Thursday, July 31, 2008

Itchy Hands Again~~

ok.. wanna change some outlook for my blog and my itchy hands reali did sth and messed it up. luckily this time a lil smart. backup all the xml codes. but i stil hv to retype each and every links. my supportings, my advertisements, my favourites and my gang gone!! wahhaha... ** lightning strike effect in brain ** nvm lar.. luckily not as teruk as previous one.. phew~~ ok.. i'm looking for another suitable template for myself.. suit my style.. hehe.. :D

Yes!! PSP, I'm Coming for UUU!!

ok.. jus as the title mentioned.. yes!! going to get my brand new PSP baby back home this weekend!! wahahaha... ** humming Eric's xing guang now ** ** dedicating it to liangzai ** :P dun care.. btw, this month i'm going to b extreme PK.. anyone wanna donate a lil bit to my fund?? pls lar.. 10sen wil do..

** ok.. enuff for being so 38 ** (-__-)v

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


can u believe tat i'd to re-type my post for 4th time due to the stupid unstableness on IE?? eesshh.. spoilt my mood.. 凸(\_/)凸 but u guys kno my limited memory stick rite? well, forgotten wat i wanna post liao. ** geram geram **

browsing thru my ipod. pathetic. i hven update the songs for few months d. hv to do some cleaning in my ipod and brush in new songs liao. of cos, my SHE mus remained. err... yumira must be in and not forgetting Eric's one lor.. * slaps head * ok ok.. i kno wat u guys are thinking?? ERIC AGAIN?? hehe.. ya lar.. his songs quite nice ma. dun u agree?? not agree oso hv to agree lar. dun care. anyway, it's my IPOD or urs ar?? y so particular on it, rite? who cares? my bunch of SHE songs are stil there ever since i got my IPOD NANO a few years back. aiya.. their songs oso not bad ma.. i saw them in real person ler. damn cutie babes..

oh ya.. remember wat to tel in my post d.. i got free tickets for 'You Don't Mess With The Zohan'. Thx to Advertlets!! yahoo~~ ok.. paisei,ben!! i onli got 2 reserved. one for me & one for liangzai. wahahha... dunno how's the feel going to be when meeting all the bloggers there wif their superb fantastic DSLR and looking at my pathetic digicam, Canon IXUS! summore onli 7.1 Megapixels.. hmmmm.... -_-" aiks.. biarlar.. as long as FOC tickets for us.. yupppeee!!

yest discussing abt PS2 and PSP again.. eesshhh.. headache lar... PS3?? no money!! aiyo.. liangzai said wanna get PSP Slim and Lite for my birthday wor.. but tat wil b 2 months later story liao. and that means no surprise for me on my birthday present d. aiks... dun care lar.. ambik saje lar.. wahahaha... nonit me keluar money then ok lar rite?? but then i wan PS2 wor.. how ar how ar?? ok.. Uncle Greedy come and kacau me again. He said take both lar, STUPID gal. ya hor.. ok.. I WAN BOTH!!

hai~~ sien.. doing nuthin since this morning. ok.. i kno lil inbox and NKB going to jealous liao. dun care both of u d. purposely 'sai meng' one.. jus to let u kno tat I'M Damn FREE!!

林健辉 - TiAmo

i was browsing thru Eric's blog and i heard this... one of his demo. ahem~~ wat's happening to me?? hv been wif Eric's and Deb's news for the past 4 days d.. ever since on sunday til now ok?? phew~~ macam budak gila gila kat dia punya idol. sudah tua mau act cute lagi.. aiks~~ btw, who say a 50 yr old ah ma kenot siao at her idol? even my mum, going to b 60 soon, stil siao at Ming Dao(明道) and Jerry Yan(言成旭). 0.0" .. can u imagine?? who cares!! live ur life to the fullest ma. so i am. wahhaha.. reading ppls' blog can live my life to fullest.. aiks.. watever!! working time fully packed wif all sorts of entertainment and jobs lar.. boring liangmui will make the whole blog sucks rite?

ok ok.. enuff for liangmui's stuff. ** stil thinking wat to write cos half way back from toilet ** oh ya.. Eric.. ok ok.. his song... hope u guys enjoy it..


怀疑自己的选择 有没有错

带给我的回忆 实在是太多



Ti Amo - 林健辉

err.. pls forgive me if i get the lyrics wrong ya. wei.. this song is demo onli ar.. i cant find the lyrics ler.. hv to listen the song then typed out the lyrics.. not bad d rite? haha.. u guys kno i'm a BANANA ma.. but i stil managed to get the lyrics out.. phew~~ hope u guys enjoy it.

林健輝 - 星光

ok.. today wil be recommending this song to u guys. by Eric Lin Jian Hui.


浩瀚的天际 酝酿着流星
下一秒 会划过愿望的惊喜

许一个秘密 用生命去聍听
每一步 都走得那么艰辛

但我是如此幸运 我的努力有你的肯定
彼此相知和相惜 我们都是最耀眼的星星



就算偶尔沮丧 偶尔迷惘
就算偶尔遗忘 偶尔放荡
你依然守在身旁 说要一起分享承担

星光 - Eric Lin Jian Hui

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PS2 or PSP

hmm.. been toking abt PS2 and PSP wif liangzai. wic one to pick wor??

get PSP then i play games alone onli plus kenot connect wif the TV. but PSP is portable ler.. can bring everywhere and play in the car while travel back to muar or ipoh wor...

get PS2 then it's not portable. quite troublesome to bring it anywhere. but PS2 can support 2 players wor.. can play wif Liangzai at home...

aiks.. how ar?? wic one wic one?? headache.. if can, i wanna buy both of them back.. can ar, liangzai??

hmm.. yest went to tesco for our monthly shopping. well, passed thru games shop and went inside. see see look look.. saw PS2 and PSP. checked the price too.. PS2 - rm550 and PSP rm750. aiks.. how ar?? hmmmm ** headache ** u guys kno i dun reali enjoy using my brain so much especially when it comes to decision-making rite?? hai~~ nvm.. let my purse decide everything!!


A Date Wif Brother

earli morning, not in good mood. blur and blue. plus my tail kena step by someone. eesshhh.... feel like wanna slap ppl.

but luckily think of my brother. ok lar.. today blog abt wat's happening on last sunday lar. :)

got a call from bro on last friday. dated me to go shopping together wif him as he wil start his new job on 1st of Aug. well, good begining. so as his elder sister, i agreed. but i seldom object his offer one rite? ya.. alwis kena 'slaughter' by him. wat to do.. big jie jie hv to take care small di di one ma, rite? hehe.. ok..

so waited for his call as i woke up earli tat day. ard 930am. so got nuthin to do then watched one million star. aiks.. half way of the program d.. nvm. stil enjoy it. so got his sms abt 12pm. phew~~ he told me tat he jus woke up. ok lar.. i finished my bath ard tat time too. so continued my TV program again. and he reached my place at 1pm. ya lar.. wat u expect.. from setapak to puchong. 50++km. wif jam and traffic lights, he took abt 30mins to reach my place. my tummy started to grumble and yelled and screamed for food at tat time. and i guessed his tummy had the same reaction as mine. ok.. so we planned for fast food for lunch @ sunway pyramid.

reached sunway. we parked at LG1. then walked into the mall and saw SAKE SUSHI. so i suggested y not we had japanese food instead. yup! he agreed. luckily he love japanese food. :) so waited to be seated for abt 10min.

ordered green tea. and hot water can be refill as much as u wan. haha.. we ordered sashimi, ajitsuke idako, cawanmushi and soba noodle with tempura(set). of cos, not forgetting my beloved unagi sushi. since we were sitting next to the sushi roller, we just took watever we wan. i took 2 plates of unagi sushi man!! well, my tummy a bit full d. i tot i wanna get one unagi bento.. luckily i din. or else i couldnt finish the stuff. my bro took sushis too.. er.. dunno wat he took lar. all i kno is some vege or eggs on top of the rice.. haha... ok.. show u pics pics lar.. dowan to elaborate abt the food d. pics wil tell u guys wat we took.

the squids and salmon.
i personally think tat the sauce for the squids not enuff lor.. if they add a lil bit more, tat wil b fantastic. Salmon.. a bit too salty but if u add together wif the onions and black pepper, yummy...

soba noodles wif tempura (set) and cawanmushi...
yummy.. got 5 tempuras -> 2 prawns, 1 crab stick, 1 egg plant and 1 green capsicum. good one. but the prawns and capsicum taken by bro. i shared egg plant wif him. good one.
omg!! cawanmushi~~ so steamed egg wif some crab stick meat on top. the egg is veli smooth.. good good...

the sushis... hehe.. ya.. the rice made me full after my 2nd plate of unagi.. hehe.. but the fish is kinda thin lar.. next time cut a bit thicker then will b good. hehe...

guess how much we spent for lunch?? er.. 13 plates of food. and spent abt rm86. expensive? ok lar.. salary out d ma plus reali long time my bro din date me out d..

so after lunch, both of us like zombies loitering ard the mall.. too full. plus lazy to walk. so my mind couldnt even concentrate on new clothes or shoes or watever lar. i jus followed my bro. he said G2000. i wil follow.. he took a shirt and a pant to try on. ok.. he look a bit uncle wif tat shirt on but the pants is ok. but we din buy it at once. instead we round the whole shopping mall looking for PADINI. phew~~ torturing man!! after a heavy meal rite?? so sleepy. at last we found it. cos he got a discount card since his bday is on August. so shopping lar.. tried on 3 shirts, 1 polo-T and 1 pants. Ended up wif 1 polo T and 2 shirts from Padini and Seed. TA DA!! i spotted sth at the accessories part. and he said 'wei, veli nice hor?' ya.. veli nice.. i like it ler.. suit my style. so he picked it up and he said 'i buy this one for u.' aiks... hven start earn money oledi buy sth for me.. dowan lar.. he continued 'aiya.. compared wif the lunch u treated me jus now, this is nuthin!!' hmmm.. ok ar... he hven presented me anything for ages d.. ok lar.. cheap stuff.. he paid for it lor.. guess wat he bought for me??

yes.. 2 pairs of earrings.. RM 21.90 - 30% discount... hehe...

ok.. after PADINI, we went back to G2000 for the pants. stil remember? he like tat pants so much. ok lar.. go and try try again. too long.. nvm.. can alter one. so he chose and i pay.. ok lar.. RM130.. after discount summore.. i told him.. tat's for his first job gift and oso birthday present. UR SIS POKAI D... hv to eat grass liao.. hai~~

Monday, July 28, 2008

Astro Star Quest 2008

yes!! I was there!! together wif jie jie. :) yahoo~~ got FREE tickets ma. y not go and feel the LIVE show rite? well, main purpose is not bcos of supporting the contestants at first but i wanna see my idol, Eric Lim or Lin Jian Hui(林健辉)!! yahoooo~~ i managed to snap a few pics of his.. wahahha.. yes yes yes!! had been sticking wif him ever since i watched 1 million star (a famous Taiwan Singing contest just like ASQ).. I'm TOTALLY fascinated wif his voice when he sang Frank Sinatra's My Way.. wow.. so romantic ler... plus his cute cute single eye-lid eyes and the thick think eye brows.. wahahha.. jus look like the real-life SinChan (蜡笔小新).. ok.. enuff for Eric. Later continue wif him ya.. hehe.. terlalu excited d...

The Tickets... FOC

Top 5 Contestants (left to right): Wan Chean, Danny Koo, Debbie Lim, HouRen Chu & Natalie

The Gift wif their pics.. :) i think this pic is nice especially Wan Chean looks good!

The Stage....

The 2 soh-pohs.. we were just sitting behind Top 21 ler.. quite near to the stage rite? hehe :P

The MC - 文康

The Judges Seats.. and i was just sitting next to it.. hehe.. :P

and the judges...
Left pic (left to right) : David Koon, Alex San (standing Behind), 黄舒骏 & 包小松
Right pic (left to right): 包小松, 包小柏, 李志成 & 林琼珑

and my favourite.. 包小松.. he purposely looked at the security guard who was chasing me back to my seat. but nvm.. i stil managed to snap his pic :P hensem ler... he's veli handsome ok?

the Stadium.

The Musical Band

The Opening.. with the top 5 performing on stage on their song (独领风骚)

There were 4 rounds for the contestants to pass thru and after each round, 1 contestant will be eliminated from the contest. phew~~ quite difficult huh?? i nearly dropped my tears when everytime each of them eliminated.

Round 1
Danny and Wan Chean..


Houren and Natalie..

ok.. dun ask me abt the songs they sung. i reali forgotten but i enjoyed the show. the LIVE feel and sitting in front of the TV is totally different!

Round 1 ended with Natalie was eliminated. and she managed to get No. 5. not bad!! keep it up!! not easy to get No.5 out of so many ppl joining the contest rite?

Round 2 - Unplugged!!
Houren & Wan Chean

Danny & Debbie

While busy taking pics on the contestants in Round 2, I looked to my right side and I SPOTTED SOMEONE FAMILIAR!! yes yes.. u guys r right!! yup, it's HIM!! yahoo~~~ Eric Lim (林健辉). YES!! faster take pics.. i took a lot of his pics while he's sitting on my right side. and the guy beside him can u see? do u remember who he is? well, i dun. he got 方大同 and 伍家辉 look. jie jie told me he's 李政发. the previous year ASQ's champion. ooo... he's cute! He's friendly and keep on smiling to me when i curi curi look at Eric. and he even waved to me ler. wah seh.. so cute.. heart oso melt.. actuali i wanna take a first move to take pic wif him one, but i paisei.. so i din lor..

see.. see... Eric's blurry look and he smiled to me.. wahahhaha... aiyoo... kenot sleep tat nite cos thinking of him onli. look at the pic carefully.. no, he din. he was smiling to his PA for a snap of pic from her phone. jealous!!

anyway, i was so happy.. real-life sinchan!! hehe... look even cute(r) than watching him in TV. listened to his voice in LIVE is nicer and sweeter compared to watching him in TV. so much better, man!! damn happy!

while waiting for the results to be announced, Fatt Zai (发仔.. wah.. macam veli close wif him) entertained by singing 2 songs. first time i heard him singing. not bad. the judges said he improved a lot since his last performance. :) good one!

ok.. who's the one saying sayonara to us for this round?? hmmm.. our TALENTED Danny Koo. i was sitting together with his bunch of fans. wow, they're so disappointed when the result came out. so ke-sian.. nvm lar.. he oledi tried his veli best. and also signed the contract with Alex San's company. so i think we can hv his album veli soon d.

Round 3!!
ok.. left 3 of them.. This time, they duet together wif Eric.. hehe...

First Pair - Eric and Houren

2nd Pair - Eric & Wan Chean

and the last one - Eric and his sister, Debbie.. wow!! fascinating. Fantastic one!! hehe.. different feel compared wif the previous 2.. hehe :)

whoa~~ see see... my idol again!! Eric was singing his new song(星光). he sang another one. but i cant remember wat's the song name. hehe.. sorry.. u guys kno i got short term memory lost rite?? :) hensem or not?? hensem rite?? wahha :P

ok.. Round 3, Houren was the No. 3 for tat nite. hmmm... i think he must b a veli good fren to all the Top 21. they were hugging him like giving him comfort and support to him. Not onli him lar, the other 2 oso hv huggies from them. :) see.. this is wat frens are for rite?

Left Wan Chean and Debbie... they duet-ted together. 3 same songs wif free style performance..

well, i personally think tat Debbie was in stress... cos her performance seems like a bit dropping tat nite. or mayb bcos she's a banana like me.. haha.. we used to call those who dun understand chinese a BANANA.. paisei.. but i think her chinese improved a lot. she alwis got my support!

Prize Giving... Houren got his prize and also The Most Likeable Prize.. hehe... i think translated to english should sound like tat gua.. ** correct me if i'm wrong ya **

phew~~ heart beating fast at this moment when the judges were going to announce the CHAMPION...

this pic was took taken where the results announced was 3 vs 3 votes. i was nervous. although i'm not the one who's going to get the prize, i was stil nervous for them. both oso performed quite good that nite..

TA DA!!! Last vote went to WAN CHEAN!! if u were at the stadium, u can see how cheerful and happy were her fans!! they were screaming out of the lives man!! i'm stil happy. i went off b4 i can see her taking her prize plus my camera's battery went off rite at the moment!! so to avoid jam, i jus cabut lor.. veli enjoy. the show ended at 1130pm.. omg!! SHE's concert ended at 1045pm. haha.. luckily not so jam lar....

i like Wan Chean's SOLO!! veli nice...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Now U C It and Now U Dun :) ** er.. Not Chipsmore **

notice it or not? yup!! now u see it and now u dun.. wahahha :P

my itchy hands actuali did sth to my blog. but i stil prefer it to remain as it is jus tat a slight slight slight slight changes! can u guys see it? :P well, if u get it rite, ** think think **, ** stil cracking head **.. ok.. NO PRIZE :P.. reali PK lar...

yup. advertisements nicely organised. my pet had shrinked down a lil bit. the font color changed a lil bit wif a nice paragraphing wic i like it. cos looks neat. summore summore?? er... so far so good and no more :P..

XML got me coo coo this afternoon. luckily i manage to get my things done earli this morning b4 i start blogging. well, it's not difficult but hv to understand the syntax. after tried and error for a few times, i manage to understand the whole bunch of syntax. well, UNDERSTAND not MEMORIZING ok?

yup.. sth happened. at first my header gone and i spent 1 hr to check wat's the problem. and DAMN KNS. jus bcos of one stupid line (** display: none **), it caused me screwed everything and do it continuosly jus to make sure tat i REALI did missed out sth and it jus POPPED OUT right in front of my EYES. luckily i din gip up easily. hmm.. i should say CODINGS can't defeat me. ** is this phrase correct?? pls correct me if it's not **.. i wont let this to happen to me as a PROGRAMMER rite? hv to CONQUER the codes. wahaha.. and i managed to do so. ** PROUD PROUD **

so wat am i going to do next? Waiting for Lil Inbox's dearest, cutest, sweetest hubby to design sth to me. oh ya.. my requirement is veli easy. just get me a pig wif some 38 gestures wil do.. easy rite?

or.. desperate look like this?

or maybe a devil look?

but i stil prefer this :P

have a nice weekend!! i wil be going for ASQ tomolo.. bye!