Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Awards From Frens

wah.. at last, i got some awards from New Kid. so happy cos receiving so many at one time. i actuali do envy some ppl where they got so many awards from their blogger frens or frens. i was thinking when it's my turn to get it. ya i kno. it's not the real material thingy but i dun care. this is just a sincerity given from frens to me. i appreciate it. :)

ok.. let us see...
1) Nice Matters Award

hmmm.. i dunno y. mayb nit to get New Kid to explain to me. I guess I'm nice enuff. tat's y she gave me this..

2) Hope

I jus simply love the quote inside. can u read it? if not, click to enlarge the pic ya. this is wat i reali do. i treasure the friendship i have wic each and everyone. i guess my bunch of 38 gang knos it, rite?? make sure U agree wif me.. cos Welcome On Board to the 38 Gang. hehe.. one of us.. not bad, huh??

3) Awesome Award

ya.. u're rite? i'm TOTALLY Awesome instead of TOADALLY.. cos being a TOAD is not so awesome, unless there's a Handsome and Rich Prince standing beside me always to kiss me. so tat i can turn to be a PRINCESS.. :)

4) Peace Award

good one. I wish peace is everywhere ard the earth. so tat everyone is staying in a healthy and peaceful environment. Hope no wars in Iran or Iraq or any other countries that are facing war. God Bless You!

5) Thank you Award

yes.. thx to New kid! I would like to thanks everyone beside me including my family and frens and even U, the one who is reading my blog. Thanks for the support and love. Thanks for keep on reading my blog. Thanks for giving moral support to me. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for being my listener. Thanks and thanks and thanks a million!

Again, cut the crap.. hehe.. I wish everyone to be so happy and healthy like me.. and would like to pass these awards to the special ones....

1) New Kid - i kno u pass this to me but i would like to pass it back to u...
2) Lil Inbox
3) Big Boy
4) Liangzai - of cos, how can i forget him
5) Pei Yun
6) Jasmine Ng
7) Fishball - haha.. sth for his blog liao. he alwis claimed he cant write.. :P
8) U who is reading this. :) i might not kno who u r. but i stil would like to present these to u. :)


  1. Liang mui, wah you want to share the awards with me ar, thank you so much. We both get it from new kid ma. Eh, notice that you link lil inbox to new kid's My Story ler...

  2. hey lil inbox
    i'm sorry. i'd already amended it. hai~~ dunno wat happen to me these few days. so blurry.. hehe.. :P

  3. inbox, of cos i wanna share it wif u.. :D y not? proven tat u got so much of good good frens beside u rite?? hehe :D

  4. Liang Mui,

    Congratulations and thanks for the reward!

    Paiseh.. I'm still new to blogging, don't dare to accept le =P

  5. hey peiyun
    y not? these rewards doesnt measure whether u're new or not. it's sincerely from me to u. jus accept it :)