Friday, August 1, 2008

First Day of Eighth Month

hai~~ thinking of getting my blog a change of its outlook but then unsuccessful cos ler.. i'm STUPIAK lor.. haha. no lar.. actuali i cant find a better one. nvm.. i slowly take time to do so ya. gip me support

well, today.. 1st of August.. wow!! time flies so fast ler.. i'm stil in my Chinese New Year holiday mood. damn jia lat.. 7 months in the year of 2008 already passed. wat hv u done throughout this yr? ar?? dunno ler.. seems like achieved nuthin much except... hehe... i owned myself a blog and this make my life more and more happening. i got lotsa food stuff to write abt.. i went to Talent Quest last week.. i hv more time to gather wif my frens.. i alwis remember to bring my cam out after some training from Little inbox and NKB. hehe.. wow.. at least i gained sth rite?

my bro start working. today is his first day. happy for him lar. out of sudden i feel myself like getting older.. hai~~ stil remember the days where we fight together.. tat was more than a decade back lar.. when we're young rite? wic kiddos dun fight wif siblings? hehe.. unless u got a big-age-gap siblings.. hehe.. well, worried abt him oso.. although this is not his first job (ermm.. i mean he's working part time job b4), stil worry abt him lar.. not sure how's the company.. the environment, the job scope. cos this is his first time working in KL lar.. permanent job. not bad lar hor.. hehe.. woke up earli in the morning.. waited him to get well-prepared wif his hair, his shirt, his pants, his belts and his everything lar.. b4 he made a move to work, i passed him an angpow on behalf of my parents. aiya.. dun ask me y ar? my mum ask me to do so. so i jus follow lor.. but seems like mama a bit bias ler.. when i start my job, she din gip me angpow oso.. kns!! hv to ask my sis whether she got or not? if not, i wanna ask her to gip me 1 as replacement.. wahahha.. hai~~ getting older d..

today seems like a good day to me. i got a good news. but results oso not confirmed yet. so kenot blogged out ya. :) received a call. joan comforted me. she said mostly 80% will be successful lar. hopefully. wish me luck ya.. dun ask y. i wil blogged out soon after the results. i was waiting for it for weeks man. stil remember how nervous i am? wahahha :P 2nd time of nervous-ness. jia lat.. hate this kind of feelings.. haha...

hmmm.. tonite will b going out wif janice. dunno where to go. mayb a simple hang-out lor.. makan and then balik tidur.. wahaha.. ** oink oink **


  1. Hi Liangmui, I wish you all the best, good luck to you.
    Hope everything turns out best. Lee.

  2. hi uncle lee
    thx a lot for the wishes.. i hope everything will b getting more and more smoother to me.. hehe.. same goes to u too :D