Wednesday, August 20, 2008

KFC Lunch in Office!!

yucks!! u guys kno i'm not fancy towards chicken but today we got KFC vouchers. so tat means lunch wil be free.. yes!! i like free stuff but not chicken.

siao.. now i stil can smell the smell in my office. and u're rite! i smell like chicken too.. omg!! pls help me to get rid of the chicken smell.

since we got the vouchers, andy gor gor volunterily to get us the chickens back. thanks to andy gor! and of cos not forgetting our sweet car-racer wif her damn super-geng ben-tan-sah-gua aka Pelotong Sahgah aka PROTON SAGA. haha.. thanks to meng zai. ei.. u readers damn teruk one lar.. gip ppl a big applause lar. do u kno tat by clapping ur hands for 1000 times a day can help to exercise ur heart ar? faster clap!!

so this 2 gorgeous human went to KFC and queued up for a few minutes to get us our super meal back to office. guess what they bought? hmmm... ok.. 3 burgers, 25 pieces of chickens, 15 glasses of Pepsi, 4 smashed potatoes and 4 coleslaw. not forgetting one handful of chili sauce and one handful of tomato sauce. and and for potatoes lovers, they got us 3 small small size of wedges. wahahha.. seee.. we got onli 10ppl joining for the lunch and yet they bought so much. phew~~ but not to worry of food wastage. i mentioned b4 most of them are barbarians rite? heheh... ya.. the super-duper crazy-over-food gang! they swallowed everything on the table. except me ya. i onli took 1 burger and 2 patheticly small scoop of coleslaw and 1 paper-cup of pepsi. wahahha.. ya.. not a HUGE FAN of KFC ma. i was thinking 10 ppl how to finish everything ler.

thank god tat i had a bunch of food-lovers collix. they did an extremely veli fantastic job. u're rite! they finished everything except last 4 pieces of chickens. wahahha.. ei.. 10 ppl makan. onli 5-6 ppl reali makan one. the rest entertaining saje. jus like me. 1 burger saje.. wahaha..

too bad i din take pic. cos it's onli KFC not SUSHI. so dun plan to take although my cam is wif me. but by looking at their funny faces and those dirty jokes, it's reali an enjoyable lunch.

ok.. now it's time for me to sleep. damn sleepy after such heavy lunch. and btw, i think i'm going to skip my yoga class today cos i wanna sleep liao. bye!!


  1. wahhh,.. so many chickens n so few ppl! geng! i havent eaten kfc tis year..! ban ban ban~!

  2. haha.. ben.. not much oso.. average 1 person take 2 pieces.
    i oso dun like KFC

  3. so jealous..i want to eat KFC Chicken rice.. 2 piece chicken, soup and rice..yum yum...

  4. Haven't been visiting KFC for a long time now