Sunday, May 10, 2009

Deng~~ PSP in ICU!!

eeshh.. blardy hell!! the smart me go and play ard with my PSP by connecting WLAN! and guess wat.. it ask for network update.. then not sure y i'm so smart.. and i agreed with it and now???? eeshhh.. blardy fool me.. hv to send it back to the vendor la..

yea yea.. u shld kno wat happened rite? mine is the hacked PSP.. so all the games hv to be ORIGINAL so that i can play la.. and u kno ORIGINAL means hv to PAY money.. eeshh.. geram-nya~~~ itchy hands..

tried several ways to downgrade the firmware.. stil kenot.. tat's y hv to send back to the expert to gao tim it.. hai~~ sien la.. i'm currently addicted to LOCO ROCO 2 and PATAPON 2.. aiyo.. dunno how long will they take to gao tim this la.. kns!!

so.. if u're using pirated stuff, dun act smart like me.. hai~~ suffering now~~


  1. Oh no! You got to spend money on that. Be careful next time.

  2. Oh, you got to spend money on that. Next time be careful, ok?

  3. inbox,
    yea lo.. luckily stil got free service for 2 yrs.. so it's FOC.. :P

    btw, how come u send the comment twice?

  4. Ok - i answer on behalf coz sth the chirps seems to "dissapear" - I oso kena before..LOL..So type the comment again

  5. robinson,
    oic.. no wonder lar..thx thx