Monday, November 17, 2008

Is That The Onli Solution??

oh god!! how come recently macam lotsa bad news coming up de?? so sien... mayb nit some jokes to live me up. wahha.. jus joking.

as usual, i was browsing at ppl's blog earli morning. and i saw the news '台湾星光大道23岁女选手黎础宁自杀身亡' (translation : Contestant, Ivy Lai, of Taiwan's One Million Star Season 3 suicide). bah.. like many of u out there, i dun believe it until i googled it myself. OMG!! it's real man!!

sometimes i reali wonder.. y these ppl choose to die when they have problems? dun they every think of their veli extremely beloved parents or family? or mayb frens? hv they ever wonder how their parents feel when they lost their child? hv they ever wonder how their frens feel when they lost their beloved fren? i dunno... i reali get frustrated when i heard some1 suicide. is that the only solution to get the problem solve? the problem stil there even though u're dead ok?? who wil b suffering? ya.. u suicide one damn syok lar.. leaving all those shits to ur beloved parents to clear it rite? stupid!! y mus ur parents hv to clear ur shits? are they designed to do so? or is it compulsory for them to do so jus bcos they are ur family/ parents? think twice b4 u kill urself. jus think of it.. there are a lot of children born out wif diseases or handicapped. they still struggle veli hard just to hv another deep breath from the world and u just wanna gip up the chance of living beautifully in this world! omg!! it's unfair. if i'm god, i think i will interview each and every soul before giving them life to live on it. cos some dun even appreciate it.

i dunno.. this is onli my opinion. mayb some of u dun agree wif it. haha.. i hv a fren. he suicided too. tat's y i'm frustrated wif him and even myself. cos i din take the opportunity to concern him. i hope this wont happen again among my frens. tat's y i alwis take the chance to concern them. do u kno tat even a simple text 'Hi. How r u?' can make some1 feel better?? pls do so... who knos.. some1 out there might nit ur good ears to listen on their problems. mayb ur expert advice or consultation might open up their hearts rite? i kno.. Jynnice will agree to wat i'm saying over here. cos we regretted veli much for not concerning enuff towards our frens..

so guys, dun jus let ur family members or frens face their problems alone.


  1. Oh, my goodness!! 黎础宁自杀? I just watch Xin Guang show last night, of course the outdated one la. Sigh.......