Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sea Coconut Sweet Soup

LIANGMUI is back.. haha... receiving comments from Little Inbox and NKB.. oklar.. i kno u guys miss me so much.. start blogging now. not onli u guys, even my frens tot i'm sick too. wahhaha...

ok lar.. jus share out the recipe of sea coconut sweet soup tat i promised tat day :)
ya.. try out my MIL's recipe. not bad ler.. hehe...

Sea Coconut Sweet Soup
Sea Coconut (海底椰) - 1 packet (consists abt 8-10 pcs) => slice them
Honey Dates (蜜枣) - 10 pcs
Water - 3 liters
Sugar - 3 tblspoon
** u can replace sugar wif rock sugar or honey.. but pls bear in mind tat honey is not recommend to add into boil/ hot water ya. therefore u hv to let the soup to cool down and add in honey whenever u wanna hv some. :)

1) put all the ingredients except sugar and boil it for 30-40mins wif medium heat (u can boil it until the dates are soften)
2) add sugar

u can serve it chill or hot =) .. paisei ar.. i forgotten to take the pics.. so no pics.. haha..

this dessert is good for skin and also good for cough too. :) so those hving bad cough, mayb u can try this recipe wif additional of loh han guo (罗汉果)

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