Friday, August 22, 2008

Done wif Lunch, Now Dinner!!

aiks... i'm done wif those heavy meals for lunch. but today going to b DINNER's turn.. aiya.. lagi teruk.. apa macam ar??? will b going for Japanese Buffet Restaurant, Shogun!! pengsan this time. there goes my diet. tat's y i skip my yoga for 1 week. kns!!

last sat, while waiting for my turn to consult my skin specialist, i weighed myself. Congrats to me! i'd lost 1kg in 1 month time. dun ask me how i do it. i dunno. i seems makan everything everyday but my weight somehow decreased! yes.. done a good job. mana tau this week eat like hungry ghost!!

tonite, liangzai's collix are going to hv a farewell party for him. yes!! pls congrats him! he got a better offer and promoted to a higher position. wic means from a vendor staff turn over to customer staff. ** i dunno wat i am toking now. u guys got it? ** so they suggested to hv japanese buffet, SHOGUN! yup! liangzai wil be the most happiest person when he heard the word BUFFET!! ** u tel me lar.. how is he going to loose weight? i pun tak tau lar. he used to have a look-alike-twig shape body figure. now?? TONG MINYAK!! **

ya.. his farewell.. got nuthin to do wif me rite? but i bugged him for tat. hehe.. oh.. i forgot to mention tat his bunch of collix are also hungry ghosts like mine. tat's y.. my turn.. how i'm going to loose weight if i'm sticking wif hungry ghosts?? haha.. well, i went to shogun once. tat was becos my nephew scored excellence results in his PMR. so as an good aunt, i spent him SHOGUN as a reward! well, actuali i plan to gip him CASH instead. but money not enuff to use ma. haha... ya.. u're rite!! my nephew is onli 10 yrs younger than me. well, tat's not surprising. I HAD A SAME-AGE NIECE. ** not surprised too ** ya lar... but damn funny lar. we used to b in same primary school, same class, same secondary school, same class, same college and luckily this time different class.. and our birthdays are jus one day gap and when our frens knew abt our relationship, it's so so surprise. well, i was quite tensed up too. cos ppl wil start comparing our results. but u guys kno me.. i dun care abt tat. as long as i got my things done.. tat's IT!! well, i'm considered one of the KIASU group too.. ** well, who says i dun care? i reali CARE ** tat's y we dun reali introduced as auntie and niece. prefer BEST FRENS.
Irish & Liangmui

my mum is the youngest in the family and coincidently, her nephew aka my cousin is 7 yrs younger than her. yuP! most of my cousins can b my papa or mama d.. aiyer.. teruk teruk. btw, i jus got promoted from auntie to GRAND-auntie at the current age. aiyo... teruk lar.. so young onli oledi got a kiddo call me grand-auntie oledi. i dowan ar... thx to my niece, IRISH lar. get married so fast. PRODUCE HUMAN lagi fast!! well, however, she stil lost to her younger bro!! i'm going to pengsan d..

BUT the best thing is whenever u go out makan wif the elder cousins, u dun hv to pay. tat's one of the reason y i like to stick wif them. haha $-).. no lar.. jus joking. they are reali the nice nice cousins. without them, life is miserable and boring. they are the funny one. cos my mum never look serious oso. a most god-damn-it humourous and generous women in the world!! wah lao eh... i cant imagine i just used tat word to describe my mum. pls dun tel my mum ya!! or she wil skinned me alive!.. haha...

no worries dearies, i wil make sure i bring my cam together and snap all the pics for the buffet tonite!! i wanna go to sleep mode now.. so wait for me next post !!


  1. When was this photo taken? Hehe...pat kua pat kua a bit. Hope you dun mind.

  2. where are the shogun's pictures??

    actually if I do not have the bad incident, perhaps my child and my niece's also be like your case.

  3. NKB and lil inbox,
    wil blog it asap lar. i onli had it last friday for dinner ler.. haha.. onli today can online. remember? i dun hv internet access at home ar..

  4. Wow.. All the while I was in Convent, I din know your relationship with the two sisters le!

    That's really surprising to me, hee..

  5. haha.. tat's bcos we dun reali mentioned our relationship out. quite difficult to deal wif it when ppl start to compare this and tat.. :D

  6. So when u wanna buy me meal?U r my aunt ler..So i'm smaller in term of day & also status looo....
    **Drooling for it**

    P/s: I can really eat a lot now..

  7. jia lat.. wait til after u gip birth first. then i can save my purse. haha.. cos during tat time u nit to maintain ur figure. unless u dun mind of it anymore.. wahhaah :P

  8. I wun mind one..
    Cos still can eat wor..
    Mai ah ni la, i won't eat a lot dae..

  9. Lil Inbox
    tat photo was taken earli of this yr. i think some where ard March.