Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baja Hitam!

aiseh.. if u were in the same era i was, then u kno wat's that.. wahha.. nowadays where got BAJA HITAM d... ei.. not Black Fertilizer ok?? haha... well, it's just some heroic series which is quite similar like the one the kids nowadays familiar.. the most famous one.. ULTRAMAN.. -_-" i dun like ULTRAMAN.. veli violence.. wahahha :P

ok.. as usual had lunch wif my same bunch of lunchmates.. M-zhen was driving and guess wat? i saw her cutie sunglasses and i jus played wif it.. waahhaha.. and ended up looking like baja hitam..

see pics..

Baja Hitam #1 - M-zhen.. ok.. she was driving the car and forced me to take the pic.. summore it was at the traffic lights where we had to be fast enuff to snap the pics.. -_-"

Baja Hitam #2 - Liangmui... ok.. can u see the 'Uncle' behind?? he nearly fainted.. wahhaha...

Act Cute....

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