Sunday, November 16, 2008

Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa

we had to clean up my bro's room yest. well, it used to be our store room b4 my bro moved it to stay wif us. nearly fainted wif all those unnecessary stuff. yup.. i think i throw a few bags of rubbish out of my house d. after some hard work, we suggested to go for a movie.

yup!! me, the cartoon lover, will never miss any chances to watch any cartoon in the cinema. well, the current one will be none other than MADAGASCAR 2. ** I like to move it, move it, U like to move it move it.. ** haha.. stil remember the Part 1 story? i simply love it wif all those funny funny characters in Madagascar. well, of cos, we cant miss it in Part 2 rite?

i'm not going to tell u the whole story here. go and watch it urself. i'm sure u wil enjoy it. if u got kids, make sure to bring them there too. they will jus sit there and laugh till they drop. wahahha :)

there are some part reali veli touching. 1st, the giraffe, Melman confessed to the hippo, Gloria. ** I love u, Gloria.. and I will alwis do ** so touching.. 2nd, Alex met his parents and he's going to prove to his parents that he's a REAL lion. 3rd, the friendship btw Alex, Marty, Gloria n Melman. tat's y we nit frens. and many others more..

this time, there are lesser songs compared to Part 1. hehe :) ok lar.. dowan to tok so much abt it. go and watch it urself.. reali veli enjoy!!