Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rasa Sayang Porridge

it's been some time since i cook porridge. ** then how come suddenly u cook it yesterday?? ** ya hor.. y ar?? my liangzai lar.. got food poisoning. so pathetic... his tummy reali sth wrong lar.. last few days oledi bloated like having 6 months pregnancy d. and it hit him on sunday @ 3am. diarrhea, vomiting and tummy ache. aiyo... so ke lian. see oledi oso heart pain. but u guys kno lar.. 3 AM ler?? i oledi fainted together wif my pillow and bolster. no time to care for him.. wahhaha.. wat a 'WIFEY'..

but i did offered to take care of him yesterday. he insisted me to go to work. then ok lor.. or else where got so many posts for u guys to read on rite? hahaha.. faster say thanks to him ya.

back from work. then called him for dinner. he said we go outside makan.. he will take those soup soup stuff. but i think not so good oso lar. even he's taking the soup stuff, the cook will add in some fried lard(猪油) into the soup. so better not rite? too oily. not good for food poisoning patient. so i decided to cook porridge since i got carrots and baby corns at home.

so my porridge. easy one. everything in one pot and settle at one time. saves time and energy. i'm a lazy pig. dun like those super extra extremely troublesome thingy to prepare. tat's y go for easy steps.

Rasa Sayang Porridge

1) Carrot (half of the size.. er.. depends on how big is the carrot oso.. if baby carrot, then nonit half lor. instead hv to double the size.) - diced it.
2) Baby Corns - half of the can. (** ya.. i kno Can stuff not good. but this is wat i hv at home)
3) Scallops (small size) - 7-10 pieces
4) Rice - 1.5 Cups

1) Put all the ingredients into the pot and add in water. The water amount will be double of the rice or depends on how watery u wan the porridge to be. haha... :P mine turn out as congee..
2) Let it boil.
3) Add in sesame oil and a little bit of salt for taste.

Simple rite? I prefer congee than porridge. but liangzai likes porridge. so follow his style lor.
er.. i heard someone said sth.. **wah.. u stil add in scallops to ur porridge ar??" yes, dear.. taste better... if can, boil some anchovies(ikan bilis) soup + scallops first. then get the anchovies out. then mix together in ur porridge. lagi best..

ok.. this time i remember to take pic.. hehe :P

so.. how is it? ok??


  1. See, we have train you up to not forget to take pictures. Haha...
    Ny the way, I like watery porridge which the rice is cooked till very very soft.

  2. why call it rasa sayang leh??
    btw, i've something for you, pls visit my other blog: http://mylovemyfood.blogspot.com to claim it.

  3. yum yum.....really taste good although i half dead......

  4. hi inbox..
    haha.. u're rite. u guys reali trained me up well. my hubby sometimes will say i'm 38. cook at home oso wanna take pic. i admit i am. this suit my blog title ma. if not 38, how to maintain this blog rite? hehe... :) i like congee. but to prepare congee not easy oso. jus like prepare porridge to baby. u hv to blend the rice b4 u cook so it wil look smoother and baby u kno, cant bite. hehe.. tat's wat i like cos i got a set of nice teeth but i'm lazy to bite.. hehe :D

    hi NKB,
    rasa sayang.. hmm.. i dunno. but i jus feel tat suits the purpose cos i cook it for my hubby since he is veli sick ma.. tat's y the porridge taste yummy. hehe.. mama said use ur heart to cook and it wil turn out to b yummy one. and she's rite!