Monday, March 30, 2009

60 Earth Hour!

yup!! i did anticipated for this. off lights and electrical stuff. aiks.. sacrifice a bit la.. global warming :D.. hehe... i shut down my laptop ** was watching my Jun-pyo half way.. essh. **

summore count down wif liangzai. had my bath quite rush. wahahha.. then wat we did during this one hour? at first we're expecting the ppl at my neighbourhood joined this campaign. but disappointed la... my neighbours on the lights. i can hear some TV noises. the lamp posts were on along the way. sad~~

then we expecting the 'bandar' place will be better. phew~~ another disappointing moment. shops everywhere on the lights.. tesco.. shopping mall.. hai~~ disappointing. onli petrol stations do not disappoint us. well done to PETRONAS & SHELL. even liangzai's granma called up to remind us on this.. aiyo.. apalar.. even elderly oso support this. how come the others dun concern bt this? hai~~

wat bt u guys?? did u do anything on tat day?


  1. Watched tv in the dark, LOL.... (only switched on TV & fan -some essential light only)...

  2. wahahha... hmm... so bad of u ya.. but at least better than nuthin :P