Friday, July 11, 2008

Face Allergy

hai~~ after the steamboat session, went back home. rested my bloated tummy for abt 1 hr then onli proceed to bathroom.. haha...

well, i'm qute sad and total lost confidence ever since i got my face allergy during CNY. yest i think it hit me again. my face was so itchy until i couldnt even hv a nice sleep. ** frus **

woke up angrily.. went to bathroom.. washed my face.. wif cleanser.. then toner my face and put one blemish to control the itchiness.. i reali fed up. y this happened to me? back to my bed and i cried. so sad ler... my face used to b so smooth.. now it bcome like the moon holes all over it. y cant the allergy hit my body or somewhere else.. at least i can cover it up wif my clothes.. y it hit my face instead? so sad ler...

i'm not extremely sociable but i'm outgoing. due to the allergy, i hid myself at home. dun feel like going out. dowan to face ppl cos i wil hv to explain wat happen to my face. and u kno some ppl. well, i treat their comments as concern but then it stil hurts lar.. one of my collix alwis wil concerned abt my face and i realised she's repeating the same sentences whenever we met up in the toilet.. "ei.. wat happen to ur face ar? ok or not? aiyo.. y ar? such a nice face turn like tis?".. well, i dunno wanna b frustrated or happy for her concern. auntie, i kno lar my face like this. but u dun hv to remind me every time when i see u rite? u think i wan my face to b like this meh?? heart-ache.. i myself oso cant accept the fact of my face allergy.. anyway, she's a nice lady.. taught me some soup recipe for detoxification!! thx a lot...

now getting better.. but seems like it jus stop getting better.. hmm.. i mean the process is getting slower lor.. cant reali feel it's curing.. how ar? mayb i nit some specialist consultant. but then the fees are not cheap ler.. how ar?? aiyo.. reali PK now.. hai~~


  1. Perhaps it's allergy to certain food?

    Have you tried to identify the source of allergy?

    p/s : I'm concerned ah.. not kepoh =P

  2. my frens used to have problems like this and she used the pupur jerawat from those Malay/Indon shop selling jamus. And it works. I also experimented it on my ex bf and he came liang chai after that. And then we broke up . Shouldn't have cured him. Hahhahhaha

  3. hai~~ peiyun, even doctor oso cant identify the source.. u think i'm smarter than doc meh.. hehe.. thx for the concern ya

    reali works ar?? then i might wanna try it d... thx!!

  4. Honey, dont give up..i understand your feelings now. i believe you will recovered. and dont worry. i will still very love you. just dont give up and too sad.. i will be at your side to support you. trust me, you still very beautiful...

  5. hey, did you control your diet?? like no prawns, no crabs, no clams, no stingray, no ikan kembong, no squid, no cuttle fish, etc? you ought to avoid these food. and no peanuts too.

  6. Liang Mui, may be you should try the one recommended by sasha. Before you buy, make sure you understand the ingredients and how it works.

  7. Hi NKB,
    i seldom take seafood. i'm allergy to prawns.. so i think i control tat. but somehow, it doesnt seems like progressing.. :S

    hi lil inbox
    i wil make sure tat.. tq!!

  8. I think you can seek a consultation in UM. I think RM 5/RM 10 per visit.Still cheaper than u try all sort of medication.. If it's really uncontrollable, they will recommend you to the higher level. Try it, who knows it works.
    Don't cry baby liao, stay happy k..Liangzai also nvr despise you.. That's most important now..

  9. wah lao eh.. i where got cry baby.. jus tat a bit sad ma.. i'm leng lui ler.. now bcome macam granma.. well, i kno he din lar.. but then stil sad ma :P

    UM ar? my mil asked me to go directly to specialist now. ask me dun go government de wor.. haha... nvm lar.. slaughter kong ming now.. ask him to pay for it.. hehe..

  10. hahaha..University Malaya Hospital is good la. Try it. MY friend got a patch where no hair can grows. He went to UM and it saves him RM7,000 ( i think) to seek from specialist.
    Just pay the minimal fees and make appointment. But the waiting time is long...but save your pocket lor.

  11. hi irish
    ok..listen to ur advise.. try it this weekend. hv to wake up earli again.. hehe...