Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yeah!! I Got Streamyx..

yes yes yes! finally i got my streamyx ready in the house. ya.. i kno i alwis mentioned i dowan to hv it currently cos i'm renting this house rite? but i got no choice. cos i had to hv streamyx in order to work at home during weekends or weekdays in case of emergency. so bad.. No OT but they wil replace Leave lor.. plus one more thing is.. i can CLAIM my internet fees. tat means even though i'm doing nuthin at home.. my internet fees will be paid. yahoo~~ fat hope lar.. i'm going to work ler.. so bad.. no excuse.

after so long for not installing streamyx at home, at last, it's back. i can watch drama online whole day. i can chat wif my frens in MSN as i cant do so in office. i can blog whenever i want to, not jus onli during office hours. yahoo~~ tat's the best thing lar.. i'm not going to b bored at home anymore.. hehe :)

see... i cant live without internet. :) this is true...


  1. many people can't live without that la, ah moy!

  2. Broad band is essential to our daily life liao hor.

  3. ladies,
    i stil survive without the broadband for the last 6 months ler.. haha.. belum mati yet!

  4. How's the Stimyx, fast or not? :)

  5. irene..
    stimyx here sometimes stim stim sometimes ok :)