Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kay 谢安琪

met her in person @ canteen yesterday. damn syok. i was so excited cos we were just sitting at the table next to hers. i waved to her and she waved back. damn syok-nya. she was having an interview with one of the reporters. i think it's a casual one. friendly and pretty. and wat bt me? just couldnt finish my lunch cos i was busy snapping her pics until she finished her interview. haha..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Shopping Spree.. AGAIN!

Shopping again.. hehe :) so wat? tat's part of ladies' life rite? even go for a window shopping, it still satisfies a lot! jus like me. well, i just acc the 2 going-2-married ladies. they hv to get ready on their wedding stuffs. yea.. going to KRABI/PHUKET for their wedding pics. tat's y they are going to search for beach-look costumes.. haha.. and i become their consultant plus driver. wahahha.. ok lar.. a group of ladies went out for shopping and then wat else can we do? yes!! GOSSIPS!haha.. non-stop.. and we started our mission @ 12pm.

reached sunway, parked my SLK nicely then we started on our shopping plan. ok, from Upper to Lower level or from Lower to Upper level? and guess wat? the 2 smart ladies prefer to walk from Upper Level to Lower Level. y? cos i parked my SLK @ CP5. then then then?? so they wil hv another chance to browse from Lower Level to Upper Level back lo. seee?? tat's y i said they are SMART!! maklumlah, they are LADIES ma ** macam i'm not a lady.. hehe.. **

went to the first floor, shopped in a few shops and managed to try some of the outfits. and guess wat? ok.. when we mentioned beach-look costumes, we dun reali tested on that rite? so any nice dresses, shirts, skirts and etc, we wont let go a chance to try it out. and here's the pics of us. ya.. i din see any outfits tat attract me. tat's y i din test lo..

** u tel me lar.. is tat called beach-wear?? absolutely NO, rite?? **

ok, u guys saw wat i'm using to take the pics rite? hehee.. tat's the main reason y i'm taking the pics. SHOWING OFF MY NEW BB ma.. summore it's taken rite in front of the mirror. REFLECTION!! and i stil think i look better than the 2 of them :P.. wahahha...

then?? walk walk and shop shop again lo. quite thristy oso ler.. cos we din bring our bottles along. wahah.. and the SMART me left my bottle inside my SLK. so forget it lar.. lazy to take. and we dropped by @ Station Kopitiam and got ourselves some drinks. after tat? shopped lo.. went into a shop tat's selling accessories and clothes but the accesories attracted us. wahah.. necklaces lar.. earrings lar.. rings lar.. too bad, cant get to see any anklets or bracelets. so we just checked it out on the earrings.. and u can see my new earrings when u're reading this later. wahah :P we stayed there for abt 15mins.. selecting the accessories lar.. and janice finally got 2 rings for herself.. see?!?! the purple one is my choice but she got it first. too bad!

so we shopped along ground floor & lower ground floor lo. damn tiring cos y? no money yet ma.. shopped during month-end it's reali a suffering hobby. :( i jus acc them lo.. see watever nice nice one first then onli get liangzai to buy for me.. wahahha :)

after tat, we stopped by @ Friendster Cafe.. yes yes.. FRIENDSTER CAFE.. NO JOKE ok? dun believe ar? ok.. look at the pic below..

so now u believe me rite? hehe.. i oso din forget to cam-ho together :)

:) the drinks tat eling ordered.. guava juice wor.. teacher, u where got so healthy geh?? dun pretend ya.. and of cos, FRIES la.. we wont love it if the food is healthy rite? normally unhealthy food taste better than those healthy one.. :P..

then then? aiya.. i dowan to MENTION tat word again.. wat else can we do @ sunway?? ok lar.. we played hide-n-seek.. ok? wahhhaha...

dinner time.. yahoo~~~ @ Pasta de Gohan. er er.. where is it located ar?? er.. i dunno wor.. lower level.. next to SK.. hehe.. sendiri cari lar.. dun kacau me ya.. hehe.. :D easy to be spotted cos u can see lotsa pasta choices rite in front of the shops. and guess wat? i din kno tat it's a Japanese restaurant. when i walked into the shop, i was greeted by the ladies with Japanese. Surprised!! i tot i masuk salah kedai lar..

paisei.. kenot see clearly rite?? hehe :P then each and every table will hv 4 small cute containers consists of parmesan cheese powder, salt, pepper and chili flakes.

so we grabbed the menu and ordered some food to eat lar.. damn hungry u kno? walked for almost 8 hrs ler..

our drinks...

then each of us ordered one set and then shared among ourselves.. great rite? it's alwis nice to hv a sharing of food together wif ur frens. so u can taste more food. wahahha..

Janice's choice => Scallops Fried Rice

Eling's choice => Salmon & Mushroom Pizza

this lady veli cute.. she's veli shy when i was snapping the pics.. forgotten to ask whether she's available or not? or else can intro to some desperate leng jais.

Liangmui's choice => gratin set.. yooohooo~~ many choices.. hehehe.. consists of Baked Pasta, Soup, Salad and Spagetti... yummy!!

ok.. started our dinner. starting of by big mouthful then small portion then slowly.. bit by bit.. wahhhaa.. extremely full by the time we finished off everything. yup!! gentle reminder to all of u.. pls kindly order small portion of each and every set if u're not a big eater, ok? or else u wil vomit everything out after u finished.. well, worth to gip a try but it's not economic lo.

3 of us.. spending abt total of RM84.40 for the dinner.. and the price is already discounted offf by 10%. luckily i paid using CIMB card.. or else we wont entitle for 10% discount. then, it will b total of rm92++!! pengsan..

so wat did we get for ourselves at end of the day?
1) Janice => 1 dress, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 rings n 2 earrings (if i'm not mistaken)
2) Eling => 2 dresses, 1 pair of sandals, 2 earrings
3) Liangmui => 1 pair of sandals, 2 earrings

yea!! managed to control myself for not spending a cent on clothes.. :) good!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Khalil-Chasing Activity... Phew~~

not in the mood to work today.. ** aiyo, liangmui, u alwis not in the mood de.. ** cant help.. cos when it comes to working days, sure got no mood. lazy me.. dragging myself to work. cos no work no money.. poor me..

was supposed to work extremely hard today cos due date is coming soon. but i stil lepak and 38 with my collix. haha.. FRIDAY ma.. sure got this type of pattern one.. ** but seems like i everyday oso got this pattern wor **

well, today seems like those artistes gathering day. yup yup.. i saw 2 artistes from HK. Hsuan Jessica Hester & Linda Chung Ka Yan. i'm excited to see them when my collix mentioned tat Jessica was having her interview at the lobby outside my office. wow.. of cos cant miss a chance to see her REAL LIFE rite? alwis see her inside the stupid 24" speaking box. haha.. luckily i got my camera wif me. ** but actuali i oledi knew some of the artistes are coming so the cam is alwis wif me ** hoping tat we are allowed to snap their pics. wahahha.. so i just dumped all my jobs aside and rushed out from the office.. snapp snapp here and snap snap there.. wahha.. my collix oso surprised to see me wif the cam.. btw, blogger alwis get their cameras ready unless they forget their cam. :P

after tat, we hv to rush to the other side cos Linda was having her interview at the other side too.. omg!! stupid cam wif the low batt. aiyo.. hv to save save use.. luckily i changed my HP earlier.. or else i wil stil use my K700i to snap the pics wif the lousy quality. ** ooppss.. soli ar.. dun mean to offend those who are using it ** snapp snapp here and snap snap there AGAIN!! phew~~ managed to snap a few. but onli 1 wif better quality. then my batt died off.

when i was trying to get my 2nd backup for the pic, i realised my HP oso in low batt condition. OMG!! how come so BAD LUCK de??? hv to start my prayers earli in the morning d.. aisei aisei... so nervous ler.. cos I WANNA SEE KHALIL(方大同) MA... so worried..

then back to office. pretend to b busy again. but then actuali i was emailing Staley and Jos and the other 3 mangoes. aiyo.. apa macam Staley.. my KHALIL sampai d?? got or not? ok.. the smart N85's batt oso died off and I couldn't switched it on again. SHIT!! camera no BATT, HP no BATT.. how ar?? send email...

" my hp batt kong d"

ya.. got all sorts of reply back. "aiseh.. y like tat de??", "u din charge it yest meh?", "alamak!! blur queen!!" eesshhh.. dah geram ni masih tak tau sayang me. apalar.. see.. when u got problems ar, ur frens sure got this kind of reaction de.. aiseh.. apa macam? my KHALIL apa macam? die lar tis time. :( i was abt to gip up! but then i was thinking no pics oso nvm ma.. at least can see him REAL PERSON. ya ya.. not bad hor... :D ok lar... then every 15mins, i called Staley.. 'OI OI.. apa macam? sampai d??".. she replied "not yet not yet. i wil cal u. bz now" and she hung my call. :( aiyo.. wait lo.. 15 mins passed.. called Staley.. 'OI OI.. apa macam? reach d or not??".. she replied "not yet not yet. i wil cal u. bz now" and she hung my call AGAIN. and i think this continued for 3 times. wahaha.. i guess she must be swearing up there d.. dun bother lar.. wahha.. let her swear! the most important one.. I MUST SEE KHALIL ok??

then ard 6.00pm, my phone rang. i tot it was Staley. mana tau.. eeeshhh!! wrong number.. apalar... kns!! -_-".. waited again.. aiyo.. how come Khalil hven reach yet? will Staley forgotten bt it? aiyo.. pls dun call my HP lar.. HP kong d ma.. aiyo... so nervous!!

** RING RING ** ok ok.. now must use my 4 eyes to see carefully the call is from Staley.. huu huu!! BINGO!! she called.. "wei wei.. faster come up now. in studio liao" yahoo!!!! rushed out from office again. brought my no-batt cam and hp together.. wahaha.. y ar? for fun lar..

yup yup.. Staley snapped some of Khalil's pic when he was in the studio. i jus stared at him lar. tried to switched on my Cam. yes.. can!! ok.. snap and it went off.. check check.. see is the pic captured or not.. eeshh, cilaka!! tak dak!! ok lar.. gip up on my cam liao. :( so sad ler.. luckily Staley's HP can take pics. well, while waiting for Khalil to finish his recording, Staley and me were waiting outside. tengok tengok and then... SYOK SENDIRI. COS WE GOT NUTHIN BETTER TO DO!! wahahha ** pray hard tat she din read this or else later she will teased me tat i'm the one who hv nuthin better to do and tat's the fact :P **

then out of sudden, we tot of taking pic wif him. YES YES.. definitely MUST la.. wahhaha.. who dowan rite? ok, we plan plan summore. who to ask the permission lar.. eeshh.. SURE KENA ME DE.. cos i'm the one who SIAO Khalil de ma.. aiyo.. but my hp and cam no batt ler.. then suddenly i heard Staley shouted "SHIT! my hp oso low batt liao" aiyo.. then how.. die lar.. tak pe tak pe.. we go on on our plan. luckily got Jos.. faster faster asked Jos out from her office and waited together wif us.. wahhaha.. Jos was willing to help out. yahoO~~ thx Jos..

waited abt 10min, KHALIL was out from the recording studio and he was going to MyFM for his LIVE Interview at 7pm.. then i dunno where i got the guts from suddenly..

i jus burped out "Fang Da Tong, can i hv a pic wif u?"..
the manager said "sorry, he hv to rush for his interview"..
i continued "i wont disturb long.. jus 1 pic enuff, pls..." and acted cute sad face to Khalil.. whaha..
suddenly, i heard Khalil said "nvm.. jus hv a pic wif them"..
aiyo.. damn touching lar... i nearly wanna walk to him and give him a big bear hug!! HE's so FRIENDLY & CUTE!!
but then the manager continued "reali sorry. we hv to rush for the interview wic will aired LIVE @ 7pm. mayb after the interview, u can hv a pic or 2 wif him"
yahooo0000OOOOOOOO~~~~~ u kno how syok i am ar... i cant explain how excited i was tat time..

ok.. I'M SURE THIS TIME TAT I WIL WAIT FOR HIM UNTIL HE FINISHED HIS INTERVIEW. and guess wat? Staley was looking for charger.. at first she dowan to wait together wif me. cos wanna go home plus she's not so excited abt him oso ma. but then the poor me wanna stay but stil looking for HP. so so so?? yup!! the GREAT Staley acc me.. ** MUAKS MUAKS MUAKS to Staley ** but then who got Nokia's charger?? oh.. ya ya.. Chris got.. cos he left his charger at his deskplace.. i told Staley "come come.. IT Dept got. my collix left his charger there.." wahahhaa.. syok-nya.. then stil hv to wait our Ms. Staley to pack her stuffs to IT dept ma.. of cos we wont waste the chance rite? chit chat chit chat then out of sudden, i blurped out to go out and get Khalil's new album, Orange Moon. and then later let him sign sign for me. yahoO~~ yes! and staley agreed. ok.. so faster faster rushed down to IT dept. get Chris' charger.. and then charge Staley's HP.. then dashed out from office again and drove to Endah Parade. wahahha..

aiiyo.. i tel u.. so nervous ler.. we got onli abt 30mins. and we hv to make sure tat we nit to reach at the studio sharp sharp at 8pm. luckily i used to learn car racing by watching 'Mai-Kai-Shoo-Mai-Kai' F1's driving skills. wahah.. finally, i can show off my driving skills d. but then the Lau-yah Staley got so scared. ok lo.. from 180km/h hv to slow down to 10km/h.. aiyo.. better ride a horse lar.. reached Carrefour in 5mins time.. luckily no jam. and Staley dashed out from the car and searched for a CD shop in Endah Parade. and it's oledi 7.20pm. jus imagine.. so rushing rite? and yet we're tat 38. wat to do?? the Jakun ppl ma... then my digital clock strike 7.45pm.. i started my prayers.. "aiyo, staley.. cipat sikit. 7.40 liao.. even I got driving skills but then i dun think can reach studio on time if u're late" phew~~ i think god must hv answered my prayers.. i saw Staley.. ** EDITED: well, we couldnt get the ORIGINAL CD cos ENDAH PARADE has too many pirated cds. and some of them dun even kno who's KHALIL!! stupid rite?? ** then faster faster got into my car and i drove extremely fast but then mayb god stil wanna test me. yup! tat stupid route was quite jam. -_-" aiyo... how ar? no short cut summore.. eeshhh.. so fed up lar.. cool down cool down.. hv to practise how to increase my EQ.. ok ok.. MyFM was playing Khalil's songs.. ok ok.. cool down.. SUDDENLY!! i onli remembered i forgotten to charge Staley's HP. alamak!!

yes yes~~ reached office ard 7.50pm. we run so fast as-if we r in the olympics for 100m race. aiks.. nvm lar.. no PICs oso nvm lar.. at least can shake hands wif him. ok ok.. faster masuk office and i saw Chi Nan, Hatijah & Chiu Hsia were stil ard. aikss.. dun care abt my image d lar.. and i borrowed Chiu Hsia's HP. phew~~ luckily her HP is fully charged. wahhaha.. good good... then dashed off as fast as possible to reach 2nd floor. omg!! it's been some time ever since i run like tat.. u guys kno i'm a lazy bum rite? it's jus unbelievable tat i can run like tat.. i din even rush like tat when SHE were here on January. omg!!

thank god, we were 5 mins earlier before the clock strike at 8pm. yahoo~~ we made it ler. so damn happy. Louis was so surprised to see us panting like tat.. ** fuuu hmmm fuuu hhmmm fuuu ** aiyo.. reali suffocated u kno.. essh.. plus i din exercise for quite some time d. stamina level dropped!! aiks.. luckily Khalil was not out from MyFM yet. ok ok.. cool down. clear clear my throat first.. later hv to tel him take pic again ma.. wahhah.. yup!! waited for him again. aiks.. received call from Chiu Hsia using Chi Nan's HP asking abt her HP. cos Chiu Hsia wanna go back soon. aiks.. ok.. i told her 'Pls.. another 10 more mins. quick one. cos the hensem guy not out yet' she said OK.. yes yes!! Chiu Hsia, U're my Life Saver!! Muaks...

after a while, Khalil's out. yahoo~~ i was so happy man!! and i was hoping that the manager will not break his promise.. or else.. HERPHHH!! I wil start my cursing d.. waahha.. luckily i heard a lady talked to Khalil.. 'HV PICS WIF THEM FIRST. THEY HAD BEEN WAITING FOR YOU SO LONG'.. wahahhahaha.... so syok la~~~ TERIMA KASIH(特你妈卡西) wahhaha.... RELIEVED. phew~~ ngam ngam takes abt 5 mins to gao tim and i can return back the HP to Chiu Hsia. but then b4 she cabut, i requested to send the pics to my lappie.. wahhaha...

ya.. i kno u guys sure wanna see de.. then jus admit tat u're as 38 as me lo :P.. wahaha...

yer.. tat Staley.. ka ka ciao ciao.. ppl wanna SOLO wif Khalil ma.. so fed up.. so i change her face.. wahha.. sure kena bomb nanti ni.. tak pe lar.. memang kacau la u.. :P

ok lar.. since u so nice to me.. i post the original one...

Nice ler.. hehe.. Syok sendiri now :P after the pic, i summore thanked and had a hand-shake wif him.. wahaha... and i'm telling you. i'm not going to wash my hand for 1 week :P.. hehe...

P/S: The Moral of the story is... dun b so 38 like me!! ahaha :P and sacrifice to get good return!! yahoo~~ ** ya.. i sacrifice my work and time and energy to get 1 pic wif Khalil.. hehe.. **

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Privacy Needed!!

omg! i nit some privacy at home.. u kno i'm newly married but then i'm stuck in between the siblings. no privacy at all. hmm.. told liangzai abt this. and i kno it's quite hard for him too. but I JUS NEED SOME PRIVACY. mayb i just dun like ppl disturbing my life. disturbing the sweet time between liangzai and me. i dowan liangzai to b so stressed up wif all sorts of family matters and u kno wat? he's oledi married. y he hv to worry abt so many unrelated things rite? hv to b independant enuff wat... liangzai cant alwis be there to help out!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

J for Joan

ok.. got this tag from Fara, that coo-coo 'Si Kumbang' @ Facebook. since my blog is sync wif FB, so just post this here :P

hey Si Kumbang... read it lar..

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Joan

2. A four Letter Word : Joke

3. A boy's Name : Jack

4. A girl's Name : Jill ** ya.. eating Jack N Jill's snack now.. **

5. An occupation : Judge

6. A colour : Jingga ** wahhaha... orange!! thx for 'Si Kumbang'.. ya.. u kno i meant U, rite **

7. Something you'll wear : Jeans

8. A Beverage: Juice

9. A food : Jackfruit

10. Something found in the bathroom: Johnson & Johnson Body Shampoo ** Blueks.. it stil starts wif J **
11. A place : Jamban ** means toilet in Malay ** / Jail

12. A reason for being late: JAM!!

13. Something you'd shout : JAHAT!!!!

14. A movie title : JAWS ** deng deng~~ deng deng~~ (Famous Jaws humming tune) **

15. Something you drink : Java ** eh eh.. not programming language ok? it's just another word for Coffee.. **

16. A musical group : Jackson 5 ** er.. is it consider musical group?? argghh.. who cares!! relates to music too rite? **

17. An animal : Jaguar

18. A street name : Jalan Ibrahim.. ** wahahha.. it's stil a street's name rite? **

19. A type of car : Jeep

20. The title of a song : Just Want You To Know - BSB

ok.. who am i going to tag too? everyone tat's free and got no mood to work.. feel free to do this tag. but i hope Inbox & NKB can do.. wahahha :P

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Marché @ The Curve

Venue: Marché, The Curve
Time : 7pm

quite tired cos today went out for bridal gown testing. ok.. not mine.. it's Janice. went there wif her. gip some ideas and had some snapshots on the dresses she tested out. i wanted to post the pics but then she said kenot wor.. how ar?? ** Janice, can i post them?? i'm so eager to post them on lar.. ** we were there from 3pm til 6.30pm. damn tiring. i'm the camera lady saje oso can feel the tiredness. jus imagine the one who test and hv to decide wic gown to wear during the photography session. phew~~

after that, liangzai and me went off to dinner cos we skipped lunch. damn hungry. liangzai tot of chilli's but then out of sudden, i missed italian food. so i suggested to go to The Curve. i cant recalled the name of the place and i simply named it as 'Nachos'. wahhaha..

reached Ikea, parked our SLK ** Small Little Kelisa ** and we walked to The Curve. Searched the restaurant's name from the directory and i jus couldnt find it. OMG!! luckily i remembered it's located at The Walk in the The Curve. ok.. walked there and reached the place. and we just couldnt stop laughing at myself. wahahhaa.. the place named 'MARCHE' ** come.. follow jie jie said the word again.. MARCHE.. (mar-shay) ** not 'NACHOS'.. -_-" doink doink... hahhaa...

yup.. and my 38 hubby tak pernah datang. acting jakun. but i'm even more jakun than him lar.. wahhaha.. i went to Marché once. but tat was when i'm in singapore. my uncle brought me for a dinner at Marché tat time. i nv tried out Malaysia's Marché. so this time hv to try it out rite? since liangzai and me nv try before.

went to reception place. the lady so cute and friendly. she presented us 2 tickets for food ordering. she summore ask us whether we understand how to use the tickets. ya. me the one acting 38 ask her to explain the steps to me again.. wahaha.. although i kno how to use it.. i jus simply lazy to explain to liangzai.. ** me oledi categorised as the worst wife ** went in the restaurant.. wow wow!! exactly the same as wat i saw in sg. ** ya lar.. i kno it's a franchise restaurant so the design wil be the same everywhere just like McD ** it's full of those cutie stalls. hv a feel like loitering ard a small market wif lotsa food surrounding us. macam-lar the pasar malam in malaysia lo.... got Grill stall, Pizza stall, Salad stall, Juice, Pasta and etc...

ok.. this shld b PIZZA stall instead of PASTA.. haha.. typo error cos I'M TIRED.. cant focus d.. haha..

and this is the 1st stall i went to while liangzai's looking for a vacant table for 2 of us. romantic kan? and the smart me grabbed 2 australian rootbeers. yummy!! long time din drink liao.. but it's not cheap.. RM8.90 per bottle.

my cousin, Shaun, strongly recommended this. he said when u go to Marché, u hv to drink this.. or else it will b meaningless. jus like when u go to Japan, u din get any souvenirs from Japan. phew~~ i dunno wat he meant. but i jus follow watever he mentioned lar.. jus grabbed 2 bottles. wahahha... i simply miss the rootbeer. the taste not too sweet. jus nice. yummy..

then, i went to Pizza stall and placed an order.. not onli Pizza, i went ard the other stalls too. well, cant order tat much cos i just cant stuff so much food into my tummy. tat's the food tat we ordered.. :D enuff lar.. too much for me, ngam ngam for liangzai.

see.. how happy i am.. er.. dun ask me y liangzai look like tat.. cos the food portion quite small so he got a bit heartache lar.. wahaha :P

ok.. finished all the food.. omg!! i cant stand up cos too full liao.. rested a while. then moved on to cashier lo.. btw, the cashiers veli cute lar.. i think they are quite boring liao.. tat's y 1 look veli relax. and the other one, she got no choice but to entertain us rite? wahahha.. i jus cant stop laughing when i look back at the pics. good post!

so tat's the whole day activity of mine. oh ya hor~~ forget to mentioned abt the amount.. er.. ard RM80. for 2 of us.. a bit expensive lo.. prefer to go for Japanese buffet.. even worth! but once a while it shld b ok rite?

btw, Marché means market in FRENCH. i jus gotta kno it. hehe :D

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

hai~~ FRIDAY alwis make ppl no mood to work. plus it's Valentines EVE. so wat i did last friday? nuthin.. jus go back at office..dreaming.. pretend to be vli busy. then come the coo-coo Fara.. kacau kacau me during work. then kacau my new baby, N85. ok.. Cam-ho Together.

ok.. we were using my baby's 2nd camera to snap.. so a bit blur. cos kenot do setting on it. eesshhh...

Friday nite.. six of us were going to meet up again @ 7 pm for steamboat. argghhhh~~ Ladies alwis late. ** macam lah i'm not a lady ** haha.. yea yea.. i am a lady and i'm alwis late.. so wat!! i stil like to complain ok? haha.. but our Cyndi and SKY still wil be later than us. so wat did we do? nuthin. rite after office hour, we stil hv to stay back at office. eeshhh.. no mood to work. so i jus simply kacau my collix. yea.. the leng jais sitting (Lee Aun & Simon) opposite me. how i kacau them ar?? nuthin much.. SS n me jus simply chit chat wif them lar.. get to kno more ma.. rite?? so next time can work better.. wahhaha.. then 38 simon took my new baby to snap pic.. wahhaha.. real 38 guy. ** and he alwis complained i'm veli 'fan' (troublesome) **

this is Lee Aun and SS.. where are we? Simon - the cameraman.. Liangmui sitting at her workplace main game.. wahhaha... shhh.. dun tell ppl ya..

finally, the time reached 6.30pm. time for us to cabut from office. then go makan. wahhaha.. 4 of us were the first to reach there. cos the other 2 were coming from KL. so we looked looked at the menu and see wat to other first.

The Empty Claypot made us so hungry. yea.. CLAYPOT.. not STAINLESS STEEL POT. cos the claypot is for the PORRIDGE.. BINGO!! we went for porridge steamboat. :) but then 4 ppl got different different ideas for the order.. ** i want soup onli.. dowan porridge.. then the other come and said 'i wan porridge. nv try before..' then other one said 'i wan soup and tomyam' *** OMG!! LADIES... :P

at last, we made up our mind for the order. ok.. 1 steamboat, 1 porridge steamboat.. each for 2 pax. then ngam ngam jus nice for 6 person. ok.. we ladies cant eat tat much ok? 4 pax is jus nice for us. plus i'm on diet program. cant eat tat much oso.

YUMMY~~~~ the food...

not forgetting to cam-ho a bit lar.. so stay tune for the leng luis....

ok.. how come she act cute? i dunno y... hv to ask her lar.. wahhhaa.. ** pray hard tat she dun read this ** i summore sharpen the pic cos the original one is a bit blur.

after dinner, we went for chit chat session @ Star Village, Sri Petaling. It's been 2 months ever since we gathered together. I reali miss the time when 6 of us together for lunch during working days. wif all the jokes and the 38 topics and those gossips and those artistes-chasing experience. OMG!! Cyndi.. SKY.. u guys faster suggest to transfer back to ABC lar.. y both of u pigi KLC?? manyak jauh~~~~

reached home ard 1am. yup!! EXACTLY VALENTINES DAY. liangzai was waiting for me to b at home. hehe.. the lousy wife alwis go out wif frens n dump him at home. wahahha.. i was so so tired. entered the room. put down my laptop and i saw a rose on the table. APALAR!! he din handed it to me instead let the poor ROSE laying on my table. and i shouted at him.. WASTE MONEY FOR THE ROSE AGAIN!! ok ok.. i kno i shldnt do so. jus cant help. wahahha :P

ok.. tat's all for my valentines celebration. liangzai n me stayed at home during the day. he cooked for me the whole day. and i was laying down on the sofa watching TV. wahahha :) sweet ler.. of cos SWEET la. cos we dowan to crowd wif the ppl out there. :D ** in other words, I'M LAZY **

anyway.. jus wanna wish you all