Sunday, March 15, 2009

幸福万岁 Love Matters & Watchmen

ok.. another movie by Jack Neo. well, i was hving a veli high expectation on Jack's production. even this one. but but but... ** sigh ** it did disappointed me a lil. normal thing. lotsa hokkien comedies. i enjoy the jokes. story line is simple. so i would suggest to get the DVD instead of going to the cinema for it.

phew~~ last week went for 2 movies. haha.. my bro treated me for 'The Watchmen'. i dun reali like science fiction story but since it's FOC so i jus go for it. wahahha.. i watched the trailer b4 i went to the movie. well, quite exciting. but when it reached the real movie, i was quite disappointed. :(.. mayb my english not good. i dun understand the story. wat's the message it's going to tell.. can some1 pls explain to me? i kno it's based on a famous comic.

kinda disappointed wif the movies i went for recently. mayb mood not tat good too. so it mayb kinda affecting the movies. :(


  1. you didn't watch Marley & Me ah??? very good movie lor.... i cried and cried leh.

  2. not yet.. wanna hv a look liao