Tuesday, August 12, 2008


this morning listened to MyFM. the DJs mentioned abt the people in Japan, who actuali had negative feelings at work, are seeking consultation from the psychologies. my first impression.. ya.. they should seek cos reali siao. RIDICULOUS man!! hmmm... so does tat means tat this applies to me too? tat means i nit to seek a psycho for consultation ler.. then i'll become lagi psycho.. wahahha...

aiyo.. i'm thinking how can this happen. reali ridiculous lar.. lazy ma lazy lor. wat's the big deal until hv to search for a professional consultation? so tat u wont feel guilty at work? wahahha.. but does tat help ar? well, i'm one of the lazy bump at work ok!! but who cares? as long as i get my job done within the due date. everything shld b fine oledi rite? wahha.. mayb it just a JAPANESE culture.

yup! toking abt this topic, i think lotsa listeners called up and even sms-ed their opinions abt this. ya ya ya.. so we automatically related tis to our so-called 'beloved' government workers rite? ya.. i agreed. when comes to working, they are damn slow. but i think they are improving rite? dunno how u guys think abt it but i think the services provided in the general hospitals are not bad! keep it up. and also the immigration workers. yes!! we used to wait for a few days to get our passport done! but now, within 1 day. isnt tat great? well, so far these are the 2 'departments' are given a great applause from me. they deserved it.

ok.. not onli complaining abt the government. some of the private companies oso doesnt perform well ma. even BANKS!! tat's the worst thing to mention. well, some of the customer service are damn lousy. some of the 'aunties' dun even smile. i supposed the bankers are supposed to smile to us as a customer who giving support to ur banks? ya.. although we're not the big big customers, we stil deserve a good service rite? think back.. without us, the small customers, do u think the banks can survive ar? 80% of the population in malaysia doesnt own 1 million cash ok? use ur butt to think. and begging u to gip us ur 100% good customer service to us. i hate the most when i hv to call up to the customer service hotline with some stupid machine toking to me and i had to punch in the options.. ** pls press 1 for english. sila tekan 2 untuk bahasa malaysia. 请按 3 for 华语 ** lame rite?? i tot we're supposed to fill in wic language we preferred in the form when we're applying an account from the bank and y so we had to punch in the language selection?? hmmm... mayb i'm the lazy type. i dun like when a simple thing tat can be done in a simple way had to be twist and turn ard to get it done. ** pheww~~ start grumbling liao **

ok.. back to topic. i'm seriously having this disease. i hate especially when my boss giving me some stupid out-dated suggestions to me. ** er.. i shldnt say it's stupid jus tat it doesnt applies in this 21st century oledi ** i hate especially some bodek collix come and tok to me abt those stuff they dunno and wanna act smart in front of me. i hate especially when some ppl who are jus being nice in front of u but then they are cursing u badly at the back. i hate especially when some ppl creating those nonsense politics jus bcos u're close enuff wif the collix and they are jus being jealous of it. i hate especially when some ppl cant even keep a secret on sth u told them it's confidential and the matter become the hot topic of the month. anyhow.. i hate these kind of ppl and i'm lazy to entertain them.. wahha :P so wat!!

well, my character damn lame cos everything will b on my face. whether i like it or not, my face wil tel u everything. tat's y some ppl might find tat i'm friendly and some ppl think tat i'm cocky. some ppl might think tat i'm a good listener and some ppl might think tat i can b extremely talkative. some ppl might think tat i'm easy to be bullied and some ppl might think tat i like to bully ppl. some ppl might think tat i'm a career lady and some might think tat i depends on liangzai too much.. wahhaa.. no matter how tat's jus me. who cares!! i'm just lazy to everything.. haha.. i dun clean my room cos i'm lazy. i onli clean the toilet. wahha.. cos i kenot tahan when my toilet grows those greeny and slippery stuff.. i dun do laundry cos i'm lazy. i dun wash my car cos i'm lazy.. cheh.. so wat lar.. even 5xmom oso dun do so. y can't i rite? if i do so, liangzai wil b suspecting my body temperature gone up high or mayb i got some mental problems. phew~~

honestly.. i'm a reali extremely super-duper no-one-can-ever-win-over LAZY brat!! i jus wan everything to settle fast and steady. i hate ppl who break their promises. i hate ppl who's not punctual. wahaha :P cos i LAZY to wait. cos waiting leading me to sleeping. i prefer ppl to wait for me instead. can u see how lazy i am? yes!! I AM!! so stil nit me to consult a psycho before i'm getting worse?? hehe.. hope u dun cos u wont get such a lazy fren if i do so :P

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