Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Crazy Summer~~

well, as u guys kno last saturday was the actual date for my 8th anniversary rite? wahahha.. no celebration but then we went for a camp for 2 days 1 nite. :)

hmm.. wat we did in the camp ar? nuthin much except being veli extremely 38 wif all those long-time-din-see frens. haha.. ya lar.. most of my frens are quite 38 lar.. haha..

we went to selesa resort in bukit tinggi. RM120 per person. :) including dinner and supper and accommodation. quite cheap rite? hehe..

so here are some pics taken in selesa resort.

reached selesa resort ard 11.30am. quite earli. roamed ard the resort until lunch. so we went down the hill and took our lunch. FANTASTIC one!

see... so after lunch, we hv to be prepared to check into our hotel.. get ourselves ready to the next event.. ta da!! we had telematch. we were divided into 6 groups. and we had to name our groups based on cartoon characters.. can u jus imagine? we had to act like kiddos again!! haha.. ok.. at the end.. here comes our group names..
2) X MEN

and of cos, i was in the cutest one lar.. SAILORMOON ma... cute ler.. haha... started the telematch consisting of 6 games. each station will last for 3 mins and the groups will rotate to other station to proceed. haha...

  1. Funny Questions in Flour
    Rules : Dip in ur face in the flour and use ur mouth to pick a paper wic consists a question.
    Winning Tips: The more questions u answered correctly, the more points u'll get.

  2. Sarong Rally
    Rules : 2 person will hv to b in the sarong and run abt 50 meters.
    Winning Tips : The more rounds u run, the more points u'll gain

  3. Round-A-Bush
    Rules: Run abt 50m ahead and hold ur right ear wif ur left hand and touch the brick wif ur right hand. Turn 5 rounds with right hand touching on the brick. Then run back.
    Winning Tips : The more rounds u run, the more points u'll gain

  4. Blind-Folded Flag Collector
    Rules : Blind fold 3 persons and each of them will collect different colors of the flag. the other team members will hv to gip directions to them to collect the flags.
    Winning Tips: The correct color of flags collected by the blind-folded members will gain points.

  5. Tissue Collector
    Rules : Queue up in line side-by-side. the first person will use the feet to collect tissue and pass it to the rest of the team members.
    Winning Tips: The more tissue collected, the more points u'll gain

  6. Pass Leaking Bottle
    Rules : Queue up in a line. pass the leaking bottle to the person behind without turning ur body. the last person hv to pour the water from the bottle to a pail.
    Winning Tips: The more water collected in the pail will earn more points.

after tat telematch, we had to compete wif each teams. terrible lor.. i alwis lost one.. cham cham.. haha...

  1. Scissors Paper Rock
    the one tat lost will hv to open the umbrella to prevent being splashed by the winner. i cham lor.. alwis lost one.. tat's y after the games, i'm reali wet. nvm lar.. hehe...
  2. Balloon Attack
    2 persons will hv to tie the legs together and the other legs will hv to tie 2 balloons. once the game started, we hv to step on the opponents balloons and protects ours. the more balloons protected will help to earn points.
  3. Plane, Plane, Fly Away
    each group will b given a bunch of papers and hv to fold paper planes within 5 min. once ready, both parties will hv to throw the planes to the other side. the less planes on the side will gain points.

after the match, we get prepared for our dinner. wow.. thank god! we had abt 1 hrs and 45 mins to rest and get ready. not so rushy. gathered at the receptionist area at 6.40pm and went out for dinner. Yummy!!

after dinner, we proceed to our small gathering. each group had to perform a short sketch. haha.. funny one. u can see all the team members cracking their heads for the sketch. i jus wonder how human brain can b so superb. we can think of a sketch with less than 30 mins. no time to discuss ler.. aiyo... we ended the gathering wif limbo rock competition.. hehehe....

liangmui is reali pig lar.. haha.. i slept at 11.30pm. damn tired and sleepy.. the next day, we hv to gathered up at 7.45am. we stil group in a team. walked down the hill and proceed to team building session. this session is organised by staffs from selesa resort. :D . this session reali tested on our co-operative and teamwork. reali good!! fantastic!!.. there are several games for us to pass thru every obstacles. at first, most of us are quite individualistic. but after the first and 2nd game, i can see our members reali work together. we played lazer zone (there are several ropes tied ard and u hv to pass thru the other side without touching the rope), rakit (hv to build ur own rakit with the materials provided), and others.

but the game tat i like the most is river crossing. u hv to walk on the rope to pass the river.. seee?? hehe.. the first time i tot to myself tat yoga reali helps a lot.. strengthen my muscles lar.. haha...

ok.. end of the day.. prize giving time.. of cos lar.. SAILORMOON is the best ma.. wahahha.. we won!! We Are the CHAMPIONS, my fren!! and the 1st runnerup goes to ROBINHOOD.. haha.. :P

lastly, group pics lor.. hehhe.. can u see... how many of us being so so 38 like me? wahahha.. well, tat's wat CRAZY SUMMER for rite?

reali enjoy myself. become pig when i reached home.. tired tired.. so u guys kno y i din blog yest rite? on leave to sleep at home ma :P


  1. Body ache after the team building? Yes? No?

  2. hi lil inbox
    i'm stil ok.. not tat serious cos i got practise yoga regularly but liangzai damn cham.. whole body aching...