Monday, August 4, 2008

Face Allergy - Recovery Stage 1

TA DA!! yes.. nuthin much to blog so blog abt my face lar.. as promised previously rite? well, it had been 2 weeks since i'm on medication. and i'm happy wif the results!! yes!! scars are getting lighter. not much of bumpy volcano on my face d.. yup!! subsided pimples.. hehe... getting better but then... hmm... my skin getting drier too. but nvm lar.. stil got 2 more weeks to go.. lets see the results ya.. wahahha.. oh ya.. ** pic pic pic **.. er.. ok ok.. er.. i forgot to take pics.. wahha.. tonite i take ok? tomolo then post it.. dun angry lar.. come come.. liangmui sayang u.. blueks... :P


  1. oi, mana tu picture of your muka??? :)

  2. bah!!.. kena from NKB again.. hehe.. ok ok.. asap!!