Monday, July 14, 2008

Congratulations to WilsonM

WilsonM jus announced his good news to me.

Congratulations ya!! Welcome to Monster Incorporated.. wahahhaa.. anyway, he's one of the monsters now. btw, he actuali look like one too. the skinny monster.

yes!! i wil hv half dozen of char siew pao FREE.. ** how come u dunno how to 'slaughter' him for better one meh? y choose char siew pao? ** aiyer.. ya hor.. damn stupid. y i ask for char siew pao instead? i guess i mus b extremely hungry when he told me he's going for an interview in monster.. haha.. well, Mak gor gor, make sure u pay me tat 6 char siew pao.

so happy for him. but wat abt mine? i reali hope i can hv good news like him too. well, if i reali made it into tat place, i wil treat mak gor back 2 char siew pao in return.. haha.. wat do u think?

i was expecting to receive good news from them. frens, pls pray hard for me ya! hope my wish come true. one of my 2008 resolution!! hahaha.. well, i think tat's the one and the onli one lar. cos i nv do new year resolution. haha :P


  1. Monster Inc. as in the International Headhunter Wow, that place is difficult to get in. Wish I can get a job from their client.

  2. it's an international recruitment website. haha.. according to wat mak gor explain to me..

  3. Yea, you are right. Monster is famous now. Why ppl like to use Monster lah, Firefox lah, all animal one...

  4. hi lil inbox,
    sounds better lar.. hehe... if let me choose, i wil put PIGGY too.. but non halal. malaysia dun allow ler.. hehe..