Thursday, August 7, 2008

080808 is COMING!!

phew~~ oledi 4 working days passed. so fast. but then no results from 'them' yet. hmm... actuali i'm desperate to kno abt it lar. but but but... out of sudden, a call from somebody. but it's not from them. nvm. got chance got chance.. ok lar.. try out. ok?? hmm.. tomolo everything wil b FATTT cos 080808 ma..

hey.. 080808.. looks familiar rite??? yes yes yes!! OLYMPIC. well, i alwis missed out olympic opening session lar. this year.. er.. same lar.. nuthin special. mayb i'm not those olympic lover so i'm not so keen abt it. but come and think abt it.. olympic.. 4 yrs onli tat 1 time. y not enjoy the show rite? hmm.. ok.. try to make it after my yoga class tomolo :)

yea.. ok lar.. i din forget.. i purposely put it until last last last.. tomolo wil b my liangzai's birthday too.. hehe.. yes! same day as OLYMPIC ler. well, at first we planned to hv our reception on this same day too but then then then... cant make it cos no money plus hv to pay my new house's installment/interest. so no money liao.. PK teruk~~

haha.. see... i reali got nuthin to blog today lar, joan!! simply write saje.. :P entertaining u lar...


  1. this is a beautiful date to remember, especially for the Chinese... :)

  2. I have my latest post title: 080808 too. Posted on 08.08.08, time 0808.

  3. wow lil inbox
    u reali wanna fatt choy ar.. hehe...