Friday, August 29, 2008

Tat's Y I Hate To Drive!

honestly telling u guys.. i damn HATE traffic jam. it caused me to b late to work, late to gathering and the most important stuff is WASTING MY TIME. damn shit!

this morning, the journey to my office was jam. i was wondering. cos it seldom jam tat serious. like normal, i dun think much. but then when i'm stuck in the middle of the road for more than 20min, i started to wonder. ** cause normally it takes me 20mins to reach office. but today jam for 20min** ACCIDENTS? or SLOW TORTOISE?

some of the reasons tat caused jam are as listed below
=> ok.. this one i dowan to comment on it. cos RECKLESS DRIVERS EVERYWHERE. well, sometimes i dun blame on the drivers. if u travel on every inch of the road, u wil kno some parts of the highway are quite slippery. i kena once b4 where my car skidded and i banged to the divider. phew~~ tat happen 2-3 yrs ago during CNY. damn sueh! luckily i got an guardian angel protecting me or else u guys wont b able to read my blog. haha :D

=> aiyo... tel u ar.. if i ever see this beside the road, tat particular guy will b quite unlucky cos i wil b the one who wil blame the driver!! ei. u drivers ar.. wanna drive but dowan to take care of ur car then wat for u wanna drive since u cant take care of it? pls lar.. i kno maintaining the stupid engine of ur car cost u a dear dear amount but it's for ur own safety and others too. pls take ur beloved car for a service when it's time. dun get ur car break down in the middle of the road lar.. well, i'm a good driver. alwis get my car for service every 3-4 months. get all those gadgets renew lar. 5 yrs car. engine stil not bad. haha...

=> sickening. this usually happens to big and heavy vehicles. i supposed the companies should check the vehicles' tyres b4 it was driven out on the road? do u kno tat the rubber tat's tear-off will fly all over the place and it might hit the drivers either from the back or opposite side? well, real story. i'd seen one accident tat the driver is avoiding rubber from being hit onto and unfortunately, the cars behind was not ready to avoid him and there goes the serious accident! hai~~ this is onli one simple thing to do. check all the tyres b4 driving it. simple thing oso kenot do. WTF!

=> regarding on this, i reali wanna BURST my temper out. i dunno y those ppl can drive 30km/h in highway except slow traffic? aiyo... reali headache. i reali beh tahan when i see this kind of drivers. the gap between his car and the front one is abt a few KM away and the drivers are driving as if they makan angin in the highway. and this cause the whole highway to jam up due to this SLOW TORTOISE. y cant they drive faster? if not, then dun stay in fast lane. go back to slow lane. i jus wonder if there's any rules of getting a saman due to slow-driving-cause-jam or not!! y not rite? if we kena saman due to speeding, y not the police issue saman to those slow tortoise? arghhh!!

any more??? i cant think of any rite now. cos those are the 4 i can think of..

phew~~ stil remember a case where a lady got stress up in heavy traffic and she nearly naked herself in the traffic? or a case where a man get out of his car and screamed out of his life? or watever case... this is due to STRESS!!

so if u're one of those above, pls lar.... jaga sikit... who knos u're actuali the traffic-slow-down one!! and i blogged out everything abt u here.. haha.. so dun 'pray-pray' wif me :P

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Eiko

yupeee!! today is my dearie bro's birthday. Happy Birthday to him.

well, earli celebration for him cos he mentioned today he's not free to join us. ok lor. since liangzai had his salary d plus he wanna hv a brownie in Secret Recipe, so we brought my bro there.

ok lar.. i damn lazy to type. plus office's doing renovation. damn headache!!

The Environment....

This is my bro's choice.. Roasted Chicken with Tumeric Sauce..

Rate: 6/10 => the chicken veli hard plus quite small piece.
my bro claimed it's kampung chicken so it's not tender and not juicy. but the sauce quite good

see.. his retarded face.. whahhaa... acting cute in front of my cam..


My choices are.....
The Appetizer

Marble Cheese Cake
Rate: 7/10.. yummy except it's kinda small piece..

Noodle in Tomyam
Rate: 3/10 => Noodle not cook enuff.. Soup not spicy and not hot.

Jasmine Green Tea

enjoy the tea after my meal. i cant even finished my tomyam cos too full d. the rest let liangzai gao tim. haha....

Liangzai's and SIL's Choice => Thai Style Fried Rice

Rate: 8/10

wah.. see her abusive face... she's abusing the prawns.. haha... she complained the prawns are tasteless...

he complained tat he had to wait for 20 mins to get his meal. see his dissaticfaction face. i oso tak tau macam mana.. haha... :P

All those costed him abt RM80++.. luckily he got his salary.. yahoo~~ and i got free meal. not bad huh??

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ok.. Ok.. Liangmui's Reading NOW!!

see.. i'm no more GOING TO read.. i'm reading.. haha.. in fact i finished a novel d. wahahha... er.. not sure whether it's a novel or a story book. i'm reading The Cinderella, The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast.. wahhaha... seee seee.. veli childish rite? but i like to preserve this kind of childish feel within myself. tat's y i love cartoons veli much. i stil remember how i was chasing over those comics.. hahha.. every month hv to check on the tiny-whiny indian book store for my DORAEMON. aiyo.. reali sickening. haha... after tat, it was my sis's turn to chase over it and lastly, it turned out to b my bro. wahhaha.. yes.. all 3 of us was brought up reading DORAEMON first. hehe :D

but now seems like hardly can get these kind of nice comics ya? due to the high-speed-growing technology, we have anime now!! yuhoooo~~ but then anime is quite a long long story. tak boleh tahan lar.. but i like those special effects. wow.. i dun remember i watch one b4. paisei paisei. i tak pernah tengok anime lar.

nah.. i jus made a fool of myself. i dun read those story books anymore lar.. i'm reali reading on novel. remember i mentioned i wanna get a book entitled 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' by Sophie Kinsella?? this book reali got me go coo-koo. went to a few of the bookstores but couldnt get it. first, i went to MPH in 1 Utama. the store-helper told me tat this book is out of stock currently. i was a bit disappointed at tat time but then i jus searched for another one. just to sooth my eagerness to get a book to read. haha.. so i got myself one. well, cost me abt RM 20.95. not cheap and not expensive too rite? hehe.. so i bought it. ** wanna-seee wanna-see wanna see ** ok ok...

** deng deng deng deng **

ok... 2 novels in one book. hehe... not bad huh?? by Janet Daily. er... paisei lar guys.. i think u GUYS wont fancy to it lar.. cos it's a Romance Fiction. :P nvm lar.. as long as naive gals like me suka enuff lar.. :P ok.. i personally recommend this book. not bad.. the way tat the author describe the lady is damn beautiful and the man is damn handsome. use ur imagination to visualise ya. sometimes i wonder y cant they jus described them like normal ppl. hai~~

guess how long did i take to finished up this book?? hehehe... onli 2 days.. smart me rite?

i'm not sure wat happened to liangzai last weekend? he seems like quite moody. i guess must be the weather made him kinda like blur blur + down + moody + boredness + tiredness. well, last sat, he helped out to clean the mess in the garden. washed my car, swiped the floor, washed the laudry, and etc etc. he brought me to market then we proceed to bank and then proceed to lunch. but he was stil down. so after our dinner, i jus suggested y not we go to Ikea? cos he bugged me to CAVENCI tat afternoon but i dowan to go. cos it's located quite a distance from home. so since he wanna get out of the house, i jus suggested to go IKEA to see see furniture lor. some interior designs for our reference to our new house. haha... but then reached LDP, a bit regretted. cos ler.. JAM!! haha.. it was already 730pm. omg!! i dowan the friday's case to repeat to my beautiful SAT again! so i jus told him whether we can change plan to Sunway instead? luckily he said everything is fine except back to home. phew~~ ok.. went to sunway. car park is alwis crowded wif cars during weekends. headache. so my target is to get Sophie's book. ok.. went in to Popular. FAIL!! hai~~ out of stock again!! so we jus wandered ard sunway doing nuthin. jus window shopping. kinda bored oso. luckily pass thru a store. veli familiar!! hehe.. MPH again. so i guessed he knew wat i'm supposed to do.

well, i dun put so much hope onto getting the book. jus searching ard to get my luck. and then, i spotted this.. SOPHIE KINSELLA.. ok.. a nearly complete series... ok. check check.. C....O.... N....F...E....S..S..I..O..N.S.... yes yes yes!! BINGO!! I'd found it.. I nearly screamed out. hehe... damn happy. there are 2 versions. i'm not sure y? both exactly the same except for the beautiful cover. the newer version cost extra RM3. well, since everything is almost the same of cos i'm going for the cheaper one rite? since it's jus a novel :D.. TA DA!! I got my NOVEL d... :D

i'd jus started reading it yesterday. ok.. dun tel me the story ya. hehe... i'm sorry to BEN for putting so much effort to get me the E-Book of the novel. BEN, I APPRECIATE TAT ya. THANK YOU ** hug hug and muaks muaks **. but i was too late cos i din manage to check my mail until Monday. i dun hv internet access at home. :S. sorry sorry... but i reali reali appreciate tat. i stil keep ur mail in my inbox :) so any of u wan the e-book, jus mail me ya. haha...

so.. these are the 2 books i got it for this month. i kept the receipt oso. hehe.. can claim income tax ma :P

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sadness Is #7

i confidently expected i am the selected one but then the results came out the other way.

Olympics-Closing Muffins & Coco Bread

ah duh... wat NAME is tat? haha.. sounds sucks rite? but then jus to remember that special day saje.. haha...

ya.. got nuthin better to do when i watched Olympics closing yest. so got an idea to bake sth since i saw a pack of muffin powder on my dining table last friday. haha... ok.. i bukan saje tau makan, i tau bake cake jugak.. tapi yest, i buat muffins sebab paling senang dan tak makan masa.. yahoo~~

got some going-to-rot green apples in my fridge. dun ask me y i keep the apples until it's going to rot. haha.. cos i dun take green apples. and SIL bought it and dia tak makan lar.. tat's y. so i got a light bulb blinked on my brain. ** deng deng ** Apple chipped muffins wif choco chips.. wow.. apa lar...

ok.. to all the ladies and gentlement tat like to bake. jus go to bakery and get a muffin powder. senang saje.

500g muffin powder
4 eggs
200ml of corn oil
1 small-sized apple - diced

1) damn easy.. stir mix all the ingredients (except apples) until it turns to a smooth batter. then onli add in the apples..
2) preheat oven at 180 degree celcius
3) bake at 175 degree celcius for 20-25mins. :)

ta da.. easy rite?

ya.. i made 2 types.. 1 wif coco chip for others and non-coco chips for ME!!

ok.. dun ask me abt the coco bread's ingredients ar.. cos i'm not the one who bake it.. it's my liangzai.. see the scoops of Milo-powder.. :P

see.. he enjoyed himself after the bread is done.. tak pe lar.. he cant lure me wif tat coco :P

Japanese Buffet @ Shogun, 1 Utama

ya ya.. as per promised on my last post ya :) here goes my post on my japanese buffet dinner on last friday :)

well, it was quite frustrating at first due to the heavy traffic jam on last friday @ LDP. guess wat. we started our journey from my home to ldp at 7pm. then heavy traffic in LDP. teruk.. we reached the sunway toll abt 730pm then jam to 1 Utama. guess wat time we reached 1 Utama? 845pm. WTF!! almost 2 hours in LDP and dunno wat's happening to tat F**king JAM!! i keep on nagging to liangzai y din his collix do so in sunway since sunway has a SHOGUN too.. y is it a necessary to b in 1 U instead. dun reali like tat place especially weekends!! damn JAM!!

phew~~ luckily stil can make it to enjoy the food. but then it wasnt up to my expectation. ya.. cant blame it oso cos we're late and they are ready to close at 1030pm so dun expect the food can b as good as during weekends ok.. :D

ok lar.. gonna stop the rantings liao. let u guys see the pics ya..

The environment => not bad.. hehe...

aiyaa.. kenot snap too many pics ar.. the waitress came and warned us ler.. so teruk~~
so i jus managed to snap the tables and the cute deco..

the lattern.. SHOGUN... means General..

green tea was served when we reached there.. see.. paisei.. left not much of green tea cos too thirsty liao.. had a big gulp :D

and chopsticks given.. ok.. this is onli the wrapper.. :P

ok lar.. i kno i kno.. dun rush me for the food ma... wait wait...

First Round...

ya.. i kno wat u guys going to say.. PASTA again!! i remember i told u guys rite? we're the pasta lovers.. haha.. so liangzai wont let go the chance of getting pasta.. but i cant take cos got prawns there lar... so i took edameme (the peas), unagi, sushis, and fried takos...

Miso Soup + Fried Takos

Assorted sushis...

2nd round...

er.. so much to list down.. aiks...
Tako, cheesey veges, snails, softshell crab & fried takos again + assorted fried tempuras including fried crab sticks, fried brinjal, fried softshell crab (damn keras (hard).. nearly broke my tooth), fried okra, fried lotus root, and fried fish cake..

Tako (disappointed cos not chill enuff), Cheesy Snails Escargots, Cheesy Vege, Seaweed + sesame seeds & Crab Stick Shark-Fin-Look-Alike Soup (doesnt taste like shark fin soup ok??)..

phew~~ actuali we couldnt take any more food liao. some of the sushis are for display saje. we took it then take pics then forget abt it. haha..

so moved on to desserts.. ok.. i took one whole stack of fruits...

consisting of dragon fruits (i finished up the left over from the plates.. haha..cos onli left 5 pieces..), water melon, honey dew & papaya.. & liangzai took pineapples, jellies and tiramisu...

not forgetting my beloved ICE-CREAM... yummy yummy...

left: My Selective Ice-cream.. i almost took all of it except those wif coco.. :P
right: ok.. it's not liangzai's one.. it's Chua's.. i dunno how he made it. but there are 6-7 scoops of different flavours wif a red-bean topping on the ice-creams.. haha :P

see see... i reali enjoy my dessert.. oh ya.. face stil not recovering. but now a bit bumpy liao.. dunno wat happen. stil on medication. so no worries on me ya. i stil makan and enjoy. haha.. :D

i heard some of u out there nagging me abt the price ya?? ok ok.. see.. i'm smart enuff to capture tis for ur reference.. hehe....

well, i dunno since when i'm craving for japanese food. i stil remember how i rejected it so much until last yr when my cousin brought me to have japanese food in Singapore. all the sushis are onli SGD0.99. so i'm thinking since so cheap, lets go and try and i'm eating it for FREE!!..

so u guys kno who's the culprit tat make me so so siao for Japanese food rite? hehe :P