Friday, August 22, 2008

Wat?!? Liangmui's Going To READ?

YES!! Liangmui is going to read.. ** going to ya.. belum start yet ** haha... I saw this famous book from some website. and I knew most of u had read it too. tat's y i'm curious. wat's so special abt this book?

I went to Popular book store to check. Unfortunately, i cant get this book anymore. but i got some other parts. well, basically, this story is divided into several parts and it suits me i guess. i read some of the synopsis from the web too. sounds INTERESTING.. well, I wil get myself one soon.

opss. forgotten to name tat book 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' by Sophie Kinsella. hope i get it rite? and it suits me rite? being a super-duper crazy-over-unnecessary-stuff lady, i'm categoried as a SHOPAHOLIC by liangzai. SHIT! if onli i hv plenty of money and plenty of time, i think i wil buy the whole hypermarket. haha... luckily my financial dun allow me to do so. i got a bunch of frens who had read this book, recommended it to me and they wil sound like this 'Ei, liangmui, go and buy a book and REEADD it lar. brush up ur ENGRISH and MANDARIN.' normally, i wil jus rejected them by a simple answer 'LAZY'.. haha.. well, thx to our 21st century high tech stuff - INTERNET. after being nagged by them for some time, i googled abt this. well, sounds like me.

ok gals.. i wil get it ya. y not u guys present the rest of the novels for my coming-soon birthday? each one of u present me one book. not bad huh? cheap present. i'd found some other related ones.

Shopaholic & Baby, The Sweet Dreamland of Shopaholic, Shopaholic & sister and etc.. any one wil do.. Thank you veli much, terima kasih, 谢谢... :P


  1. muahahahaahah i just read the shopaholic and the baby.. and reading the ebook of 'confession of a shopaholic"..
    emailing to u... no need to buy :D

  2. liangmui, I feel that I have not commented in your blog for a very long time. Like suddenly miss commenting here tim. haha

    Yea, go read the book. It will definitely strike a chord if you're a shopaholic. I think I'm turning into one Sophie Kinsella. Shopping mood always very high one.

  3. ai yo, pai seh, i've not come across this book also. :)

  4. hey ben,
    thx alot.. but i already got it. hehe.. btw, i dun hv internet connection at home ar. onli at work. if i hv the ebook oso cant read thru my pc ar.. dun tel me to print out ar.. waste of papers ler.. hehe... :D.

    anyway, i manage to search ups and downs for tat book and i got it in MPH sunway.

    thx for the concern. muaks muaks..

    hey grace,
    ya.. it's been some time since u last commented. i oso mis u veli much. i saw a whole series of shopaholic and they made me crazy over them rite now. hopefully, by next month, i manage to get the whole bunch of them for my collection. :D

    hey NKB,
    it's ok. i was like u too.. nv come across until my 38 frens told me. so now my turn to b 38 enuff to tel u out ya :D