Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Working Life

wat wil u do when u wanna hop from ur current position to another one? well, i'm looking for better $$$ and better environment. of cos, challenges wil b placed at the 2nd place. the most important one is i'm happy wif it rite?

i had been questioned by a kiddo the other day.

he said 'sis, how long hv u been working?'
'5, my dear'
'then how many jobs have u been to?' he continued
wah.. counting it.. '4'
'wah.. u changes SOOO MANY Jobs within 5 yrs ar? y ar?' he questioned again
'hmmm... good question. well, 1st, better salary.. 2nd, better job opportunity. i'm stil young ma. of cos, i'll head for more challenges rather than asking me to sit in office doing the same daily routine rite? quite boring.'
'but u dun hv to change job so frequently rite? approximately 1 yr change 1 job.. not good for resume ler' he reminded me
'ya.. i admit tat. but if u're not happy wif the environment, wil u work efficiently and productively? no rite? honestly, i'm responsible to my work. i dun lengah-lengah wif my job. and i wont leave any shits to my collix. tat's the most important one.'
'i agree wif u too. if not happy, good salary oso will seems like torturing.' he said

i'm not sure wat u guys think lar. i remembered i was counter-offered by my previous company wif increment of 20% of my salary at tat time. but i rejected it. y? 20% quite good rite? but as chinese said.. if u got no heart working there, u wont do ur job nicely. ya.. it's correct. this is wat i think. tat's y sometimes liangzai will scold me. he said i'm stupid wor. better pay ler.. but then, outside oso can find better pay more than 20% rite? if gip u better pay and u hv to clean all the shits tat ppl left it, i better clean shits at new place wif even higher pay.. haha :P who agree wif me?


  1. i agreed with the kid, 1 year change 1 job will not look good on your resume.

    but many times we gotta be proactive and make our job more challenging.

    unless the environment is so bad that you can't stay on, that of course no one could stop you.

  2. haha.. hmm... u're rite! make our job more challenging unless u feel urself stop progressing in that co. this is wat i wil think of. many times i quit the job bcos i feel myself cant progress much. sometimes, it's even like stagnant in a extremely comfortable area. wic means tat i'm getting lazier. well, i'm consider stil young and i'm eager to climb up even higher position and handle more complex responsibilities where the current situation doesnt hv tat kind of opportunity. :) i kno job hopping is not good. any other ways to advise me wat to do besides job hop?

  3. Me.. Average 1.5 years 1 job. But I have valid reasons for that. First was a career change. Second, for more learning opportunities and a more challenging job. Am now with my 3rd job.

    I think when you are young, you should hop. But sometimes it's ok not to hop if your current job is paying well and you are learning. I hope to stay put for now. :)

  4. at times it needs time to observe will it has any progression. cuz, you can't tell within a short period. i've been thru that hard time.