Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Old Taiwanese Drama

hmm.. i got this urge suddenly. feel like wanna watch back those olden taiwanese drama. especially by 琼瑶.

well, tried to search some of her famous dramas thru internet and found out some. but din manage to download cos some doesnt provide the links to download. hmm.. ya.. i kno u guys wil b telling me tat i can read it from net ma. but then my mandarin is PRIVATE LIMITED. so cant understand much lar..

i watched some of those dramas before but then jus feel like wanna refresh back my memories towards those dramas. i remember once i mentioned to liangzai tat i wanna watch these type of dramas and he said better not cos i cant control my water pipe.. haha.. later the whole house will get flooded.. but dun care lar.. lets see whether i can download it or not. 琼瑶的作品不简单。值得珍藏。

List of those i wanna watch
1) 哑妻
2) 一簾幽夢 => not the new version.. prefer the old version one.
3) 雪珂
4) 望夫崖
5) 青青河邊草
6) 鬼丈夫
7) 梅花烙
8) 水雲間
9) 新月格格
10) 還珠格格I => yes.. my mum got this drama but i'd oledi bored wif it. do u kno how many times i watch this?? more than 15.. ya.. no joke.. i can even kno wat they are going to say the next script d.. teruk teruk
11) 還珠格格II
12) 還珠格格III 天上人間
13) 蒼天有淚
14) 新一剪梅

any others to recommend me ar?? ya.. wanna cry out of my life d.. so many sad sad dramas except 還珠格格. haha :P got influence by my mum. cos she's also a drama lover. ya.. we got the genetic from her.. wahahha :P so now u guys kno y i'm 4-eyed instead of 2 rite? hehe :P


  1. Never like 琼瑶 series. First, it really cries all out for no reason. And many stories are not really life experience. Don't you think so??? :P

  2. ya.. i admit.. but i jus wanna find a drama or movie tat can make me cry so terribly now.. haha.. i kno i'm like siao cha bo. but i enjoy.. haha.. cos i miss my drama kaki so much.. i stil remember how we watched drama and cried like siao cha bo for 2-3 days.. so funny

  3. Some I watched the series, but some I just followed the Novel. :)
    I enjoy reading the novel, cuz can hiding myself from crying in front of ppl.

  4. All are sad movies. For me whenever I am sad I like to see sad movies or listen to sad songs, that will definitely brighten me up. But when I am in good mood, just like you have to tighten the pipe a bit!

  5. lil inbox
    i wanna read the novels too but then my mandarin tak boleh pakai lar. some words too 'bombastic' i dun even understand. but my mum said some interesting parts in novel are not screen out.. ** eeshh **

    ya ya.. hehe.. but when i'm sad i like to bully liangzai.. haha.. when i'm good mood, i oso like to bully him. poor him to hv such a wife.

  6. eh, liang mui, can any where to watch 溏心風暴之家好月圓 第8集 ??

  7. wah.. u summore can watch until ep8 ar?? i'm desperate for this oso. but seems like i cant find a link to download it. where did u watch it?