Wednesday, December 31, 2008

H@PPY N3W Y3@R!!

Happy New Year!!
yahoo~~ yahoo~~
2008 sudah chow~~ 2009 mali!!

today veli happy ar.. new year ma.. new resolution. my piggy asked me wat's my new resoution wor..

list of my resolutions
1) all my liangzai's money will be given to me.. then i wil go shopping, go for investment and savings...
2) wanna get 1 DSLR => targetted one: EOS 450D
3) renovate my new house => estimating my new house will b completed after CNY. yahoo!!
4) savings of more than 5k this yr.. ** for wat?? untuk generasi yg baru..**
5) wanna go paris for my wedding pics and honey moon of cos !!
6) ok.. kenot think abt it liao.. will update later...

well, i received a cutie gift for New Year man!! damn syok.. well, basically this one attract young ladies like me.. hehe.. :) collection!! i got a whole bunch of those piggies except for this special one. cos it has a special meaning behind. :)

wanna see??? wait wait... lemme check whether the pics has been uploaded in photobucket or not!! ** TA DA ** damn lucky.. jus in time!!

Cute or not?? hehee... Thanks to SKY!!

Online Shopping @ Irenelim's Fashion

well, i dun reali go for online shopping cos i cant test the clothes. i dunno whether the clothes suit me or not. but this ended until i met Irene. reali gotta thank her a lot for giving such a great helping hands on my selection.

i bought a short pants from her previously wic i like it veli much when i saw the pics she uploaded in her website. at first, i doubted abt the size of the pants. ic ant test the pants. i dunno how the measurement. so wat shld i do? luckily Irene is kind enuff to let me kno the measurement. and great!! i bought myself the pant. :) wanna see?? ok ok.. here's it.

yup!! Yellow Short pants wif ribbon. :) wat attracts me so much?? hehe.. u're rite! i like the button beside it. wahahha... well, i shld say Irene's reali good. reali impressed with her good service. She followed up every time whenever i met her in MSN. even she update me on her new clothes. :) veli kind of her rite??

then i got for 2nd attempt to purchase some other clothes from her. I got myself a sweet sweet white blouse and a red one. see the pics. sweet ler. :) well, my sis love the red one so much when i showed her the new clothes.. so i gave her since she can wear it even prettier than me.. hehe :)
i'd yet to wear the white one. wil wear it soon. :)

so who said online shopping is not good? haha.. so far i'm doing great wif online shopping. no jam, no crowd, economic price. the quality oso not bad :P ladies alwis love shopping. rite? so anyone wanna hv a try? Pls try Irene's service and you wil love it :P. btw, i dun get commission in promoting this ya :P

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blur Queen

aiks.. after a long break from holidays and also blogging.. damn miss the days where i used to blog more than 3 times per day. well, it's kinda busy ever since i changed my job. today is as usual too. worked til 7pm. and this is consider quite earli d

guess wat?? today damn blur lar.. usually i wil smile to each and everyone. habit. today stil the same lar. smiling to everyone tat i met. although i'm tired like hell, i stil smile. :) apa?? mau jaga image ma.. so hv to smile rite? and i bump to a handsome chap. phewwweeiitt!! so normallar.. smile :D.. guess wat? tat handsome budak smile back to me.. syok nya..

well, while i was walking to car park to get my car, i was thinking tat handsome man. he looks so familiar. macam kenal saje lar.. and his voice.. omg!! damn familiar lar... bah!!! NICHOLAS TEO.. ZHANG DONG LIANG.. aiksss!!!! stupid blurry queen. i miss the chance to tok to him. i miss the chance to take pic wif him. i miss the chance to tel him how much i like his songs so badly. i miss the chance to let him kno tat i'm stil crazy over his drama 'Smile Pasta'. aiks!!!! and guess wat? i summore dreamt of him yest and yet i forget his cutey face today. damn shit lar me!!

i jus sms-ed my frens ( the other 5 sticky mangoes). i saw zhang dong liang @ lobby. veli friendly plus hensem.. wahhahaha..... but i miss the chance to shake his hands. bah!! blur me lar.... if i kno i wil meet him, i wil grab my cam. if i kno i wil meet him, i wil greet him Merry Xmas and happy new year. if i kno i wil meet him, i wil drop my MSN id to him hoping tat he wil add me in his MSN and we chatted together.. if and onli if lar.. SHIT

tak pe tak pe.. this coming friday, i'm going to sit outside the studio and wait for my Super IDOLS.. SHE!! yahoo!!! this time i wont miss the chance to take their pics liao.. :P


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


*** bluek bluek *** aiyoyo... finish vomiting. teruk~~ finally i'm sick for 3 days. can u imagine? long time din take MC d. feel good too. can sleep whole day at home doing nuthin. but then a bit boring lar.. cos i'm home alone. wahahhaa...

not sure wat happen. got high fever during sat nite. i was in penang at tat time. :( luckily i managed to stroll along the beach in the evening b4 the stupid kns fever hit me hard during nite time. we all suspected i had food poisoning but then i dun hv diarrhea. alamak! who cares.. high fever.. i think abt 40 degrees C. sunday morning stil hv to travel back to ipoh. and i slept whole day. at nite stil hv to travel back to kl. cos the next day is working day. so boring. reached kl first place is clinic. but their medicine seems like not strong enuff for me. taken abt one day the fever was not subsided. hmmm.. then how? stil took the medicine. til evening went to the other clinic to see another doc lor. this time better. tat's y i can blog today. shhh... i'm stil on MC ar.. pls dun tel my boss.. hahha.... wei, not easy to get a chance like this rite? approved leave without deducting ur annual leave. wahahha....

yest nite was a horrible nite. it's been ages since i'd been sick like this. i seldom vomit when i'm sick. yest reali teruk. i vomitted the porridge i took. and guess wat? it's onli a few spoons of porridge i took and yet i vomitted out. luckily i havent take my medicine yet. or else everything will b vomitted out. yucky rite?

well, as wat SS mentioned, mayb my body purposely slow down their production. jus to let me hv a good rest. i'm indeed veli tired. :) so remember to take good care of urself ya. dun b like me. veli pathetic :(.. haha.. jus joking.. i'm enjoying my MC lar :P

Monday, December 8, 2008

What Kind of Soup Are You?

ok.. i miss everyone's blog since last 2 weeks. i din hv time to drop by. so sorry ya. i saw inbox's blog rgding soup. u guys kno i'm a soup lover rite? hehe.. but then it's jus a quiz. so sad.. i tot got special recipe for soup :).. but then i stil took the test. and it ended up to be as below.. omg!! i'm a CHILI :P

You Are Chili

You are a competitive and fun-loving person.

You love the outdoors. You enjoy games and sports of all kinds.

You are an adventurous and gutsy eater. If it's unusual, you're game!

You'll go for strange ingredients, mystery meat, and spicy flavors.

quite true too.. wahaha.. so anyone love to hv a test? click here

Sunday, December 7, 2008

FIR's Concert In Msia

Date : 29-Nov-2008
Time : 8.30pm
Venue: Genting Arena

ok.. i kno i'm supposed to blog this earlier. haha.. but then it's never too late rite? yup! i went to FIR concert!! In Genting Arena, last weekend.. btw, i got free tickets.. lagi syok rite? so i invited Janice, Wilson together. SS got free tickets too. so guess wat? SS gave 1 to me.. then I gave 2 of my free tickets to janice and wilson. good stuff hv to share ard if i got extra rite? damn syok.

supposingly, we planned to b in genting earlier. so sorry to janice and wilson. i had my hair cut **AGAIN?!?! ** @ damansara wif SS. so rushing. went out from house ard 11am, fetched SS. then proceed to damansara. reached there ard 12pm. then i tot we can settled everything by 2pm so we got enuff time to prepare ourselves rite? mana tau we were late for 2 hrs. aiks.. teruk..

luckily janice din kill me on tis. but i kno she damn beh syok tat time. i oso paisei ler.. hai~~ so we went to genting at 530pm. reached there ard 730pm. then we rushed to star arena.. redeemed the free tickets then went in and sit stil.. phew~~ at last can hv a nice breath of oxygen. or else everything was like damn rushing :S...

the concert started at ard 830pm. we were not allow to snap pics.. damn it!! but i manage to curi curi snap a few ** ok.. a few means more than 1 hundred.. wahahha ***

post it up now :)

Boxing ** Oppss.. SS Aunty ** n Liangmui

FIR Concert opening

FIR - First Costume

2nd one

The romantic Couple sang 'How Do I Live Without You......'


Singing & Dancing


Soothing songs... they played guitar together..


well, the concert.. erm.. so far so good lor.. not as high as SHE's :P

Friday, December 5, 2008

Gem Of Life!!

wow.. u kno wat? this is the first time i'd been so damn lazy to work. the whole morning i was like so demotivated to my work. i got fed up wif my job. cos the users are reali extremely over-pampered. phew~~ must hv a proper training to them. jus to let them kno how suffering we are in IT team too. not onli them ok?? keep on pestering for all sorts of reports. and it's the month-end closing period now. server down lagi bcos of virus attack. hai~~ sueh lar...

as usual, had my lunch wif my 5 other lunch-mates. ok, we claimed ourselves as '6 Sticky Mangoes'. y? cos we watched too much of HK dramas d. got addicted to Moonlight Resonance. wahhaha...

SKY was so excited today. good mood summore. keep on toking abt BOSCO BOSCO and BOSCO. phew.. lucily today she changed her topic. or else we'll hv to stick to RAIN or DBSK!! or who-so-ever tat eat kimchi.. tat time lagi sien.. wahhaha...

if u're a MyFM listener, u guys sure will kno tat there are 4 special guests from HK will b coming to Malaysia to promote their new drama 'GEM OF LIFE'. er.. not new anymore.. it's airing abt more than 30 episodes d rite? wahha.. they stil promoting. who cares.. as long as i can see those leng jai leng lui. who's the one i wanna see the most?? of cos, eh eh... not BOSCO lar.. i wanna see BOWIE... yahoo~~ finally managed to see him in real person. nice man. some ppl said he's veli arrogant. but i dun think so.. :P

managed to take some videos and pics of them in the studio. do u kno how near i am wif them? wahahha.. jus a gap of a mirror.. wow.. hv to wait for abt 1 hr just to hv a look at them. so syok.. dear boss, if u read this, pls forgive me for doing so. cos i'm reali super stress. wahahah.. ok lar.. i kno wat u guys thinking.. i'll put the pics now ok??

ok.. they are doing some recording stuff lar. there.. we alwis listen to those artistes that promoting their new drama one ar.. it's pre-recorded and then onli broadcast to u. wahaha:P

Bowei, Maggie & Bosco

so happy.. Wong Tuck Paan & Bowie.. dunno wat jokes they are telling.. i wanna join in too..

ok.. dun complain on the pics ar.. i manage to snap it outside the studio. as i said.. jus a gap of the glass.. wahaha :P

so syok... motivate me at work now!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Beginning?

well, almost 1 month in new company. i should say so far i'm doing quite ok lor.. :) my manager will left us today. kinda miss him. well, he handed over most of his things on hand (pending) to us lor.

surprisingly, my manager given some positive feedback to the senior management abt me. wahaha.. syok lar of cos.. :) actuali last week, SS oledi mentioned to me tat he responded quite good abt me to her team lead. yea.. happy at tat time. but i hope he can tell me right in front of me. lagi syok rite? hehe.. then last friday, we're having a small discussion wif the managers, senior managers, team lead due to the hand over stuff lor. again, the senior manager mentioned that he given a good comment on me. wahhhaa.. tis time betul betul depan dia. i lagi syok... today, SS mentioned one more time tat her lead saying tat my manager reali gip a veli good comment on me.. wahahah.. lagi lar terbang ke langit. damn syok. well, at least he can see tat i'm reali doing my work. i reali can work lor.. i reali got experience lor.. not play play de. :) good beginning for me rite? but too bad, he left. :S dunno who's going to take over his place. but at the current stage, we're reporting directly under one of the senior manager. hopefully everything going smoothly :)

but.. i belum puas syok lagi.. tonite Syok Sendiri again :P

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yeah!! I Got Streamyx..

yes yes yes! finally i got my streamyx ready in the house. ya.. i kno i alwis mentioned i dowan to hv it currently cos i'm renting this house rite? but i got no choice. cos i had to hv streamyx in order to work at home during weekends or weekdays in case of emergency. so bad.. No OT but they wil replace Leave lor.. plus one more thing is.. i can CLAIM my internet fees. tat means even though i'm doing nuthin at home.. my internet fees will be paid. yahoo~~ fat hope lar.. i'm going to work ler.. so bad.. no excuse.

after so long for not installing streamyx at home, at last, it's back. i can watch drama online whole day. i can chat wif my frens in MSN as i cant do so in office. i can blog whenever i want to, not jus onli during office hours. yahoo~~ tat's the best thing lar.. i'm not going to b bored at home anymore.. hehe :)

see... i cant live without internet. :) this is true...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lunch @ Nandos, The Mines

Date : 20-Nov-2008
Time: 1pm
Venue: Nandos, The Mines

ok.. had a veli extremely heavy lunch today. almost felt asleep after my lunch during working hours. omg!! ok.. today is not a special occassion. just a simple farewell lunch for my lead, Mr Chong. phew~~ he's leaving us to move on to a better and preferable place lor. :)

Dina planned to have lunch @ Nandos. all of us agree. well, i'm ok wif it. as long as u feed me wif food. i'm fine. haha... yup! whole team went out together. it's a nice get-a-long session wif them although i dun tok much. dunno wat to tok ma. Mr Chong had a brief tok abt his handover lor. telling us how to deal wif the users. at least i got some ideas on how the users behave. ok ok.. after listening to him, i think it's another time to test on my patience again!! tahan tahan.. economy not good. haha...

ok.. back to nandos. honestly speaking, this branch is reali lousy. the waitress dun understand wat we're ordering. keep on sending the wrong food to us. service not good. when we ask for change on the wrong order, the waiter wanna run away from responsibilities instead of giving a helping hand. i'm going to tel u guys.. i wont b in nandos, the mines again. reali lousy service. luckily the supervisor manage to come to help us but then stil giving us the wrong order. i think SS had to change her order for abt 4 -5 times cos the waitress dun understand wat we're telling them. omg!! tak faham then tanya lar. dun simply assume wat ppl wans.. or she dun understand english?? aiyo.. teruk lar..

time for pics.. :)

the chili sauce.. can u see EXTRA HOT?? haha..

the quote 'Famous for our flame-grilled PERI PERI Chicken' => ok.. this sounds reali lousy to me.

Dina and Chong.. ya.. the chubby fair man is my lead (manager i shld say).. hehe :)

my order.. 1/4 chicken wif 2 sidelines => coleslaw and peri chips.. well, nuthin special.. it's jus fries wif a lil sprinkles of chili powder. the chicken is not so tender plus it seems like over grilled. cos i stil can taste the 'hangus' (over-burnt) part of the chicken.. yucks...
Rate: 4/10

Camwhore-ing time again!! Dina and Liangmui. wahhaha... desperate for food lar.. veli hungry. Idris helped me to take the pic of me. wahahha...

see.. told u rite? we're reali DESPERATE for FOOD. reali veli hungry. Mr Chong was like swallowing the chicken instead of chewing it slowly. haha..
** pray hard tat he dun read my blog **

Time for group photo. for rememberance.. (clockwise) Dina, Mr Chong, Thiru, Idris and Liangmui.. Thanks to SS for helping us for this pic!

ok.. had abt 2 hours for lunch. reached office abt 230pm. luckily today i dun hv to attend any meetings. or else i'll b late. poor SS. she had to rush to her meeting. sorry ya.

oh ya.. forgotten to mentioned abt the price rite? one person is RM28.40 excluding Mr Chong's portion. cos it's his farewell. so we share share belanja him lor :).. kinda miss him now.. apa macam ar??

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dinner @ Bar-B-Q Plaza, Sunway Pyramid

Venue: Bar-B-Q Plaza, Sunway
Date : 16-Nov-2008
Time: 830pm.

sorry for the late post abt this. wahahha... was supposed to post it yesterday rite? but then i forget to copy the pics out from my camera. paisei.. then not sure wat's happening to office's internet cos it seems like hving some problems whenever i tried to upload my pics to photobucket. phew~~ tak pe.. luckily habis uploading.

i'd made fun on my bro and purposely made him to buy me a nice dinner. at first, i tot of going for a brazillian food but then sympathy to him lar.. cos oledi mid of the month and he got not much left rite?? haha.. so went for the cheap one. hehe.. i nv been to this place. i read lotsa nice comments abt this restaurant. and my bro himself went there for several times d. he said it's a good place. so i just had a try there.

well, this restaurant is originated from Thailand. so u guys kno lar. the food is non-halal ya. yea.. it contains pork!! ** (wondering) y do i hv to highlight the word in PINK?? ** well, my bro ordered deluxe set. just nice for 3-4 persons. the food contains beef, pork, chicken, prawns, mushrooms, udon and lotsa veges.. so before we entered the restaurant, we hv to make order first. surprisingly when we were welcomed to our seats, the food is served rite in front of my eyes. wow!! this is the first restaurant i'd been to that provide this kind of service man!! good!

ok.. i shall just let the pics do the toking ya :)

The main door.. :) it's just located opposite secret recipe at the old wing :)

cute mascot :) haha.. my bro said this look like him.. :P

they will serve u an empty pot wif chicken stock (can refill)

lets see the food....

Chickens, prawns, veges, udon, taufu, fish cakes, bacon, beef, pork, mushrooms and etc...

The lard.. they wil gip u this. to make sure the pot is not sticky when u 'barbq' ur food :) so u place the lard on the pot.. then jus go round the pot.

The place ur food in the pot for BBQ lor..

see... my bro.. look like the mascot or not?? wahha.. he was too hungry di.. tat's y keep on placing the food in the pot.

The results....

Chilies, garlic & lemon => this is to mix in the sauce.. paisei.. i forgotten to snap a pic of the sauce.. and my white rice. :) liangzai ordered garlic rice.. not bad too...

TA DA!! see the pot and the lard?? ya.. end of the session, the pot and lard turned blackie..

bear in mind!! if u're on diet, pls dun go for this restaurant ya. cos the meat quite fat.. hehe :) baru nice ma.. yummy!!

well, this dinner was not cheap too.. costed abt RM80 including drinks, side orders and tax.. wahaha.. but liangzai n me were eating it for FREE!! we got 'water fish' to 'slaughter'.. wahahha.. :P the deluxe set actuali cost abt RM49.90 exclude tax..