Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Wedding Game

just back from cinema again! this time watching the sg movie. wahha.. by Fann Wong and Christopher Lee ** i used to like him veli much when i'm a kiddo. cos he's hensem ma.. ** hai~~ i missed to meet them in person before CNY when they were at MyFM for an interview/ promotion on this movie. too bad!!

yup.. received lotsa good comments from ppl. tat's y wanna go for it ma.. hehe.. so far not bad. well, i'm expecting more funny scenes. but this doesnt fail to entertain me as it has quite a number of romantic stuffs too :)..

the story begins like this.. ** ok.. read ur own self as i'm lazy to copy and paste the synopsis out. click here for a read. **

there's a few scenes wif nearly roll myself off from the seat. but the one tat i can onli remember is the wrestling part.. i jus couldnt control myself. i laughed almost for 10mins and the rest of the movie i jus missed it cos i laughed too much.

i love the dancing part too. veli romantic.. this is the part where the couple realised they started to love each other.

ok lar.. dowan to tel out so much liao. go and watch it. oh ya.. the theme song veli nice.. so sweet sweet when i first listened to the song before i even watched the movie.. 姚慧敏&陈孟奇 - 我们的爱

P/S: my sis said ar.. they keep all the wedding pics tat taken in this movie ler... damn rich!!


  1. I also looking fwd to watch this show..die die also must drag eddie with me..else ask my brother and sister to accompany me..hehe...

  2. I'm going to watch this weekend since the review's funny & nice :D