Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympics-Closing Muffins & Coco Bread

ah duh... wat NAME is tat? haha.. sounds sucks rite? but then jus to remember that special day saje.. haha...

ya.. got nuthin better to do when i watched Olympics closing yest. so got an idea to bake sth since i saw a pack of muffin powder on my dining table last friday. haha... ok.. i bukan saje tau makan, i tau bake cake jugak.. tapi yest, i buat muffins sebab paling senang dan tak makan masa.. yahoo~~

got some going-to-rot green apples in my fridge. dun ask me y i keep the apples until it's going to rot. haha.. cos i dun take green apples. and SIL bought it and dia tak makan lar.. tat's y. so i got a light bulb blinked on my brain. ** deng deng ** Apple chipped muffins wif choco chips.. wow.. apa lar...

ok.. to all the ladies and gentlement tat like to bake. jus go to bakery and get a muffin powder. senang saje.

500g muffin powder
4 eggs
200ml of corn oil
1 small-sized apple - diced

1) damn easy.. stir mix all the ingredients (except apples) until it turns to a smooth batter. then onli add in the apples..
2) preheat oven at 180 degree celcius
3) bake at 175 degree celcius for 20-25mins. :)

ta da.. easy rite?

ya.. i made 2 types.. 1 wif coco chip for others and non-coco chips for ME!!

ok.. dun ask me abt the coco bread's ingredients ar.. cos i'm not the one who bake it.. it's my liangzai.. see the scoops of Milo-powder.. :P

see.. he enjoyed himself after the bread is done.. tak pe lar.. he cant lure me wif tat coco :P


  1. Can I release my anger by consuming all your muffins and breads??? to control my temper??? Any idea?

  2. no problem. come, tok to mui mui. wat happen?? well, relax. get urself a nice coffee then go to and watch 1 episode of ur favourite drama. 1 enuff ya.. :D relax

  3. too bad that I didn't get to read your blog today except now. in fact, curi curi time to read, still working late from home.... i also like little inbox... angry angry angry....

  4. nkb
    dun angry lar.. aiyo.. sayang sayang u