Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Advice for Online shopping

wow.. today my msn is like full wif ppl that leaving some comments on online shopping. ok.. some of those FAQ. i kno some of u might afraid being cheated when u buy online products rite? i remembered MyFM oso discussed abt this before. just doing a small recap here jus in case u guys not listening to it on tat day.

well, normally the products sell thru online shld b ok geh. mayb u guys can try to go for those well-known websites like E-Bay, these kind of websites are quite strict towards the publications/ products in the website. got security lar.. hv to go thru a bunch of procedures.. so dun worry if u purchase anything from these websites.

2nd, check out for the comments given by those customers towards the owners. go for those with higher positive comments. this shows that the customers trust the owner. plus it proves that the owner gip a veli good service lor.

3rd, if u reali scat will be cheated, dun buy expensive products first. go for those cheap cheap one.. well, my first try in online shopping is buying my shopaholic novels. luckily din kena cheat. haha.. cos the owner is reali good. she/he summore explained and discussed to me wic series to go for after my shopaholic series. :)

4th, trust ur own self. haha.. normally i wont simply just drop by and buy from the websites. i normally go for those i feel i'm comfortable wif. if they provide MSN id, i wil add them and hv a nice chat wif them. try to understand the products that they are selling. this will improve ur trust towards them lor. at least u got personal communication wif the owners rite?

5th, LUCK. haha.. i tried once. buying a Shirt. but then i cant wear it lor. so reali depend on luck. see whether u're lucky enuff to get the one that u like or not. but normally books or other products (eg. baby products) should b ok geh..

well, any other more to add?? mayb u guys wic hv the online shopping experience can share wif me too?

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