Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Beginning?

well, almost 1 month in new company. i should say so far i'm doing quite ok lor.. :) my manager will left us today. kinda miss him. well, he handed over most of his things on hand (pending) to us lor.

surprisingly, my manager given some positive feedback to the senior management abt me. wahaha.. syok lar of cos.. :) actuali last week, SS oledi mentioned to me tat he responded quite good abt me to her team lead. yea.. happy at tat time. but i hope he can tell me right in front of me. lagi syok rite? hehe.. then last friday, we're having a small discussion wif the managers, senior managers, team lead due to the hand over stuff lor. again, the senior manager mentioned that he given a good comment on me. wahhhaa.. tis time betul betul depan dia. i lagi syok... today, SS mentioned one more time tat her lead saying tat my manager reali gip a veli good comment on me.. wahahah.. lagi lar terbang ke langit. damn syok. well, at least he can see tat i'm reali doing my work. i reali can work lor.. i reali got experience lor.. not play play de. :) good beginning for me rite? but too bad, he left. :S dunno who's going to take over his place. but at the current stage, we're reporting directly under one of the senior manager. hopefully everything going smoothly :)

but.. i belum puas syok lagi.. tonite Syok Sendiri again :P

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yeah!! I Got Streamyx..

yes yes yes! finally i got my streamyx ready in the house. ya.. i kno i alwis mentioned i dowan to hv it currently cos i'm renting this house rite? but i got no choice. cos i had to hv streamyx in order to work at home during weekends or weekdays in case of emergency. so bad.. No OT but they wil replace Leave lor.. plus one more thing is.. i can CLAIM my internet fees. tat means even though i'm doing nuthin at home.. my internet fees will be paid. yahoo~~ fat hope lar.. i'm going to work ler.. so bad.. no excuse.

after so long for not installing streamyx at home, at last, it's back. i can watch drama online whole day. i can chat wif my frens in MSN as i cant do so in office. i can blog whenever i want to, not jus onli during office hours. yahoo~~ tat's the best thing lar.. i'm not going to b bored at home anymore.. hehe :)

see... i cant live without internet. :) this is true...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lunch @ Nandos, The Mines

Date : 20-Nov-2008
Time: 1pm
Venue: Nandos, The Mines

ok.. had a veli extremely heavy lunch today. almost felt asleep after my lunch during working hours. omg!! ok.. today is not a special occassion. just a simple farewell lunch for my lead, Mr Chong. phew~~ he's leaving us to move on to a better and preferable place lor. :)

Dina planned to have lunch @ Nandos. all of us agree. well, i'm ok wif it. as long as u feed me wif food. i'm fine. haha... yup! whole team went out together. it's a nice get-a-long session wif them although i dun tok much. dunno wat to tok ma. Mr Chong had a brief tok abt his handover lor. telling us how to deal wif the users. at least i got some ideas on how the users behave. ok ok.. after listening to him, i think it's another time to test on my patience again!! tahan tahan.. economy not good. haha...

ok.. back to nandos. honestly speaking, this branch is reali lousy. the waitress dun understand wat we're ordering. keep on sending the wrong food to us. service not good. when we ask for change on the wrong order, the waiter wanna run away from responsibilities instead of giving a helping hand. i'm going to tel u guys.. i wont b in nandos, the mines again. reali lousy service. luckily the supervisor manage to come to help us but then stil giving us the wrong order. i think SS had to change her order for abt 4 -5 times cos the waitress dun understand wat we're telling them. omg!! tak faham then tanya lar. dun simply assume wat ppl wans.. or she dun understand english?? aiyo.. teruk lar..

time for pics.. :)

the chili sauce.. can u see EXTRA HOT?? haha..

the quote 'Famous for our flame-grilled PERI PERI Chicken' => ok.. this sounds reali lousy to me.

Dina and Chong.. ya.. the chubby fair man is my lead (manager i shld say).. hehe :)

my order.. 1/4 chicken wif 2 sidelines => coleslaw and peri chips.. well, nuthin special.. it's jus fries wif a lil sprinkles of chili powder. the chicken is not so tender plus it seems like over grilled. cos i stil can taste the 'hangus' (over-burnt) part of the chicken.. yucks...
Rate: 4/10

Camwhore-ing time again!! Dina and Liangmui. wahhaha... desperate for food lar.. veli hungry. Idris helped me to take the pic of me. wahahha...

see.. told u rite? we're reali DESPERATE for FOOD. reali veli hungry. Mr Chong was like swallowing the chicken instead of chewing it slowly. haha..
** pray hard tat he dun read my blog **

Time for group photo. for rememberance.. (clockwise) Dina, Mr Chong, Thiru, Idris and Liangmui.. Thanks to SS for helping us for this pic!

ok.. had abt 2 hours for lunch. reached office abt 230pm. luckily today i dun hv to attend any meetings. or else i'll b late. poor SS. she had to rush to her meeting. sorry ya.

oh ya.. forgotten to mentioned abt the price rite? one person is RM28.40 excluding Mr Chong's portion. cos it's his farewell. so we share share belanja him lor :).. kinda miss him now.. apa macam ar??

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dinner @ Bar-B-Q Plaza, Sunway Pyramid

Venue: Bar-B-Q Plaza, Sunway
Date : 16-Nov-2008
Time: 830pm.

sorry for the late post abt this. wahahha... was supposed to post it yesterday rite? but then i forget to copy the pics out from my camera. paisei.. then not sure wat's happening to office's internet cos it seems like hving some problems whenever i tried to upload my pics to photobucket. phew~~ tak pe.. luckily habis uploading.

i'd made fun on my bro and purposely made him to buy me a nice dinner. at first, i tot of going for a brazillian food but then sympathy to him lar.. cos oledi mid of the month and he got not much left rite?? haha.. so went for the cheap one. hehe.. i nv been to this place. i read lotsa nice comments abt this restaurant. and my bro himself went there for several times d. he said it's a good place. so i just had a try there.

well, this restaurant is originated from Thailand. so u guys kno lar. the food is non-halal ya. yea.. it contains pork!! ** (wondering) y do i hv to highlight the word in PINK?? ** well, my bro ordered deluxe set. just nice for 3-4 persons. the food contains beef, pork, chicken, prawns, mushrooms, udon and lotsa veges.. so before we entered the restaurant, we hv to make order first. surprisingly when we were welcomed to our seats, the food is served rite in front of my eyes. wow!! this is the first restaurant i'd been to that provide this kind of service man!! good!

ok.. i shall just let the pics do the toking ya :)

The main door.. :) it's just located opposite secret recipe at the old wing :)

cute mascot :) haha.. my bro said this look like him.. :P

they will serve u an empty pot wif chicken stock (can refill)

lets see the food....

Chickens, prawns, veges, udon, taufu, fish cakes, bacon, beef, pork, mushrooms and etc...

The lard.. they wil gip u this. to make sure the pot is not sticky when u 'barbq' ur food :) so u place the lard on the pot.. then jus go round the pot.

The place ur food in the pot for BBQ lor..

see... my bro.. look like the mascot or not?? wahha.. he was too hungry di.. tat's y keep on placing the food in the pot.

The results....

Chilies, garlic & lemon => this is to mix in the sauce.. paisei.. i forgotten to snap a pic of the sauce.. and my white rice. :) liangzai ordered garlic rice.. not bad too...

TA DA!! see the pot and the lard?? ya.. end of the session, the pot and lard turned blackie..

bear in mind!! if u're on diet, pls dun go for this restaurant ya. cos the meat quite fat.. hehe :) baru nice ma.. yummy!!

well, this dinner was not cheap too.. costed abt RM80 including drinks, side orders and tax.. wahaha.. but liangzai n me were eating it for FREE!! we got 'water fish' to 'slaughter'.. wahahha.. :P the deluxe set actuali cost abt RM49.90 exclude tax..


Monday, November 17, 2008

Is That The Onli Solution??

oh god!! how come recently macam lotsa bad news coming up de?? so sien... mayb nit some jokes to live me up. wahha.. jus joking.

as usual, i was browsing at ppl's blog earli morning. and i saw the news '台湾星光大道23岁女选手黎础宁自杀身亡' (translation : Contestant, Ivy Lai, of Taiwan's One Million Star Season 3 suicide). bah.. like many of u out there, i dun believe it until i googled it myself. OMG!! it's real man!!

sometimes i reali wonder.. y these ppl choose to die when they have problems? dun they every think of their veli extremely beloved parents or family? or mayb frens? hv they ever wonder how their parents feel when they lost their child? hv they ever wonder how their frens feel when they lost their beloved fren? i dunno... i reali get frustrated when i heard some1 suicide. is that the only solution to get the problem solve? the problem stil there even though u're dead ok?? who wil b suffering? ya.. u suicide one damn syok lar.. leaving all those shits to ur beloved parents to clear it rite? stupid!! y mus ur parents hv to clear ur shits? are they designed to do so? or is it compulsory for them to do so jus bcos they are ur family/ parents? think twice b4 u kill urself. jus think of it.. there are a lot of children born out wif diseases or handicapped. they still struggle veli hard just to hv another deep breath from the world and u just wanna gip up the chance of living beautifully in this world! omg!! it's unfair. if i'm god, i think i will interview each and every soul before giving them life to live on it. cos some dun even appreciate it.

i dunno.. this is onli my opinion. mayb some of u dun agree wif it. haha.. i hv a fren. he suicided too. tat's y i'm frustrated wif him and even myself. cos i din take the opportunity to concern him. i hope this wont happen again among my frens. tat's y i alwis take the chance to concern them. do u kno tat even a simple text 'Hi. How r u?' can make some1 feel better?? pls do so... who knos.. some1 out there might nit ur good ears to listen on their problems. mayb ur expert advice or consultation might open up their hearts rite? i kno.. Jynnice will agree to wat i'm saying over here. cos we regretted veli much for not concerning enuff towards our frens..

so guys, dun jus let ur family members or frens face their problems alone.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa

we had to clean up my bro's room yest. well, it used to be our store room b4 my bro moved it to stay wif us. nearly fainted wif all those unnecessary stuff. yup.. i think i throw a few bags of rubbish out of my house d. after some hard work, we suggested to go for a movie.

yup!! me, the cartoon lover, will never miss any chances to watch any cartoon in the cinema. well, the current one will be none other than MADAGASCAR 2. ** I like to move it, move it, U like to move it move it.. ** haha.. stil remember the Part 1 story? i simply love it wif all those funny funny characters in Madagascar. well, of cos, we cant miss it in Part 2 rite?

i'm not going to tell u the whole story here. go and watch it urself. i'm sure u wil enjoy it. if u got kids, make sure to bring them there too. they will jus sit there and laugh till they drop. wahahha :)

there are some part reali veli touching. 1st, the giraffe, Melman confessed to the hippo, Gloria. ** I love u, Gloria.. and I will alwis do ** so touching.. 2nd, Alex met his parents and he's going to prove to his parents that he's a REAL lion. 3rd, the friendship btw Alex, Marty, Gloria n Melman. tat's y we nit frens. and many others more..

this time, there are lesser songs compared to Part 1. hehe :) ok lar.. dowan to tok so much abt it. go and watch it urself.. reali veli enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Advice for Online shopping

wow.. today my msn is like full wif ppl that leaving some comments on online shopping. ok.. some of those FAQ. i kno some of u might afraid being cheated when u buy online products rite? i remembered MyFM oso discussed abt this before. just doing a small recap here jus in case u guys not listening to it on tat day.

well, normally the products sell thru online shld b ok geh. mayb u guys can try to go for those well-known websites like E-Bay, these kind of websites are quite strict towards the publications/ products in the website. got security lar.. hv to go thru a bunch of procedures.. so dun worry if u purchase anything from these websites.

2nd, check out for the comments given by those customers towards the owners. go for those with higher positive comments. this shows that the customers trust the owner. plus it proves that the owner gip a veli good service lor.

3rd, if u reali scat will be cheated, dun buy expensive products first. go for those cheap cheap one.. well, my first try in online shopping is buying my shopaholic novels. luckily din kena cheat. haha.. cos the owner is reali good. she/he summore explained and discussed to me wic series to go for after my shopaholic series. :)

4th, trust ur own self. haha.. normally i wont simply just drop by and buy from the websites. i normally go for those i feel i'm comfortable wif. if they provide MSN id, i wil add them and hv a nice chat wif them. try to understand the products that they are selling. this will improve ur trust towards them lor. at least u got personal communication wif the owners rite?

5th, LUCK. haha.. i tried once. buying a Shirt. but then i cant wear it lor. so reali depend on luck. see whether u're lucky enuff to get the one that u like or not. but normally books or other products (eg. baby products) should b ok geh..

well, any other more to add?? mayb u guys wic hv the online shopping experience can share wif me too?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bye bye 2 Time-Consuming Shopping

yuppeee... guess wat? i'd been categoried as 'Spider Gal' among my bunch of lunch-mates. y? cos i alwis on-the-web. wahahha.. yea.. i spend more time on web than TV. so wat? it's 21st century now rite? everyone is mentioning abt INTERNET, ONLINE.. if u dunno abt those phrase, u're consider out-dated.

many of them ask wat i normally do? wat's so attractive that can make me stay online for 24 hrs? well, i like to browse into online shopping websites. dun ask me those specific URL ya. cos i cant remember each of them. except for 1. surprisingly, i can remember 1 of them. cos easy to remember. wahaha.. dun ask me how i remember it. well, i like to drop by at this blog. jus to check out wat new stuff she's hving currently. normally i dun buy lar.. cos kenot try ma.

but then there are some advantages of online shopping. let me try to list out. i kno some of u might not agree wif me lar.. but this is just my opinion ya.

1. save time.
dun hv to crowd together wif a bunch of ladies in the shopping mall especially during sales and festive seasons. save my ownself from TRAFFIC JAM too..

2. save money
do u realise that normally the products in online shopping websites are consider cheap due to they are doing their business at home. they dun hv to pay for rental, expensive advertisements and other expenses. so they wont include the cost in the products. that's y it's quite cheap. plus dun hv to travel to shops. save petrol and toll fees. wow.. indirectly save money :P

3. be-friended wif the owner
yup. u can check the quality of the products from the owners. well, mayb i'm lucky enuff. i alwis got the chance to meet wif nice owners. they wil describe the particulars of the products. try to help me out. sometimes, we'll jus share our experiences, our preferences.. so nice.. rite?

4. save energy
i'm a lazy pig. dun reali like to walk. tat's y i prefer to sit in front of the PC and ask my fingers to move ard. haha.. can check everything ard the world by jus moving my fingers. y not? plus u dun hv to walk each and every shop jus to try or find sth that u wan. guess wat i do? i wil jus ask the owner whether they hv the stuff tat i wan or sth similar to it. they wil suggest. haha.. save energy

see... online shopping not bad rite?? oppss.. almost forgotten abt Irene's blog. basically, i like to drop by her blog bcos it's simple to browse. haha.. ya.. i dun like to use my brain. the pics of the clothes are there. the measurements are there. if u're lazy or dunno to measure urself, u can seek for advice from Irene thru her MSN. she wil explain step-by-step or help u on it. so far, i did online shopping twice and i'm in love wif Irene's service compared to the previous one. i saw 1 satin pants from her blog but i'm not sure with the pants' measurement. (i failed my maths conversion from CM to INCH, ok) so, i jus mentioned my waist measurement and asked for her advice. yup!! surprisingly, she's willing to try it out for me. luckily we're the same size lar :)

and the 2nd reason i like Irene's blog is bcos GOT FREE STUFF.. wahaha.. which ladies dun like FREE stuffs rite? but i dunno wic one to choose.. wait til i made up my mind then i wil inform Irene lar :) u guys wan free stuff? jus click here.


Irenelim Fashion

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lunch @ Bibi Work, Bdr Puteri

well.. sorry guys for the late post cos i'm kinda busy wif my new job recently. hv to catch up watever i can within 1 month. phew!! hectic!! so sorry ya.

last sat was kinda rushy for me. earli morning gotta get up from sweet dreams cos 08/11/08 was the big day for Ann and Chua. they're legally getting married. happy for them. so we went to witness their marriage! hehe.. meet up wif liangzai's collix. funny young chaps. Mouse and Boon. dun ask me y he named himself as MOUSE ya... haha... we reached Thean Hou Gong @ 845am as they gotta start their registration at 915am. :) so took some pics wif the bride and bridegroom of the day.

so after that i had to rush to 1U. yup! my first FACIAL appointment. appointment was at 11am. well, i reached 1U at 1015am. phew~~ quite earli huh?? ya.. got nuthin better to do.. so jus loiter ard 1U til i met my cousin sis. yeah, we dated previously for facial appointment. hehe.. well, dunno wic one to go for.. some suggested Adonis, some suggested May Fair and some suggested Dermalogica.. until my cousin mentioned Dermalogica.. ok.. since she'd been there for more than 1 yr and i can see her face improvements. so i think y not i gip myself a chance for it rite? went to Leonard Drake.. located in level 2.

so had my relaxing and nice and of cos, expensive facial. spent abt rm218 for deep cleansing facial course (single). of cos, the ladies there will mentioned abt those attractive packages. and i was nearly attracted to it. luckily my smart liangzai stopped me.. luckily~~ or else i wil b credit card slave again. phew~ poor liangzai had to wait for me for abt 2 hrs for my facial. his turn to loiter ard 1u. haha.. luckily he met wif mouse and boon. so tat he wont b so boring.

since we dun hv to urge to go for shopping tat day, we jus proceed back to puchong. we was deciding where to had our lunch until i remembered the Thai food that Suk Sing highly recommended which is located in Bandar Puteri. yup!! when i mentioned abt Thai food, of cos, i wont miss out the TOM YAM rite? She did mentioned abt the TOM YAM Noodles. so without hesitation, i ordered Tom yam. and wat bt liangzai? hai~~ he surely wont miss out any chances to try on NASI LEMAK. tat's y he look so LEMAK lor.. :)

well, let the pics do the toking :)

Tom Yam Seafood Noodles
Rate: 3/5 => the soup not spicy and it taste a lil sweet. lotsa prawns and squids and button mushrooms.
(Thanks to Vanity Fling for reminding me of Kim Wan in Penang in her previous comments. I still prefer the one in Kim Wan)
Price: RM12.90

Nasi Lemak Special
Rate: 4/5 => the rendang chicken is reali good. the chicken is tender and juicy. the portion is just nice for a medium-diet lady. so u guys kno the portion is not enuff for liangzai rite? haha.. the rice is good. full of coconut milk fragrance. yummy :)
Price: RM13.90

it cost us abt RM40 for tat lunch. this includes those titbits, towel, drinks and service charges. a bit expensive. but once a month shld b ok rite? haha.. jus a reward for own self after suffering for one month.. haha :) aiyo.. start to get hungry d.. mouth watery now :P

Bibi Wok
Address: 16, Persiaran Puteri 1, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Contact Number: 03 80607659