Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pamper Yourself by A Touch of Spark

hey readers.. i'd opened my new e-shoppe. presenting to u all the handmade accessories. yea yea.. i buat myself.. hehe.. feel free to browse at Sparkling Chanteuse without anyone pestering ard you :) you can do it at ur own sweet time at anywhere :).

Frens asking y call it Chanteuse? hmm.. cos it's French.. haha.. no la.. cos wanna make it more glamour ma.. at first we tot of 'Diva' but some how it's like veli hard to pronounce rite? Sparkling Diva.. macam tak de omph.. haha.. so browse and found chanteuse.. love it.. :)

so. feel free to gip comments and ideas ya :) thanks for your support! remember to rekomen ur frens too :) can check our page at FB and wordpress.. woohoo~~


  1. That's really by you?? Kenot believe!! But congrats for your dream achieve

  2. MRC, yup.. i did those.. y kenot believe? hahaa.. thanks.. :) at least it's sth i like :)