B C ar?? Or not interested??
Trust u 1st leh, coz who knows U R D most excited den??

b c and not interested
i got bring my camera la.. but now go shh shh oso no time.. aiyo.. my fatty teammate not ard then create lotsa shits for me to clear


so.. u guys can reali see how uninterested i am towards 大嘴巴 rite? ok.. then time for yam char. went out to cafe wif SS.

suddenly saw 2 guys wif funny funny clothing choosing for food in the cafe. so curious!! i kept my eyes on them. then i stood next to them. when i turned my head to right side, i was so so so surprised... guess wat!! it's 40 - 大嘴巴's rapper! omg!

my response ar?? i quickly grabbed 40's arm. and i chatted wif him

Liangmui: Hi, 40! 你好!
40:hey.. 你好!
Liangmui: 我可以和你拍张照片吗?

PA: 对不起。 可以让40吃饱先吗?
Liangmui: ok. 可以,可以。
40:对不起哦! 来我们握个手先。

Liangmui shook hands wif 40 then... stupid PA!! ruined my plan... but nvm.. manage to curi curi take some pics of them. but i kena tangkap by 爱沙. Phew~~ luckily responded quite cool. or else sure all the pics habis...

ok.. SHOW TIME!!

Canadian-Taiwanese MC 40..

Korean-Taiwanese-American Male Vocalist Harry 怀秋

Taiwan-born Japanese DJ Chung Hua.. -_-" doink ** i din know he's a Taiwanese.. **

Japanese female vocalist Aisa - sory... a bit blur.. i cant take a better one as she 'tangkap' me d..

ok.. wat's the moral of the story?? Staley said NEVER TRUST WATEVER LIANGMUI SAID BEFORE SHE DO STH WOR....

ya ya.. i said i dowan to see them de.. ended up i'm the craziest!! :P so wat.. who cares... as long as u guys can see the pics rite? faster say thank you to me :P


  1. thank you!
    hahaha eh pls take every pic of celeb u see to satisfy me!!
    seriously i don't care who!!
    da zui ba is fine with me!!
    the 40 looks cute and fine!!
    so does the DJ
    ai sha is pretty hot too

  2. welcome welcome.. hahaha... 40 is the most friendly one.. :D