Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pamper Yourself by A Touch of Spark

hey readers.. i'd opened my new e-shoppe. presenting to u all the handmade accessories. yea yea.. i buat myself.. hehe.. feel free to browse at Sparkling Chanteuse without anyone pestering ard you :) you can do it at ur own sweet time at anywhere :).

Frens asking y call it Chanteuse? hmm.. cos it's French.. haha.. no la.. cos wanna make it more glamour ma.. at first we tot of 'Diva' but some how it's like veli hard to pronounce rite? Sparkling Diva.. macam tak de omph.. haha.. so browse and found chanteuse.. love it.. :)

so. feel free to gip comments and ideas ya :) thanks for your support! remember to rekomen ur frens too :) can check our page at FB and wordpress.. woohoo~~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is It A Good thing when Ppl Think You're Superwoman?

i reali hate this kind of feeling. where every shit that ppl create and you have to clear it. and salary tak increase pun by clearing the shits. and the BIG ppl will jus tel u that.. harlow it's part of your job. yea yea.. it's part of the job. if i din take initiative to clear the shits, do you think u can sit there and relax? if i din take the initiative to clear the shits, do you think u can sleep peacefully every nite? and if i din take the initiative to clear the shits, do you think you can get the fame, promotion, another-BIG-ppl's-appreciation and wat-so-eva? and wat i've got? at the end of the year, i'm just being told tat it's part of my job. it doesnt consider as my INITIATIVE!!! and tat's y my salary got increased by pathetically 3% where im expecting for 5%. ** is it too much? it's only abt rm50 every month**

i hv such lovey dovey fren. where she jus point.. u buat nih, i buat tu.. eh.. y i nit to do so? again.. it's PART of MY JOB!! when ppl come and scold/blame me, yea yea.. it's PART OF MY JOB!! there's once where my fren commented. 90% of ur salary = all the scoldings/blames that you will get and 10% of it = backstabbing & politics. if you can manage the scoldings and wat-so-eva well, tat means u're great. so does tat mean tat if im the boss, i can keep on scolding my staffs? arghh~~ harlow.. to all the big ppl out there, MOTIVATE your staff sikit la.. u stil need the expertise and help from your staff.. sayang la sikit.. sikit MONEY oso tak mau keluar.. sape mau kerja dgn you.. correct? ya.. anyway, MONEY ISNT EVERYTHING!! yea.. either i quit my job o i jus tahan rite? afterall, everywhere will be the same.. get SCOLDINGS and BLAMES and BACKSTABBING and etc etc etc.. then why not i get more MONEY and less scolding at else where? ** u dream on la.. there's no such good thing in this world. **

argh.. dunno how la..teach me pls

Monday, November 8, 2010

I Blog for the sake of Blogging

got a nice reminder from my wonderful frens, andy gor, joanne and etc. yup.. had been abandon-ing my blog for a few months - ermm.. ok.. i think nearly 1 yr.. hahaha.. yup. i din blog much ever since i had this job. cos i reali got no time to blog ** instead i have lotsa time to FB** hahhaa...

finally gao tim my reception. tiring?? not reali.. enjoying?? yes.. a lot.. any regrets? ermm.. yes. 1 onli cos i din manage to wear white wedding gown cos that blardy zipper rosak on the actual day and im damn down cos i cant sleep well tat nite.. no.. im not gan cheong.. it's jus tat the bed's problem.. staying at my bil's place. feeling a bit uncomfortable.. tat's all :)

besides kahwin? no.. nuthin much too.. we went to sg for honeymoon.. pathetic rite? 1st - ermm.. i can say the whole trip was fully sponsored although it's onli 3D2N. and i think we spent abt sgd1000 - inclusive of accommodation - ** converted - RM2300++ ** for the whole trip. ok.. dun ask me how i spend the money.. the simplest answer will be.. SHOPPING la.. wat else.. summore ppl sponsor. not my money oso.. apa pun beli lo.. hahaha.. 2nd - we cant take extra leaves cos he nit to work and i nit to work too. first, tat stupid system was said to be launched ard end of sept and all our leaves are freezed. but then they postponed it. blardy hell!! shld hv informed earlier rite? then we dun hv to go to SI-NGA-PO-RA for honeymoon. i will have plan to NEEWW ZEEAALANND.. stupid.. nvm nvm.. that place won't flood away.. still got time ma..

wat else?? hmm.. nop.. life's getting more and more boring cos i jus realised -> I'd been working most of the time. when im free, i FB.. sometimes i will VPN over to my office machine to check the work and the stupid kns migration not stopped bugging my mind. even had nitemares with all the scripts and reports popping out. ** erm.. sometimes the solutions jus popped out from my dreams ** lucky enuff.. if not, then the report will b stucked there for months and im lazy to continue with it.. some BIG ppl will come and REMIND - one day MUS gao tim 5 reports ar.. wah.. u so pandai then u come and do la.. i nonit crack my head so much.. correct bo?? MULUT saje cakap tapi... kerja kite org yang buat. bile org tanya, it's their achievement.. WTF!! Wat bt us tat have been struggling for ur-so-called-achievement.. another PERIBAHASA - LEMBU PUNYA SUSU, SAPI DAPAT NAMA.. yea.. jus admit.. we're the LEMBU.. we're highly paid to be LEMBU.. correct?? too bad.. we dun produce susu.. or else can try to sell and earn profit.. hahaha...

yea yea.. liangzai start to complain. i miss my lappie more.. i love to MAKE LOVE with my keyboards, spreadsheets, scripts, programming more than him. erm.. i think so.. it's time to stop making love with them d.. hahha.. but then who the hell in IT line dun make love with those?? wahahha... unless u're not in IT. but then think abt it.. everyone oso doing the same thing like wat i did la.. correct? even he himself oso LOVE his lapppie, keyboards, monitors, mouses and etc so much la...

so?? aiya.. nuthin much.. i reali blog for the sake of blogging. see.. my life is jus so damn boring. even myself oso SIEN. jim jim and me had been mentioning this word i think more than 100 times per month.. hahaha.. wat to do.. working is damn sien ma.. unless i quit and bcome boss rite? any new concept of online business to intro ar?? hahaha...

hai~~ ok la.. gotta stop d.. o else later ppl come with all sorts of reports and say i'd been playing in the net, surfing the net, fb-ing, chatting during working hours.. do i seems like i care? wahahha :P chow~~