Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Beginning?

well, almost 1 month in new company. i should say so far i'm doing quite ok lor.. :) my manager will left us today. kinda miss him. well, he handed over most of his things on hand (pending) to us lor.

surprisingly, my manager given some positive feedback to the senior management abt me. wahaha.. syok lar of cos.. :) actuali last week, SS oledi mentioned to me tat he responded quite good abt me to her team lead. yea.. happy at tat time. but i hope he can tell me right in front of me. lagi syok rite? hehe.. then last friday, we're having a small discussion wif the managers, senior managers, team lead due to the hand over stuff lor. again, the senior manager mentioned that he given a good comment on me. wahhhaa.. tis time betul betul depan dia. i lagi syok... today, SS mentioned one more time tat her lead saying tat my manager reali gip a veli good comment on me.. wahahah.. lagi lar terbang ke langit. damn syok. well, at least he can see tat i'm reali doing my work. i reali can work lor.. i reali got experience lor.. not play play de. :) good beginning for me rite? but too bad, he left. :S dunno who's going to take over his place. but at the current stage, we're reporting directly under one of the senior manager. hopefully everything going smoothly :)

but.. i belum puas syok lagi.. tonite Syok Sendiri again :P


  1. I'm happy for you, Liang Mui. Keep it up! Ganbatte!

  2. Excellent! It's always nice to be appreciated and recognised for a job well done at work.

    Hope you'll have more syok sendiri session to come! :)

  3. Wahaha... you can take over your manager's place la... super syok!