Monday, June 15, 2009

June's Bday

** DENG Chris!! my title was Chris' June's Bday .. he scat his gf wor.. yoh.. not sporting geh... **

she will kill me if she read this. and i kno chris will enjoy it veli much.. haha.. die lar. both oso my frens... how ar? ok la.. june, come and kill me la..

nuthin much we can do during her bday celebration too. cos it fell on weekend and all of us r not free.. haha.. so?? replaced it on last monday lo (8 june 09). went out for a dinner together. ya.. summore hv to drive all the way from office to Telok Gong, Klang.. aiyo.. tiring la.. wat to do? fren ma.. hv to sacrifice a bit. haha..

who else going? erm.. chris chris lo, mei-mei (MZ) lo, june june lo, april lo, bra bra (subra) lo, onn onn (WO) lo n jim jim (LA) lo.. opps.. terlupa me..and liangmui lo..haha.. 8 of us.. 5 cars.. damn crazy. government wans us to car pool but almost each n everyone of us driving one car.. cos balik tak same tempat ma.. tat's y lo.

reached the restaurant ard 8pm. chris chris had a nice pics for us first.yea.. the ladies..

Mei-mei, June June, April n Liangmui.. ** ya, this is the first time i'm wearing skirt to office.. and i regretted!**

ok... masuk restaurant.. waiting for food. snapped pics again.

June June, Mei-Mei, Liangmui n April.

Not forgeting the guys...

Jim jim, Bra bra, Onn Onn and Chris chris..

cam-whoring again...

Chris n June.

Liangmui & April

don't judge a book by its cover.. both of them can reali eat a lot!

June and the bloody stuff.. haha.. joking la.. she's not coughing blood la.. actuali she's wanna help i-forgotten-who's-the-person to crack the crab's shell off. and it ended up like tat due to her super-hard bang on the crab. phew~ luckily i belum kena from her.. or else i think i nit to get a famous plastic surgeon from korea to gao tim my face.. haha..

ok.. cake cutting session..

wat happened to me? essh.. cos i actuali untied the ribbon and then got scolded by chris cos i'm not the birthday gal. he wanted his june to untie it herself.. tat's y i nit to tie it back.

june's turn to untie it.. deng chris chris.. stupid la...

See-toohh-beh-lei (strawberry) cho-co-lat (chocolate) cake.. hehe.. 0.5kg.. wahah.. not we stingy.. jus tat cant finished the cake if i get it bigger than tat.. so hv to save money a bit.. 0.5kg oso kenot finish d.. nice o not? er.. i dunno wor.. cos i cant take chocolate la.. another nice scolding from the gang.. cos getting a cake wic i cant even taste it myself.. well, i shld say i'm lucky as i dun hv to finish the cake later.. hahaha.. :P

wish wish and then cut the cake and then?? eat lo....

**sigh~~ ** 7 of us.. cant finish the cake.. and then? the crazy june june suggested to play 'Count Fingers'. Rules: each of us will show our fingers out and start counting and get the number. then will start counting the person. the one who got the number will then be punished.. wahhaha.. wat else can the punishment b?? FINISHED UP THE CAKE. ya ya.. i'm considered lucky cos i dun hv to eat the cake...

but.... hv to bottoms up the drink i had on my hand + one tiny bun.. ok.. HEINEKEN.. :P teruk la.. luckily it's half glass..

well, i slowly sipped and then makan the bun then take a bigger mouth of beer.. but they said hv to be exactly half.. phew~~ they made me spitted out some of the beer out from my mouth.. yuckss~~

can u see the bread floating there??

and the worst thing is.. i'm the 2nd loser again. chris challenged me to drink back tat drink. ok.. accepted and they had to salute me :P.. ** next time dun play play wif liangmui **

and the game continued...

2nd Loser



5th.. kesian him.. hv to finish one big piece of cake.. 1 glass of Heineken.. and 1 glass of Guiness.. luckily he din vomit.. wahhaa...

last... er.. sth happened to him.. but we kenot disclose it wor.. or else he threaten to complain to our boss and our KPI will drop.. teruk teruk.. tat's y.. dun b so fren wif managers.. :S

got Mei mei n Bra bra.. i oso dunno y their pics are not included.... hai~~

ok la.. the night was no more young.. haha.. hv a nice group pic..

ok.. they cam-ho again..

time to go back.. and i speed like nobody's business.. u all kno lar.. i'm driving SLK ma.. fled faster than Gardenia(Caldina) and BMW (Banyak Masuk Workshop).. haha.. but then.. who cares?? as long as i reahed home safely and sleep like a pig :P

** june ask us to respect her as her bf is not chris.. haha... **

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Movies cum Pak Toh Nite.. :P

it's been some time ever since i'd been to cinema wif liangzai. :) busy wif my development stuff.. busy wif my standby tasks.. busy wif ya ya.. work-related stuff.. sien-ness rite?

liangzai's company was having cheap-movie-ticket for sale. TERMINATOR SALVATION ler.. ** ok.. u guys kno i'm not so into this kind of movie rite? i jus wanna get myself out from work :P ** er.. ok lar.. RM8 per person. it's some sort like get together nite with his frens. i wasnt on standby tat nite. i dowan to do my development tat nite. so i asked him to get the tickets and we went for a movie nite together. show started @ 9pm. ya.. rushed home sharp at 630pm. had a nice cooling bath ** weather is damn hot recently **, had a simple dinner and terus went to cineleisure. luckily, it wasnt jam tat nite.

i tot i will doozed off in the cinema cos i never follow the story of the previous terminator. luckily din. haha.. cos got leng jai see ma.. so jus concentrate on the leng jais' faces. storyline a bit bored but animation not bad.

so far rated this: 7/10. :)

next one..

last thu @ IOI Mall. booked the tickets on wednesday nite. and i went home late.. cos of JOLIN la.. haha.. she went to myfm ma.. but then i din got the chance to see her cos tired of waiting and i cabut-ed. looked like dead fish when i reached home.
so tot of cancelling the plan.

but liangzai persuaded me to go. yea.. lazy of working again. :D.. so i agreed lo. he was not feeling well tat nite and yet he wanted me to relax myself. arent he sweet? yea yea..

another nice movie starred by ben stiller. always love his movies cos easy ma.. nonit to think much of the plots in the movie.. hehe..

night at musuen 2. hehe.. :) love it. but the story line is kinda short. but i stil enjoy it. :) i stil can remember the 3 cute lil cupids singing the songs.. i burst out into laughter. haha.. :)

Rating: 9/10. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

D90 Craze Week..

aiks... dah ketagihan (addicted) sangat!! was hving a nice chat wif my bro and suddenly he brought up the topic. ya.. his gang is seducing him wif the new hobby.. photography.. and he tot i'm the stupid type.. wahahha... ** oi kiddo, ur kakak oledi gile on this earlier la.. since last yr,'s EOS450D launched **

most of my frens knew abt this and they encouraged me to get one DSLR instead of using my 4-yr-old tiny digital cam. yea.. the onli photographer in the group. of cos encouraging me to get one lar.. so they can hv FOC photographer ma..

i stil remember how teoh and me toking abt the topic. wic cam to get, wat lens to buy.. we even planned to get one together and the kns kid got his first without waiting for me. and now, he's showing off his BIG Toy to me.. eesshh.. geramnya...

me now changed target to Nikon d.. y ar? jus simply i love extra colorful pics la.. not to say canon is not good.. jus tat i prefer Nikon more ya.. no offend.. ** hoping Ivan dun read this cos he jus got his 50D **

esshh.. now reali hope my house's renovation can gao tim asap then i can get DSLR. oi.. must hv financial planning lar.. or else teruk~~ end up bankrupt lagi teruk kan kan?? hehe...

was asking for special sponsorship. hv to forget on FAMA loan (FAther and MAma loan).. i think mayb my dad will support. cos he's the one who inspired me to be involved in photography.. he used to take pics a lot wif his 'TOY' ** which is considered as antique nowadays.. neh, those using FILEM to take pics and then u have to go to a shop to develop the pics.. haha.. ** his lens got broken and no spare part can be found. tat's y he din play ard wif his 'TOY' d. once a while, he stil will disturb my digital cam la.. although he's not familiar wif the functions of my cam, he stil able to get those nice angels out. so so so.. better get D90 rite? hehe.. but mama will start nagging. lotsa feedback from the gang in facebook.. wahha.. good ideas..

ok.. hv to discuss wif liangzai to get one d.. hopefully can get 1 before our phuket trip.. :P so i can show off to teoh.. my turn to revenge la :P

can see my new 'TOY' now?? damn hensem rite?? hehe... wif tat 'musculine' body.. omg!! KENOT TAHAN D...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sweet Liangmui!

NG claimed so! haha.. ok ok.. wat i did to her? yeah.. I RAPE her.. wahha.. joking la.. well, her birthday fell on last saturday and it happened to be weekend so we couldnt meet up lo. sadly to say i dun hv her hp number. so wat i did? disturbed SS earli in the morning just to get her special HP number which she din disclose it to me. sadnya~~

luckily SS replied. or else i wont be able to wish her rite in time. u kno lar.. our IT dept started the renovation, all of us are relocated at each and every corner. and we're not together ma. so can hardly meet each other. ** actuali belum start lagi.. sigh~~ **

today she came to office. yes.. finally met her up! and i saw gtalk-ing wif her.

liangmui: today whole day here?

NG: y le? :)

liangmui: tel me first

NG: btw, is yr XXX at the mines there now?

liangmui: he's in induction today wor.. so u're in abc whole day?

NG: oic.. wil go for mtg later...

liangmui: ic.. but whole day in ABC? u din answer my question de..

NG: when got mtg, then not in here lo..

liangmui: :S but stil in this building rite? when's ur mtg?

NG: the more u ask, the more curios i wanna kno y? issit bcos someone wanna sit here?

liangmui: no la.. i jus wanna confirm wat time u're not ard..can o not? i concern u oso kenot meh?? hai~~
ya la.. u better sit other place.. tat place i wanna leave for my XXX.. haha

NG: haha.. soli soli. my mtg at 5pm today. lazy go over the mines.. after so many things happened at mines car park.. scary.. but will b there once no more mtg here..

liangmui: haha.. ic ic..

** bullshiting liao.. so dowan continue here **

she was stil ard after lunch. guess wat? i 38 a bit wif her then i went to cafe wif MT. jus to get her a small cake.. yea la. i kno i'm stingy. but i onli can afford to get her a small piece of cake instead of 1kg de ma.. kenot meh? hehe.. so i surprised her wif tat small piece of cake. hoping she like la..

haha.. tat's y she's wondering y i keep on asking her lotsa funny questions now.. kinda sad cos she tot i'm reserving the seat for leng jai. yoh.. tat's the impression i hv in her heart.. damnit!! kenot b so 38 in office liao..

her cute expression made me happy la.. :) u all kno rite? whenever my frens are happy, i'm happy :) good.. hehe.. and she kept on telling how sweet i am. liangmui is the first to wish her happy birthday among the collix. liangmui gave her the first present in office.. wow!! all the first time coming liao.. so cham! the rest hv to reflect themselves a bit liao.. wahahha :P

so?? end result? i made my fren happy and in the end, she praised tat i'm sweet. how she kno i'm sweet ya? i din bath for a few days wor.. i tot that shld b SaLTY instead of sweet..wahhaha.. :P

anyway.. it's a belated birthday cake.. :)

Happy belated birthday, NG!!