Tuesday, May 19, 2009


yummy.. remember i told you all abt my collix got their bonus rite? so the lucky me earning lotsa meals from them.. wahha.. this one is my manager's treat.. yummy.. at first we planned to go for Chili's but then the place was crowded with ppl. so we changed our plan to FISH MANHANTTAN..

love fish veli much.. cos liangzai dun like fish ar.. so i cant take much..alwis chicken until i feel sick with chicken d.. wahhaha.. jus joking la.. stil makan but if there's any other better choice, i wil skip chicken. :D

the whole team went out for dinner together. departed from office at abt 7pm. dina went back first to pick up her son and waiting for her hubby back from work lar.. hehe.. so 4 of us reached Mid Valley first.. regretted for not making any reservation at Chili's. but FISH MANHANTTAN stil not bad. anyhow, ppl belanja i jus enjoy the meal la.. hehe..

btw, this time i din snap any pics of any humans.. onli dead fishes.. wahha.. oledi digested out from my tummy d.. paisei paisei for the late post ya. :P

Fish & Chips.. this one good.. yummy fried fish fillet.. forgotten wat fish is tat liao.. but i like it. we ordered 2 sets and shared among ourselves.

Seafood Platter.. strongly recommended by Mee Ting.. yea.. her name is Meeting but somehow, there's ppl changed her name to 'Ee Ting' (Eating).. damn funny...

Pepper and Salt

Tartar Sauce, Chili Sauce and Garlic for the Fish n Chips.

Clam soup.. yes!! CLAM wor.. but then disappointedly cos i din see any clam swimming ard in my soup.. they swim to Mee Ting's bowl d.. esshh!!

Total?? hehe.. abt rm70 for 5 of us.. not bad rite? see... hving all ladies team not bad too.. at least we're the small eaters.. hehe :D when's our next gathering again? kinda miss the time la.. happy happy.. :D

Baja Hitam!

aiseh.. if u were in the same era i was, then u kno wat's that.. wahha.. nowadays where got BAJA HITAM d... ei.. not Black Fertilizer ok?? haha... well, it's just some heroic series which is quite similar like the one the kids nowadays familiar.. the most famous one.. ULTRAMAN.. -_-" i dun like ULTRAMAN.. veli violence.. wahahha :P

ok.. as usual had lunch wif my same bunch of lunchmates.. M-zhen was driving and guess wat? i saw her cutie sunglasses and i jus played wif it.. waahhaha.. and ended up looking like baja hitam..

see pics..

Baja Hitam #1 - M-zhen.. ok.. she was driving the car and forced me to take the pic.. summore it was at the traffic lights where we had to be fast enuff to snap the pics.. -_-"

Baja Hitam #2 - Liangmui... ok.. can u see the 'Uncle' behind?? he nearly fainted.. wahhaha...

Act Cute....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Deng~~ PSP in ICU!!

eeshh.. blardy hell!! the smart me go and play ard with my PSP by connecting WLAN! and guess wat.. it ask for network update.. then not sure y i'm so smart.. and i agreed with it and now???? eeshhh.. blardy fool me.. hv to send it back to the vendor la..

yea yea.. u shld kno wat happened rite? mine is the hacked PSP.. so all the games hv to be ORIGINAL so that i can play la.. and u kno ORIGINAL means hv to PAY money.. eeshh.. geram-nya~~~ itchy hands..

tried several ways to downgrade the firmware.. stil kenot.. tat's y hv to send back to the expert to gao tim it.. hai~~ sien la.. i'm currently addicted to LOCO ROCO 2 and PATAPON 2.. aiyo.. dunno how long will they take to gao tim this la.. kns!!

so.. if u're using pirated stuff, dun act smart like me.. hai~~ suffering now~~