Friday, August 29, 2008

Tat's Y I Hate To Drive!

honestly telling u guys.. i damn HATE traffic jam. it caused me to b late to work, late to gathering and the most important stuff is WASTING MY TIME. damn shit!

this morning, the journey to my office was jam. i was wondering. cos it seldom jam tat serious. like normal, i dun think much. but then when i'm stuck in the middle of the road for more than 20min, i started to wonder. ** cause normally it takes me 20mins to reach office. but today jam for 20min** ACCIDENTS? or SLOW TORTOISE?

some of the reasons tat caused jam are as listed below
=> ok.. this one i dowan to comment on it. cos RECKLESS DRIVERS EVERYWHERE. well, sometimes i dun blame on the drivers. if u travel on every inch of the road, u wil kno some parts of the highway are quite slippery. i kena once b4 where my car skidded and i banged to the divider. phew~~ tat happen 2-3 yrs ago during CNY. damn sueh! luckily i got an guardian angel protecting me or else u guys wont b able to read my blog. haha :D

=> aiyo... tel u ar.. if i ever see this beside the road, tat particular guy will b quite unlucky cos i wil b the one who wil blame the driver!! ei. u drivers ar.. wanna drive but dowan to take care of ur car then wat for u wanna drive since u cant take care of it? pls lar.. i kno maintaining the stupid engine of ur car cost u a dear dear amount but it's for ur own safety and others too. pls take ur beloved car for a service when it's time. dun get ur car break down in the middle of the road lar.. well, i'm a good driver. alwis get my car for service every 3-4 months. get all those gadgets renew lar. 5 yrs car. engine stil not bad. haha...

=> sickening. this usually happens to big and heavy vehicles. i supposed the companies should check the vehicles' tyres b4 it was driven out on the road? do u kno tat the rubber tat's tear-off will fly all over the place and it might hit the drivers either from the back or opposite side? well, real story. i'd seen one accident tat the driver is avoiding rubber from being hit onto and unfortunately, the cars behind was not ready to avoid him and there goes the serious accident! hai~~ this is onli one simple thing to do. check all the tyres b4 driving it. simple thing oso kenot do. WTF!

=> regarding on this, i reali wanna BURST my temper out. i dunno y those ppl can drive 30km/h in highway except slow traffic? aiyo... reali headache. i reali beh tahan when i see this kind of drivers. the gap between his car and the front one is abt a few KM away and the drivers are driving as if they makan angin in the highway. and this cause the whole highway to jam up due to this SLOW TORTOISE. y cant they drive faster? if not, then dun stay in fast lane. go back to slow lane. i jus wonder if there's any rules of getting a saman due to slow-driving-cause-jam or not!! y not rite? if we kena saman due to speeding, y not the police issue saman to those slow tortoise? arghhh!!

any more??? i cant think of any rite now. cos those are the 4 i can think of..

phew~~ stil remember a case where a lady got stress up in heavy traffic and she nearly naked herself in the traffic? or a case where a man get out of his car and screamed out of his life? or watever case... this is due to STRESS!!

so if u're one of those above, pls lar.... jaga sikit... who knos u're actuali the traffic-slow-down one!! and i blogged out everything abt u here.. haha.. so dun 'pray-pray' wif me :P


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