Monday, August 4, 2008


yuppeee!! Advertlets is giving another movie tickets for those bloggers like me again!! yes yes!! ok.. same old question. y and y again!!

1st, i'm a big fans for animated cartoons!! yup, i watched Finding Nemo, Car, Toy Story and The Incredibles and of cos, i cant let myself to miss this one out rite? i'd been waiting for this movie to launched in Malaysia since this earli of the year when the trailer is shown in the cinema. hehe.. yes!! this is the time i'm gonna watch it.

2nd, wanna get some ideas from this movie. cos i'm stuck wif my comics session. hven start drawing since last month and i wanna brush up my brain for a special drawings soon :)

yahoo~~ jus cant wait to catch this movie at the cinema.. yahoo~~


******************** EDITED **********************

P/S: yes~~ i got the tickets d.. yahoo... going to enjoy it next monday!!

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