Thursday, August 14, 2008

Patapon in PSP


phew~~ i got this game in my PSP since i bought it. well, tis game alwis creates headache to me cos the LOADING TIME IS DAMN SLOW. or i should put it this way. NOT WORKING AT ALL EVEN AFTER 15MIN.. 30MIN... AND EVEN 1 HOUR OF WAITING. KNS!凸-_-" damn it!!

so wat i do? jus leave it staying in my PSP lor. since i cant get new games to entertain me. since there's not much space for me to load in extra games. since my bro got syok on HELLBOY and he managed to clear the game on MONDAY ** yahoo.. no one wil fight over my PSP again ** since my hubby dun bother to download games. since no one wanna tel me wat's the siao and lame game where kids loving it ** cos i dun play HELLBOY not even FF Crisis Core and not even Fighting stuff. hate the most. cos i dun like to use my brain to get all the stages cleared **

honestly, i did some googling stuff on PATAPON. easy man!! jus type 'PATAPON slow loading time' then u wait.. ppfftt!! all the lists coming out abt PATAPON. haha.. then check one by one lar.. headache man!! but luckily i'm not tat easy give up gal. ** wahahha.. praise myself a bit ** so got a FORUM. and there.. someone mentioned 'change ur UMD status to SONY'. omg!! wtf is he toking abt? u see.. i'm NEW BABY to my PSP so i dunno wat he is toking abt. some more everyone in the FORUM macam experts cos they replied 'Yess. I got it','thanks','the game is nice. thx for the advice'. and i was like -_-" apalar.. how to change wor? no instructions summore. i was hoping tat PSP is like Lappie at tat time. hope i can kacau the BIOS of my PSP. wahhaha.. but totally dunno how.. haha... then how?? skip to the next forum lor. phew~~ after some hard work on reading ** u guys kno i dun read, rite? ** Finally, i saw a good-hearted one wrote 'U hv to power off ur PSP first, then Press RIGHT when u POWER ON. HOLD it. Check ur configuration. Default will b sth like M33. Change it to SONY P6690.' oooo.. so tat's the way lar?? ok ok...

tried it yest nite. YAHOO~~ bingo.. at first doesnt put much hope on it. was thinking if this time stil cant get it, i wil delete PATAPON from my PSP and forever BAN it. ** well, actuali i oledi deleted it a few times and load it back again since i got nuthin better to do **

so how's the game? awesome!! the graphics are cute. the soundtrack oso not bad. i had been stucked to it from 830pm til 11pm. then onli i went for my bath and then continued again til 12am. wahhaha.. see.. onli dumbo like me wil play this slow game lar.. wanna kno more is it?? click here to kno more ** u guys kno i got poor grammar and i'm super-duper lazy bum. so dun ask me to explain!! **


  1. i think you wont 12am sleep if i didnt force you to sleep... sudah like drug adictor.....stuck at the psp alone and come out with all strange strange sound... example "aiya", "yuu...","eeee...."

  2. I blogged about this too...Few months ago.