Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Movies Month

3 movies in one month and guess wat?? 2 of them is free of charge.. yahoo~~ although i stil haven't break Tallboyz's record, er.. i forgotten how many movies he watched in a month d.. i stil enjoy it.. :D

1st one hv to pay money.. was planning to reserve for transformers earlier but then all the cinemas were fully booked. kns!! so?? i booked for ICE AGE 3 instead.. yes.. i'm cartoon cum animation lover.. how can i miss such a cutie movie rite? had been chasing over ICE AGE since the first part. hehe... liangzai wanted to get DVD instead. but then i insisted to hv a watch in the cinema.. different feel ma.. rite rite? and.. ok, it didn't disappoint us.. great one.. too bad.. it's quite short.. and guess which characters i love the most... No! Not the Mammoth (Ellie n Manny).. No! Not the Tiger (Diego).. No! Not the i-dunno-wat-animal-is tat (Sid).. ok.. u guys almost got it rite?? No! Not the one going after the acorn(Scrat)... yes yes!! the twins.. haha.. Crash and Eddie.. damn cute and 38 la.. just like me.. love them the most..

see.. they are damn cute rite?

2nd one.. Free tickets by Our Dept.. :) KPI KPI.. mus go.. wahhah.. well, actuali it's just that i couldn't book Transformers earlier.. that's y hv to wait for free tickets on 17th July. haha.. great one.. free coke and popcorn.. not bad rite? hanging out wif one bunch of IT ppl. i think sunway pyramid is almost crowded with our ppl.. haha.. joking la.. over exaggerating it d.. great animation. phew~~ love it. and of cos, not forgetting the sexy Fox, hehe.. MEGAN FOX.. reali envy her wif her nice hour-glass body figure. liangzai couldn't get his eyes off from her body. jeles-nya... as for me? of cos i'm not eyeing on the HERO la.. not hensem de.. i'm eyeing on the robots.. Bumble Bee... the Twins again... and and and Optimus Prime.. hehe.. veli yeng jai...

it was supposed to be only for staffs. but i ended up bringing liangzai along cos Jim Jim couldn't make it. so I just tak tau malu and mintak the ticket from him lo.. hehhee...

ok ok.. wat bt today?? well, got another pair of free tickets from June again. hehe :) The Proposal.. i kno it's not screen yet.. hehe.. damn happy.. previously i joined a contest organised by GSC rgding on this movie too. and guess wat?i received an email from them :) free movie tickets again. it's on 25th July.. stil thinking whether to watch it 2nd time o not.. lets see how...

the Proposal wor.. I just recalled that liangzai proposed me in front of Coffee Bean in Genting.. wahahha.. with only one bouquet of lilies.. without ring.. stupid me! agreed so fast.. :P should forced him to get me a big diamond first rite? haha..

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hair Cut!!

yes!! got my hair cut short again!.. ok.. Cyndi n SS just complained that I'm supposed to keep it long but but but.... i stil prefer it short.. cos I'm a lil boyish.. plus LAZY bum.. :) that's y cut it short..

was supposed to have my hair cut last Sat but Nicole (the hair stylist) was busy at that time. and we couldn't spend much time in waiting for her as there's a long queue. so we made it on Sunday instead.

11am on Sunday, waited Nicole outside her shop. phew~ crazy.. jus one hair cut and we had to wait for her to open the shop. and the bad thing is SHE WAS LATE for 30mins.. so so so.. crazy... tat's jus because I'm too ADDICTED wif short hair d.. so can't wait to see my hair to chop off short.. wahah...

ok.. first customer of the day. I just told her.. CUT SHORT WIF NEW HAIR STYLE! wahhaa.. and she patiently cut my hair.. me?? almost fall asleep while she was chopping off my hair.. too tired.. y?? cos hv to remove sth from Facebook. ** oi.. u kno who i meant rite? Nescafe Tarik satu.. thanks ** it took her almost 30mins i guess.. cos i'd oledi snoring like a pig in the saloon. luckily liangzai n me was in the saloon. or else damn paisei..

yes!! satisfied with the results..

liangzai n me

Front view


left.. the 'yeng' part.. i like this the most... veli short!

NEW LOOK.. gotta motivate myself a bit by chopping off my messy hair.. tomolo gotta start working d.. sien...