Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nice Rest During CNY

hi hi!! back to blogging world d.. haha.. i'm back from my CNY leave. yahoo~~ refresh of cos after almost 10 days leave. wahahah.. CNY ma.

well, did nuthin much during CNY except SLEEP a lot, WATCH Astro a lot and 38 a lot wif my family. ** these are some of the stuff which i hardly can hv a chance to do during working period ** checked my co. mail yest.. my eyes nearly dropping out as i received more than 3k emails for 10 days.. approximately 300 emails per day.. omg!! how am i going to read so many emails. wat i do? jus ignore it.. wahhaha.. my cousin taught me so.. hv a glance on the emails then forget it. if the case is urgent, the sender wil resend the email again. yup!! he's rite... hahaha.. jus ignore the emails...

starting of the month is like working in DBKL! lotsa rubbish and cleanup works to do. ooppss.. i'd nearly forget tat we're the HIGH PAY RUBBISH CLEANERS.. tat's our job rite? well, it's better to CLEAN RUBBISH NOW rather than USING UR LEGS TO MEASURE THE ROAD.. wahahha... hope u guys kno wat i mean. ECONOMY TSUNAMI!! :( worst!! tat's y hv to pretend to b busy at work.

hmmm... i din take much pics during CNY. got 1-2 lar.. but wil update the pics later. :) HAPPY WORKING DAY!!


  1. yEAH, That's soOO Liang mui.....LOL...Happy-Go-lucky as usual....Happy working day :-)

  2. Wah, really a long CNY holiday lor. I was back to work on the 4th day of CNY.

  3. hi robinson..
    glad to see ya here again.

    hi inbox..
    haha.. but u stay in pg work in pg stil ok hometown in johor work in kl ler.. of cos hv to take long long leave ma

  4. wow - long leave!!!
    i also same as little inbox, back to work on the 4th day of CNY.