Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daniel Wu & Jackie Chan

yes yes yes!! finally, motivation came. :D ya.. wat else can i say.... i saw them real person. omg!! real life man!! not in TV.. not thru tat big big screen in the dark dark room.. omg!! andy gor.. u better say this post is sth interesting.. or else u die la.. wahahha...

daniel wu ar... damn hensem man.. i cant reali concentrate during the meeting. omg!! i keep on thinking abt him. no lar.. bluff u all de.. :D.. i din kno he come to MyFM oso.. SS kept mentioning abt this since last week. but then i dun remember i heard it from MyFM ler.. so i jus dun bother it.

so after meeting, SS just mentioned 'Daniel came lar.. In studio now..' ok.. rushing like hell again., takut die lari ma.. this time, i think i'm quite lucky cos i bumped into Hiew Hiew.. hehehe... yea.. he can masuk Studio ma.. so he brought us in lo. so lucky rite? hehe... finally, i can see how the LIVE interview going on in the studio.. omg!! my heart melt when i saw DANIEL!! ** (humming with the song 'Can't take my eyes over you.... ' ** apa lagi?? take pic la.. wahhaha.. this time wif my brand new bb, N85. clearer pic.. better resolution. wahah.. bingo!!

but then still got a lady stopped us from doing so. u guys kno rite? i'm not tat type tat gip up easily although u keep on telling me NO. :P so jus dun care lar.. snap snap snap!

after 30mins, we decided to wait for them outside the studio. cos Hiew Hiew said kenot stay there too long wor.. ok lo.. just wait outside lo.. waited waited waited.. showed off the pics to Staley and others.. wahahha.. see.. sharp sharp pic ler.. who cares..

then get ready for them to come out from studio.. yahoo~~~ 3, 2 and 1.. omg!! the ladies are reali crazy over Daniel. i heard most of the ladies shouted for Daniel. Jackie's damn cute. he's exactly the person tat u watch in movies ok? friendly man! i managed to shake hands wif them. guess wat?? and i'm not going to wash my hands for 1 month.. wahhaha... damn syok nya...

ok.. i dowan to write so much cos i jus cant wait to post my pics now :P.. just posted the best ones ya.. hehe...

lets count down.. 3



deng deng deng deng....

hensem leh.... drooolliing now.. wahahha...

some more??? ok ok

wahha.. uncle Jackie...

I went home and told Liangzai.. and asked him a stupid question.
M - Liangmui, L - Liangzai

M: What does DANIEL have that you don't have?
L: Money..

M: What do YOU have that DANIEL doesn't have?
L: er... LIANGMUI.. and.. some more no expiry date.....
M: -_-"

regretted to marry him.. teruk...

Monday, March 30, 2009

60 Earth Hour!

yup!! i did anticipated for this. off lights and electrical stuff. aiks.. sacrifice a bit la.. global warming :D.. hehe... i shut down my laptop ** was watching my Jun-pyo half way.. essh. **

summore count down wif liangzai. had my bath quite rush. wahahha.. then wat we did during this one hour? at first we're expecting the ppl at my neighbourhood joined this campaign. but disappointed la... my neighbours on the lights. i can hear some TV noises. the lamp posts were on along the way. sad~~

then we expecting the 'bandar' place will be better. phew~~ another disappointing moment. shops everywhere on the lights.. tesco.. shopping mall.. hai~~ disappointing. onli petrol stations do not disappoint us. well done to PETRONAS & SHELL. even liangzai's granma called up to remind us on this.. aiyo.. apalar.. even elderly oso support this. how come the others dun concern bt this? hai~~

wat bt u guys?? did u do anything on tat day?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lembu Punya SUSU, Sapi Yg Dapat NAMA!!

wow.. my BM peribahasa stil not bad rite? this happened to us. working life reali sucks! especially when u work wif some1 which hv tat kind of attitude. but wat to do? everywhere oso will hv the same thing happen. now i'm kinda missing the working life @ MM d. at least we wont hv so much of conflicts happen in the team. ** andy gor gor.. i miss u all ar.. **

sad sad.. frus frus.. but then?? this doesnt solve the problem rite? so i hv to be happy and jus do the work :)

i'd read sth quite cute today..


haha.. love this so much! and i wanna say this out to some1. :P

Monday, March 23, 2009

Indian Food @ Premaas, Puchong Jaya

it's been such a long time i'd been to this indian restaurant. kinda miss the masala tosai.. yummy.. liangzai brought up the idea to hv dinner there last sat. ya.. tat's bcos i'd been staying in my 'sauna' room for whole day during weekend. busy watching taiwanese drama 'Starlit' and made me sobbing like hell. damn touching. and currently busy chasing over the new korean drama 'Boys Over Flowers'.. hehe.. ** Jiyan, I oso syok wif Jun-pyo!! damn cute lar... ** hehe.. basically, the story is almost the same as the taiwanese famous drama 'Meteor Garden' but i stil wanna watch cos it has the korean feel la.. hehehe :)

phew~~ still the same old restaurant.. same old feel.. so syok.. hehe :) the deco and interior stil remain.. :D

got attracted wif the menu.. cos tat's the only thing that they changed.. now no more the colorful menu wif all sorts of food pics there. now all wordings d.. but they got cute pics lar.. cant stop taking pics on it.. hehe :P

order order.. i told u rite.. i miss the Masala Tosai.. hehe :) wat's so special.. er... it's jus a normal tosai with some smashed potatoes and green peas inside.. i just love the spices they mixed inside.. dun ask me wat's the spices name ar.. i onli kno how to eat saje.. hehe :D

wat bt liangzai? he miss the assam chicken so much. i'm telling you.. if u love sourish food, go for assam chicken/fish. it's good but veli sour.. ngam to go with white rice.. but it's not my taste.. u all kno i dun take sour sour stuff rite.. hehe.. so i jus got a bite on the chicken then bluekss.. hehe :)

** macam ini saje?? ** of cos not la... side order.. ONION RINGS.. ok.. it's the real onions ok?? tat's the dish which i feel it's expensive.. cos it doesnt worth the price.. guess how much for this fried onions.. i can even do this at home...

ok.. RM3.90 for this few slices of onions.. damn expensive..

drinks ar?? air suam saje.. but i like the way they serve using the stainless steel cup.. hehe :D i think most of the indian restaurants will serve using those plastic cups rite?

total spent for dinner: RM11.30 -_-" ok.. of cos i dun pay la.. hehe :D i jus MAKAN!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Badminton => Finally!!

still remember previously how i gip all sorts of excuses for not joining a badminton game? phew~~ and today the stupid conversation came out again. but it's with SS. hahaha... and i stil join the game. :( cos of SS la..

again.. today is Friday. got no mood to work ** macam everyday no mood to work rite? ** but today special cos it's friday!! after lunch, we had a short chat wif the guys sitting opposite me again. and this time, SS joined us cos at first she wanted to go for a LIVE talk at the studio. but then we din proceed on the plan cos we cant simply cabut half way. so jus gip up. so SS was at my place chatting wif the guys too. phew~~ then i jus simply asked Simon whether he's going for badminton game. SS jus got so excited. she wanted to join but then she feel paisei cos not familiar wif the guys. ** ahem!! macam i'm veli familiar pulak. i onli close wif simon la.. the rest not ngam me (oppss.. hope they dun read this) **

after the conversation, she started to bug me on the badminton game tonite.. err.. u guys kno how i rate my laziness rite?? i jus told SS to gip me abt 1 hr to consider abt it. wahhaa.. actuali i was hoping tat she will gip up. wahhha.. so bad of me. but i can tel u one thing. when SS is interested on sth, she will make sure she do it. wahha.. so u all kno how she bugged me on my consideration rite? every 15mins she wil bug me once until i asked her how many percent of excitement she hv now for the badminton game? disappointedly, she replied 50%.. -_-" then y bugged me like tat? hahaha...

well, after 1 hr of consideration, i agreed to accompany her. ;(.. aiyo.. i'm not good at badminton lar.. not i hit the shuttlecock.. i sure will kena hit by shuttlecock instead.. phew~~ so scary.

so.. 7pm. fetched SS went to badminton court. looking for the guys. and start playing. -_-" aiyo.. i oledi mentioned earlier.. i dunno how to play de.. somemore first game oledi play doubles - (Kaanthini n SS vs Simon n Liangmui) and being forced to partner wif simon .. -_-" aiyo.. some more so many experts looking at us. mayb we're not familiar wif the guys la..

ok ok.. i jus treat it as accompanying SS. haha.. anyway, i got nuthin better to do at home oso.. :D.. so jus join the game.. play wif the leng jais ** hehe.. not bad oso ** learnt sth abt the rules. wahhaha.. yea.. i'm lousy at sports la.. any sports tat will sweat a lot just count me out ya.. hehehe :P besides tat, relationship building wif the guys la.. cos they look extremely serious at work until i dun dare to 38 wif them.. :)

Finally... i managed to play badminton... no more next time pls....

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Loves to chat. Loves those who loves them. Loves to takes things at the center. Inner and physical beauty. Lies but doesn't pretend. Gets angry often. Treats friends importantly. Always making friends. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Opinionated. Does not care of what others think. Emotional. Decisive. Strong clairvoyance. Loves to travel, the arts and literature. Touchy and easily jealous. Concerned. Loves outdoors. Just and fair. Spendthrift. Easily influenced. Easily loses confidence. Loves children.


well, quite true abt me.. hehehe.. but the word i love the most is SPENDTHRIFT!! hehehe :P

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

38 day

hmm.. today i'm kinda 38 ** seems like everyday i'm oso 38 la **.. had some discussions whole day. earli morning, reached office ard 930am.. yup. i'm late to office and yet i still claimed it's earli morning. haha.. normal routine. had breakfast wif SS and Mei Zhen. but today we hv a special guest, June (she's my customer.. alwis bugging me for reports and lotsa clarification on business logic.. eshh. headache wif those stuff).. and it's also a routine tat i'm the 38 among the ladies. full of jokes and fun. mayb today it's rainy day. so in good mood but not at work. haha.. gloomy mood for working stuff.

then, met up wif my manager regarding on my confirmation stuff. honestly speaking, i hate this the most cos i dun like to crack my head or over-load my brain too much with those wordings and phrases. i'm not good on tat. tat's y hv to bother my manager to check on my grammer and etc etc.. headache la.. y big co. alwis like to hv this kind of thing ar?? tak kan write something nice nice there then they wil promote me?? esshh...

supposedly i had to disturb the 'leng jai' Simon for some data verification @ 1130am. but so sorry. i had to make him wait for me cos i was hving a team discussion on a critical daily report which we nit to send out to the top mgmt ppl. i jus wonder do they check the reports daily? if not, y r they make us suffer as if we're the crazy ones? :P

after discussion, it's already lunch time. ok.. received Staley's call. rushing us for lunch lo. hai~~ macam mama worry abt the children tat skip their meals.. haha.. ok ok.. gotta settle sth first b4 lunch. whole morning.. din get the chance to check my emails properly. if dun reply users, my boss will said this is included in ur KPI oso. -_-" replying emails immediately shows our fast respond and willing-to-help mood to ppl. aiks!! apalar...

ok.. after lunch. finally got the chance to sit down right beside Simon and disturbed him nicely wahah.. dun bother bt him la.. since he'd already used to me for disturbing him @ work. wahha.. cos i got lotsa confusion on the data and he alwis complained tat i'm asking the same thing over and over again! wat to do?? the stupid data doesnt comes out as wat he explained to me for so many times ma. still hv to kacau him la. i think if i'm going to continue asking him the same thing over again for 1 yr, he wil curse me until i die. :P ok.. i shld b thankful cos he's quite helpful on this and i wil try my best to make him vomit wif the stupid thingy. haha...

hv to check on my data extraction again. stupid script! i jus wonder how these ppl can tahan wif the inaccurate data for almost a year b4 highlighting it to me?? and now they are like picking the stones in the eggs.. hai~~ ok.. not to blame anyone but i'm jus curious how come they din notice it earlier?

2.30pm.. discussion again with another user. i oledi got used wif this user. she's a nice lady. willing to help out wif the business logic. let her gao tim her boss and i promise to gao tim her things with the deadlines provided. wahahha.. long discussion wif all the change requests and new requests. non-stop of these kinda stuffs. it's my JD ok.. no requests means no job for me. ok.. so gotta tahan and sabar lar.. apa bolek buat!!

told u.. it's a long discussion. lasted for abt 2.5hrs. then it's tea break. wahhaaha.. Simon was in tensed mood. he keep on murmured to himself when i invited him for tea break.. wahaha.. maklum lah org IT kan!! 24 hrs pun stress... 38 again wif Simon, Mei-Zhen n June. hai~~ too bad SS n MT din join us.. or else i think they will rolled on the floor with my pattern. omg! out of sudden, i miss Chris. he's another joker in IT. :) all of us cant stop laughing wif his LAME jokes.

after tea break, we had to pretend hardworking in office. wahhaa.. cos it's 530pm d. no mood to work. but stil hv to work la.. hv to make sure the data extracted is correct. i dowan to bother d. will send out the data extraction for the user and ask them to verify themselves.. haha.. jahat kan. but do u expect me to check the data 1-by-1 and it contains thousands of records? haha.. let the ppl to suffer for their requests la.. :P

6pm.. balik rumah sharp sharp.. no eyes see d. i jus wanna tutup mata and tidur.. bye bye~~ today kinda 38. cant stop laughing and joking ard. no wonder Dina said we're the kampung gals. cos we tok loud loud in the office until everyone near us can hear. wahhaa :P who cares? as long as everyone is entertained i'm ok wif it. IT is a stressful place. i think i hv to ask my boss to gip increment to my salary as i'm a developer cum entertainer in IT Dept. will this work? haha..

wat will i do when i'm bored in the car? nuthin....




Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When My Man Fills In The Form

sickening when i saw liangzai filling in the form. ya ya.. wanan apply credit card wor.. jus for emergency use. plus alliance allow us to change the card pattern and the sakai him put our family photo wic i think it sucks. but as long as he's happy wif it then ok lo...

the conversation went like this

L - Liangzai
M - Liangmui

L: honey, wat's my 'JANTINA' (gender)?
M: ok, jus put 'PEREMPUAN' (female).. ** was in sleeping mode **

after a while...
L: Honey, why must we put Mother's Maiden Name? I'm the one who apply for the card. y i nit to put my mum's name??
M: -_-" tat's for verification. u can put anything. not necessary to put ur mum's name..
L: ok.. then i put C*B*I can?
M: can.. u wanna put La* Jia* oso can.. as u wish.. but i bet u dun dare to say it out when the ppl ask for verification :P

then i was abt to dooze into my beauty sleep.. i heard him murmured to himself...
L: aiyo.. ask for no. of dependency summore.. i got 2 ma.. my papa n mama
M: -_-"
L: stupid rite? ask for my annual income... how much i hv ler? ** picking his calculator and start calculating ** ok.. i have onli RM2000 per annum after deducting my expenses...
M: oi.. u dowan to sleep, i wan ler.. can u pls shut ur mouth up?

see.. next time i will kick him out of the room when he start to fill in any application forms. KNS!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

幸福万岁 Love Matters & Watchmen

ok.. another movie by Jack Neo. well, i was hving a veli high expectation on Jack's production. even this one. but but but... ** sigh ** it did disappointed me a lil. normal thing. lotsa hokkien comedies. i enjoy the jokes. story line is simple. so i would suggest to get the DVD instead of going to the cinema for it.

phew~~ last week went for 2 movies. haha.. my bro treated me for 'The Watchmen'. i dun reali like science fiction story but since it's FOC so i jus go for it. wahahha.. i watched the trailer b4 i went to the movie. well, quite exciting. but when it reached the real movie, i was quite disappointed. :(.. mayb my english not good. i dun understand the story. wat's the message it's going to tell.. can some1 pls explain to me? i kno it's based on a famous comic.

kinda disappointed wif the movies i went for recently. mayb mood not tat good too. so it mayb kinda affecting the movies. :(

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Miss CNY~~

My Bro ** Cousin ** n Me.. nice ler tat dress..

My Papa.. i guess he mus b veli hungry.. wahahha...

aiyo.. i jus miss CNY la.. cos everyone get to gather together and 38 ma.. so u guys kno how young i am now rite? most of my cousins can b my parents d.. :P