Monday, August 4, 2008

New-Born PSP

yes yes yes... liangzai din bluff me.. he reali bought a PSP for me. well, er.. i should say we share share buy but he pay for it.. wahahha.. yes~~

ermm.. we got it for RM780. ya.. i kno if compared the price out there, i might be buying it for a slightly higher price but then we're willing to pay for it. y?? hmm.. we're not stupid to pay for an expensive price rite?? hehe.. jus bcos of their service provided.. wow.. not bad. the sales gal reali explained it veli good. i mean not sure how detail she kno abt PSP but then she alwis gip us a good smile and tried to answer every doubts tat we had. see.. this is wat we called it GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!! she summore explained tat the one tat we bought can play some 'pirated' gamess wor.. fully modified PSP. wah.. now onli i kno got FULLY MODIFIED and SEMI MODIFIED one... wat's the difference ar? well, FULLY MODIFIED PSP can play all those 'pirated' games without the original disc in ur PSP whereas SEMI one kenot!.. hmm.. luckily she explained this to us. or else we'll b kena conned by the previous shop d.

haha.. actuali we went to 2 shops survey survey. the first shop.. reali wanna slap tat guy.. he spoke so softly. he couldnt answer our veli simple question. for eg. does PSP got internet browser. and he told us NO!! WTF!! ei, uncle.. u think we're stupid or wat!! i'd done research on the internet lar.. PSP got internet browser ler... then liangzai asked him to let us try for a while. kns him~~ i saw INTERNET BROWSER in PSP and yet he told us NO!! i terus tembak him lar.. although he's selling at RM770, i stil dun like his service.. terus chao~~

went to the 2nd shop. phew.. nonit explained much lar.. totally different service. plus they got each and every color tat PSP have. of cos, we bought it from this shop lar. rite?? ya.. RM780. extra rm10. but we're willing to pay tat rm10 for her service. damn good.

oh ya.. yest whole day PSP-ing. wahhaha... i got Lavender Purple one. actuali at first, i was thinking to get Mint Green or Ocean Blue. but disappointed wif the colors. i mean.. i dun reali like it. BLUE not bad but then the LOGO doesnt look as good as purple. so in the end, we get the PURPLE one. y i din choose purple at first? cos i saw some1 hving the same color ma. so i tot dowan to hv the same one as him.. haha.. but paisei ar.. i stil get PURPLE. :P

ok.. so now i'm going to download some games to play lar :P.. 4GB can onli fit in 13 games.. damn sien.. hehe.. dun care.. now check out for free download and play lor.. hehe :P


  1. hi NKB
    PSP = playstation portable..
    erm.. PSP (PlayStation Portable) lets you access games, videos, music and photos at any time and share them with friends. A stylish device, the new PSP system features a TV-out socket for displaying content on a television.

  2. Ha, guess what, I just sold off my old "fat" PSP to my colleague at RM180. Not bad hor? I keep one in case wanna play it. :)

  3. wah seh.. u slaughter ur fren ar... 'fat' one oso sell 180.. :P

  4. Liang Mui,

    You always make me green.. with envy :'(

  5. peiyun...
    how can i make u green? hmm.. y cant i make u red, yellow or blue?? wahhaha... dun envy. i think u can get it in sg for a cheaper price :)