Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bak Kut Teh for Lunch

had been raining dogs and cats since this morning. the weather is kinda cooling now. and i'm getting sleepy too. cos good weather somehow wil lead me to sleep mode. haha...

so i hv no mood to work since this morning. had been checking my emails, facebook and friendster. not forgetting those videos i had downloaded last nite. i watched it during office hours without letting my boss and others noticed so.. haha.. i'm extremely good in 'snake-eating' while working. haha..

so after getting all those stuff done within 2 hours, i disturbed my collix. asking where he is going for lunch. and guess wat? the smart him suggested 'Bak Kut Teh'.. well, if today's weather is hot, i wil absolutely objected him. but i think god sided him for the day. haha.. well, cooling weather and i just craving for a hot soup so i joined him. together wif him, another 2 hensem men, Steven and Teoh and me, the onli rose among the bushes. haha...

Steven ordered one big pot of bak kut teh for 3 persons wif one big pork meat + bone (猪脚) and one plate of vege (玻璃生菜). and Andy choose kok-pou (菊保茶) for chinese tea. haha... 4 of us. we enjoyed the lunch. well, since we're soup-lovers, we had to get the waitress to refill the soup for us. i think 3-4 times. haha.. jus imagine!! how much soup we can drink! the waitress served till showing us her nice black face. wat kind of customer service. haha... we had a nice chat. abt job, abt co. future plans and etc. and i felt warmer after the lunch. :D

picture stolen from here

now i'm back to office. feeling extremely sleepy. another heavy lunch. tel me lar.. how can i maintain my diet if i keep on eating such heavy meals?? ** slaps on forehead twice ** aiyoyo....


  1. Looks yummy ler. It's very important for the soup base to be extremely hot.

  2. tat's not the original pic. haha.. i jus steal ppl's pic cos i din take pic ma

  3. Make sure you get enough exercise to stay fit and healthy

  4. You are always making people green with envy..

    with all the yummy food!

  5. ai yo.. you stole people's picture!!?? :D

    anyway, it's good to have bak kut teh when there's a raining day!! it keeps you real warm.

    hey, what movie you downloaded la??? share share la!

  6. borneo, tat's for sure. i'm getting more look-like pig liao..

    peiyun, nonit envy one. gip me a call when u're in msia then we go makan together...

    NKB, downloading 家好月圆 but veli slow.. up to ep15 saje.. i cant wait liao.. u wan?

  7. Eh, of course I want. But I have bookmark the link that you sent me. Just finished watching Ep 12 only. Slow too. :(