Friday, July 25, 2008

Now U C It and Now U Dun :) ** er.. Not Chipsmore **

notice it or not? yup!! now u see it and now u dun.. wahahha :P

my itchy hands actuali did sth to my blog. but i stil prefer it to remain as it is jus tat a slight slight slight slight changes! can u guys see it? :P well, if u get it rite, ** think think **, ** stil cracking head **.. ok.. NO PRIZE :P.. reali PK lar...

yup. advertisements nicely organised. my pet had shrinked down a lil bit. the font color changed a lil bit wif a nice paragraphing wic i like it. cos looks neat. summore summore?? er... so far so good and no more :P..

XML got me coo coo this afternoon. luckily i manage to get my things done earli this morning b4 i start blogging. well, it's not difficult but hv to understand the syntax. after tried and error for a few times, i manage to understand the whole bunch of syntax. well, UNDERSTAND not MEMORIZING ok?

yup.. sth happened. at first my header gone and i spent 1 hr to check wat's the problem. and DAMN KNS. jus bcos of one stupid line (** display: none **), it caused me screwed everything and do it continuosly jus to make sure tat i REALI did missed out sth and it jus POPPED OUT right in front of my EYES. luckily i din gip up easily. hmm.. i should say CODINGS can't defeat me. ** is this phrase correct?? pls correct me if it's not **.. i wont let this to happen to me as a PROGRAMMER rite? hv to CONQUER the codes. wahaha.. and i managed to do so. ** PROUD PROUD **

so wat am i going to do next? Waiting for Lil Inbox's dearest, cutest, sweetest hubby to design sth to me. oh ya.. my requirement is veli easy. just get me a pig wif some 38 gestures wil do.. easy rite?

or.. desperate look like this?

or maybe a devil look?

but i stil prefer this :P

have a nice weekend!! i wil be going for ASQ tomolo.. bye!


  1. Har?? Really want my hubby to design ar? If u look at my blog, no cute cute things one wor...Everything looks so formal ler.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. haha... tat's y.. take the first step to design cute stuff to me ma :P