Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PS2 or PSP

hmm.. been toking abt PS2 and PSP wif liangzai. wic one to pick wor??

get PSP then i play games alone onli plus kenot connect wif the TV. but PSP is portable ler.. can bring everywhere and play in the car while travel back to muar or ipoh wor...

get PS2 then it's not portable. quite troublesome to bring it anywhere. but PS2 can support 2 players wor.. can play wif Liangzai at home...

aiks.. how ar?? wic one wic one?? headache.. if can, i wanna buy both of them back.. can ar, liangzai??

hmm.. yest went to tesco for our monthly shopping. well, passed thru games shop and went inside. see see look look.. saw PS2 and PSP. checked the price too.. PS2 - rm550 and PSP rm750. aiks.. how ar?? hmmmm ** headache ** u guys kno i dun reali enjoy using my brain so much especially when it comes to decision-making rite?? hai~~ nvm.. let my purse decide everything!!



  1. see how often u travel lor. if u travel often mah get psp lor.. else if u stay at home often mah get ps2 lor.. and see wat liangzai said lor..
    if always got time spend together mah buy ps2 lor.. if not mah buy psp lor, can borrow me too mah.. rite?

  2. haha.. u're rite, ben!! but i'm a bit selfish. dowan to borrow u.

  3. Hehe, I have a PS2, a PS3 and 2 PSP at home! Woohoo!
    My PS3 is connect to LCD TV to watch high definition movie. Haha! Envy or not?
    I wanna sell off the PS2 at low price. You want? I can give you good price with free gamesss. I can sell off one PSP too. Consider about it...

  4. lil inbox
    how much u wanna sell for PS2 and PSP? wah seh.. y buy so many PS wor?? i'm thinking to get PSP Slim for myself on my bday. yahoo~~

  5. aiya, why so mah fan... just choose which ever you like lor.. PSP also can coz you wont pay 24 hour mah...when you didnt play, i mah can play lor..

  6. wow..... little inbox very wealthy wor.... heheheheheh

  7. headache.. i dunno... u buy for me lar.. i wan both of them. then nonit mah fan

  8. i bought only PS2 few years back, then the rest is free gifts. Aiseh!

  9. so many free gifts geh?? gip some to me lar...