Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bye bye 2 Time-Consuming Shopping

yuppeee... guess wat? i'd been categoried as 'Spider Gal' among my bunch of lunch-mates. y? cos i alwis on-the-web. wahahha.. yea.. i spend more time on web than TV. so wat? it's 21st century now rite? everyone is mentioning abt INTERNET, ONLINE.. if u dunno abt those phrase, u're consider out-dated.

many of them ask wat i normally do? wat's so attractive that can make me stay online for 24 hrs? well, i like to browse into online shopping websites. dun ask me those specific URL ya. cos i cant remember each of them. except for 1. surprisingly, i can remember 1 of them. cos easy to remember. wahaha.. www.irenelim.com/fashion. dun ask me how i remember it. well, i like to drop by at this blog. jus to check out wat new stuff she's hving currently. normally i dun buy lar.. cos kenot try ma.

but then there are some advantages of online shopping. let me try to list out. i kno some of u might not agree wif me lar.. but this is just my opinion ya.

1. save time.
dun hv to crowd together wif a bunch of ladies in the shopping mall especially during sales and festive seasons. save my ownself from TRAFFIC JAM too..

2. save money
do u realise that normally the products in online shopping websites are consider cheap due to they are doing their business at home. they dun hv to pay for rental, expensive advertisements and other expenses. so they wont include the cost in the products. that's y it's quite cheap. plus dun hv to travel to shops. save petrol and toll fees. wow.. indirectly save money :P

3. be-friended wif the owner
yup. u can check the quality of the products from the owners. well, mayb i'm lucky enuff. i alwis got the chance to meet wif nice owners. they wil describe the particulars of the products. try to help me out. sometimes, we'll jus share our experiences, our preferences.. so nice.. rite?

4. save energy
i'm a lazy pig. dun reali like to walk. tat's y i prefer to sit in front of the PC and ask my fingers to move ard. haha.. can check everything ard the world by jus moving my fingers. y not? plus u dun hv to walk each and every shop jus to try or find sth that u wan. guess wat i do? i wil jus ask the owner whether they hv the stuff tat i wan or sth similar to it. they wil suggest. haha.. save energy

see... online shopping not bad rite?? oppss.. almost forgotten abt Irene's blog. basically, i like to drop by her blog bcos it's simple to browse. haha.. ya.. i dun like to use my brain. the pics of the clothes are there. the measurements are there. if u're lazy or dunno to measure urself, u can seek for advice from Irene thru her MSN. she wil explain step-by-step or help u on it. so far, i did online shopping twice and i'm in love wif Irene's service compared to the previous one. i saw 1 satin pants from her blog but i'm not sure with the pants' measurement. (i failed my maths conversion from CM to INCH, ok) so, i jus mentioned my waist measurement and asked for her advice. yup!! surprisingly, she's willing to try it out for me. luckily we're the same size lar :)

and the 2nd reason i like Irene's blog is bcos GOT FREE STUFF.. wahaha.. which ladies dun like FREE stuffs rite? but i dunno wic one to choose.. wait til i made up my mind then i wil inform Irene lar :) u guys wan free stuff? jus click here.


Irenelim Fashion


  1. everytime I just window shopping nia, have not buy anything online. I want to buy clothes that really fit my body,so I prefer "try and buy" concept.


  3. have never try online shopping before, is it safe ah???

  4. so far i'd tried 3 times (twice for clothes, 1 for books).. quite ok de.

    if u wan clothes u can try Irenelim.com/fashion. tis one reali not bad. i bought 1 pants from her. she reali helped a lot.

    if u wan books, hv to let me check tat owner again. i forgotten the name.