Sunday, June 7, 2009

Movies cum Pak Toh Nite.. :P

it's been some time ever since i'd been to cinema wif liangzai. :) busy wif my development stuff.. busy wif my standby tasks.. busy wif ya ya.. work-related stuff.. sien-ness rite?

liangzai's company was having cheap-movie-ticket for sale. TERMINATOR SALVATION ler.. ** ok.. u guys kno i'm not so into this kind of movie rite? i jus wanna get myself out from work :P ** er.. ok lar.. RM8 per person. it's some sort like get together nite with his frens. i wasnt on standby tat nite. i dowan to do my development tat nite. so i asked him to get the tickets and we went for a movie nite together. show started @ 9pm. ya.. rushed home sharp at 630pm. had a nice cooling bath ** weather is damn hot recently **, had a simple dinner and terus went to cineleisure. luckily, it wasnt jam tat nite.

i tot i will doozed off in the cinema cos i never follow the story of the previous terminator. luckily din. haha.. cos got leng jai see ma.. so jus concentrate on the leng jais' faces. storyline a bit bored but animation not bad.

so far rated this: 7/10. :)

next one..

last thu @ IOI Mall. booked the tickets on wednesday nite. and i went home late.. cos of JOLIN la.. haha.. she went to myfm ma.. but then i din got the chance to see her cos tired of waiting and i cabut-ed. looked like dead fish when i reached home.
so tot of cancelling the plan.

but liangzai persuaded me to go. yea.. lazy of working again. :D.. so i agreed lo. he was not feeling well tat nite and yet he wanted me to relax myself. arent he sweet? yea yea..

another nice movie starred by ben stiller. always love his movies cos easy ma.. nonit to think much of the plots in the movie.. hehe..

night at musuen 2. hehe.. :) love it. but the story line is kinda short. but i stil enjoy it. :) i stil can remember the 3 cute lil cupids singing the songs.. i burst out into laughter. haha.. :)

Rating: 9/10. :)


  1. ayo sei lor...I haven't watch Terminator salvation yet

  2. robinson,
    go and watch la.. hehe :D

  3. Me too,haven't watch. I don't like this type of movie.

  4. wow.... i wanna watch Night At The Musuem leh, since u rated it so high. hehe... Doll is bek to Muar ady, wanna korek her to teman me n watch it ady. hehe...

  5. hey.....i wanna watch Night At Museum 2! seriously, was it that good???
    couldn't even figure out why my friends bought me Terminator's ticket! my mouth was hung open throughout the whole movie....couldn't really understand the story because i never had any interest in movies like this....
    to tell you frankly, i love movies that i don't have to use my brain, that's why i love COMEDIES~~~~ =]

  6. heaven,
    musuem 2 is good. reali suits those who are lazy-brain like us la.. i enjoy comedies too :)